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Redefining vacations

By Ludmila Mitula 

Senior Staff Writer 

Vacations are not something I find enjoyable or relaxing. I find them to be a total nightmare.

I have heard many psychologists and doctors recommend taking a break from school or work for therapeutic purposes. I would like to believe them. These professionals believe that everyone needs vacation.

A vacation is a necessity, but because of social media, it can create peer pressure. Everywhere one goes, they have to post pictures on Facebook or Continue reading

Swiss green blues

By Ludmila Mitula

Staff Writer

Illustration by Vadim Dozmorov

Illustration by Vadim Dozmorov


At the beginning of my life in the land of milk and money, I was extremely confused. I didn’t know that this beautiful, rich country in the middle of Europe functioned like a police station, and not because of the high number of police personnel.

In Switzerland, everyone acts like a detective. Even my sweet neighbor, who often came to my house for coffee, seemed to be on watch. One day, she put a note on my porch with a red piece of paper she noticed I had failed to separate from some recyclable cartons. She said breaking the rules was not an option.  Most aspects of a Swiss lifestyle are well organized and strictly con- trolled, and recycling is no different. Continue reading

History of Earth Day in the the US

By Dillon Piekarsky

Copy Editor

Illustration by Vadim Dozmorov

Illustration by Vadim Dozmorov

It was the summer of 1969 when democratic senator and former Governor of Wisconsin Gaylord Nelson first suggested a series of teach-ins across the nation to raise environmental awareness.

Nelson was an environmentalist during his tenure as governor, and his policies were popular enough with the Wisconsin public to lead to a senatorial election. He was not quite as successful on a national level initially; in 1966 he failed to ban the pesticide dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, or DDT. Continue reading

Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu unwrapped

By  Kathryn DeBruler

Senior Staff Writer


Photo Illustration by Scott A Godbey | Taco Bell's new breakfast waffle taco, in all it's greasy glory.

Photo Illustration by Scott A Godbey | Taco Bell’s new breakfast waffle taco, in all it’s greasy glory.


Taco Bell – a staple drive thru restaurant that is appreciated coast-to-coast in the U.S. – has enjoyed a long standing, late-night relationship with inebriated and stoned college kids for time immemorial, meeting their altered Continue reading

‘Nothing Was the Same’ predictable advance for Drake

By Scott Mitchell

A&E Editor

“Nothing Was the Same” Drake Cash Money Records Inc.

“Nothing Was the Same” Drake Cash Money Records Inc.


In one of the biggest hip- hop album releases of the fall, Drake returns to the chart-top- ping scene. Overthrowing Jay Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail” on Amazon’s Hot New Releases chart nearly two years after the release of “Take Care,” which propelled him to a new level of stardom, Drake returned with Continue reading

Legislature changes to affect BHC funding

By Nicholas Bostick

New Media Editor



Beginning Oct. 1, the start of fiscal year 2014, the Texas legislature will implement a new funding formula for state colleges.

The formula will bring an outcome-based approach to state funding. Two-year colleges will focus on “Momentum Points,” which are defined as Continue reading

BHC expands new intramural sports

By Charles Taylor

Staff Writer

Brookhaven College has started an intramural flag football league. There are three teams in the league: Team ATB, the Bears and the Outlaws. The league’s first game took place Continue reading

Residency tuition policy causes stress

Amy White

Staff Writer



Texas law requires all new residents to obtain Texas identification and register their vehicles within 30 days of arrival. It takes one year to establish residency. If these steps are good enough for the Republic of Texas Continue reading

Spring fashion blooms in pinks, greens

By Cynthia Arias 

Staff Writer 


Charlize Theron is one of many stars who embraced her natural beauty at the Oscars. She had a fresh face with only a dash of mascara, a delicate swipe of bronzer over her cheekbones and a natural pink Continue reading

Artist presents talent

 By Chris Allison

Copy Editor


Brookhaven College School of the Arts hosted a reception for nationally recognized artist Judy Youngblood on Feb.14.

Youngblood’s work is displayed at the Dallas Museum of Art Continue reading