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BCSA to talk courses, host open house

By Juan Betancourt
Web Editor

The Brookhaven College School of the Arts will host its second annual BCSA Open House to showcase its course offerings to students. The event will be held 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. April 19 in the Performance Hall lobby. Continue reading

Courier earns record awards

The Brookhaven Courier editors, staff and contributors received 36 awards at state-level competition. 

By Diamond Victoria

Photo by Jubenal Aguilar
A firefighter puts out a fire during a mock news event March 30 in Tarrant County College Northwest Campus’ Fire Service Training Center. The staged disaster was part of the 2017 Texas Intercollegiate Press Association news contest, where over 125 two- and four-year student journalists competed in six newswriting, photography and video categories.

The Brookhaven Courier editors and staff broke their record for most awards earned for the third year in a row at the 2017 Texas Intercollegiate Press Association convention held March 30-April 1 in downtown Dallas. Up five awards from last year’s TIPA, the 36 awards earned this year represent achievements in writing, magazine and newspaper design, photography and broadcast journalism. Established in 1909, TIPA is the oldest and largest collegiate press association in the U.S. Continue reading

U.S. strikes Syria

After Syria released chemical weapons on civilians, the U.S. responded with Tomahawk missiles 

By Diamond Victoria 

President Donald Trump issued a military order April 6 resulting in more than 50 Tomahawk missiles being launched in Syria. Continue reading

Sugar consumption may lead to addiction

By Lauren Keuning
Contributing Writer

Photo Illustration by Eriana Ruiz
Three cupcakes (75 grams) have a total 35 grams of sugar. Editor’s note: Each sugar cube equals 4 grams.

Sugar has always had a bad reputation in the nutritional world, but new findings on the correlation between sugar and addiction have brought controversy to the table. Continue reading

BHC offers ways to stay fit

By Junyoung Kim
Contributing Writer

Photo Illustration by Lauren Keuning

Brookhaven College offers a variety of options for students to stay healthy through sports and other health services. Many of these free options would require monthly memberships off campus. Continue reading

Trump’s reign not end of world

Stephon Smith
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Although he ran under the promise to make America great again, there have been tons of backlash and protests from around the country since President Donald Trump took office Jan. 20. Continue reading

Dallas protests executive order, court repeals

The president’s executive order banning some foreign visitors was canceled by a district court, the case may wind up in SCOTUS.

By Juan Betancourt
Senior Staff Writer

Airport protest

Photo by Willie R. Cole
Protesters gather Jan. 28 at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport after the president issued an executive order banning some international travelers.


Thousands gathered at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport’s Terminal D Jan. 28 to protest President Donald Trump’s executive order banning entrance to the U.S. for travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries. The order was repealed by the 9th District Court of Appeals Feb. 9. Continue reading

‘Arrival’ hits big screen with style


By Monica Mitrovic
Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of


“Arrival,” directed by Denis Villeneuve, appears to be a Best Picture contender at the 2017 Academy Awards with its memorable screenplay and thrilling narrative. Continue reading

Vietnam veteran student ‘guns’ for writing career

Andrew J. Hudson, a student-turned-author, returns to Brookhaven College to display his two books based on his experiences in the military during the Vietnam War.

By Eric Lopez
Contributing Writer

Photo by Jubenal Aguilar
Lt. Col. Andrew J. Hudson, otherwise known by his pen name as Tank Gunner, signs copies of his book “Prompts” and “Prompts Too” in the S Building Lobby.


At a book signing hosted in the S Building lobby, Lt. Col. Andrew J. Hudson, better known by his pen name, Tank Gunner, signed his books “Prompts” and “Prompt Too” Nov. 17. Continue reading

Electric guitar students jam out

Brookhaven music department performs combinations of rock, jazz and folk at guitar ensemble showcase.

By Jake Griffin
Copy Desk Chief


Brookhaven College School of the Arts’ music department held an Electric Guitar Ensemble performance Nov. 16 in the Performance Hall lobby. The songs were a blend of rock, jazz and folk. Continue reading