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Brookhaven Go brings fairs to BHC

By Stephon Smith
Contributing Writer


Brookhaven College and local organizations have teamed up to bring Brookhaven Go, a collective of four student-oriented events, to campus Oct. 11 and 13. The events will include Continue reading

District cancels trip to Cuba

By Jubenal Aguilar
Managing Editor


A group of Dallas County Community College District students and faculty saw their summer plans to visit Cuba in August vanish when the trip was Continue reading

Correction notice

On our sports page for Issue 1 published Sept. 19, we introduced an error into the schedule for Brookhaven College’s women’s volleyball team. All start times listed for the Lady Bears’ games are one hour after the actual start of the game.

Additionally, the games on Oct. 7 against Clarendon College and Dodge City Community College are away games. They are not home games.

Below is the corrected schedule for the Lady Bears volleyball team.



BHC police department alerts campus of mountain lion sighting

Photo Courtesy of Meridith Danforth | BHC police officers saw an animal near the north end of campus that they believe left this paw print.

Photo Courtesy of Meridith Danforth | BHC police officers saw an animal near the north end of campus that they believe left this paw print.


By Diamond Victoria


Brookhaven College police sent out an alert on the first day of the fall semester warning students and employees of a mountain lion reported near campus two days earlier.

The feline was allegedly spotted sometime around 2:50 p.m., Aug. 27, by Brookhaven police officers Erick Gauna and Vilai Thongihn on the Continue reading

JC’s Burger House beefs up flavor

By Connor McNeil

Contributing Writer


Photos by Nicholas Bostick | JC’s Burger House offers sandwiches, such as a patty melt topped with jalapeños and grilled onions, paired with fries.

Conveniently located on Beltline Road, minutes from Brookhaven College, is a burger joint hungry students may want to take advantage of.

The first JC’s Burger House opened in 1999 in Plano, Texas. Jay “JC” Cockerell, founder, said he thought there was a void in the burger game, according to Continue reading

Courtyard Connections: Presidential candidate poll

DeAndre makes foul play on Mavs

By Andres Reyes

Senior Staff Writer

It was a cloudy, silent evening on July 3. The city was holding its breath. I broke the silence by turning the radio on. There was normally an hourly news flash of baseball scores and updates on the everlasting saga of deflate gate. The show was interrupted: “We have breaking news.” DeAndre Jordan has agreed to sign a four-year deal with the Dallas Mavericks,”Mike Bacsik, a radio talk show personality on 105.3 The Fan, said. “We got him,” Bacsik repeated over and over as the rest of the crew on air screamed and laughed .I let go a sigh of relief. The Mavericks. Continue reading

Resilient officer battles cancer

By Jessica Ayers

Staff Writer

Vikki Ethington

Vikki Ethington

High spirits, check. Sense of humor, check. Love of service, check. Since being diagnosed with breast cancer last fall, the only visible difference for Vikki Ethington, a Brookhaven College police officer, is her attire.

Usually, Ethington can be found patrolling campus in a Brookhaven Police Department uniform, complete with a bulletproof vest. But today she is sitting in an office chair, wearing blue jeans, a polo-style shirt and athletic shoes. Ethington said she is not a fan of office work, but for now, it is a must. Continue reading

Redefining vacations

By Ludmila Mitula 

Senior Staff Writer 

Vacations are not something I find enjoyable or relaxing. I find them to be a total nightmare.

I have heard many psychologists and doctors recommend taking a break from school or work for therapeutic purposes. I would like to believe them. These professionals believe that everyone needs vacation.

A vacation is a necessity, but because of social media, it can create peer pressure. Everywhere one goes, they have to post pictures on Facebook or Continue reading

Swiss green blues

By Ludmila Mitula

Staff Writer

Illustration by Vadim Dozmorov

Illustration by Vadim Dozmorov


At the beginning of my life in the land of milk and money, I was extremely confused. I didn’t know that this beautiful, rich country in the middle of Europe functioned like a police station, and not because of the high number of police personnel.

In Switzerland, everyone acts like a detective. Even my sweet neighbor, who often came to my house for coffee, seemed to be on watch. One day, she put a note on my porch with a red piece of paper she noticed I had failed to separate from some recyclable cartons. She said breaking the rules was not an option.  Most aspects of a Swiss lifestyle are well organized and strictly con- trolled, and recycling is no different. Continue reading