Student challenges to reduce plastic

By Beth Delagi
Senior Staff Photographer

While sitting in class discussing today’s plastic waste epidemic, I raised my hand to brag about how I never use single-use plastics only to look down to see my empty Chobani single-serve yogurt container and plastic spoon. That morning, I set a personal challenge to stop using single-use plastics for one week. Continue reading Student challenges to reduce plastic

Adidas turns threat into thread

Illustration by Suha Kim | Adidas and Parley for the Oceans are helping clear the ocean of trash and recycling it into shoes for athletes and other clothing items.

By Malen Blackmon
Sports editor

Adidas and Parley for the Oceans have been pulling plastic out of the ocean and converting trash into thread, literally.

About 8 million metric tons of plastics are dumped into the ocean in a single year, according to Every minute one garbage truck worth of plastic is dumped into the ocean. It is killing sea life and destroying ocean water. Continue reading Adidas turns threat into thread

Jerry Bartz observes wildlife

Photos by Beth Delagi | Jerry Bartz, the senior lab coordinator of Brookhaven’s Geographical Information Systems Lab, regularly visits the Brookhaven College Windmill Garden to observe Texas-native flora

By John David Higgs
Contributing Writer

White light beamed across an empty classroom full of computers and maps. It was early in the morning at Brookhaven College, and a quiet, well-mannered man worked at his desk in his lab adjoining the classroom. Continue reading Jerry Bartz observes wildlife

Electronics are waste

Photo illustration by Jacob Vaughn | The BHC Green Team Coalition encourages students to recycle e-waste such as used headphones.

By Mykel Hilliard
Contributing Writer

The Brookhaven College Green Team Coalition made nine e-waste bins in an effort to raise awareness for e-recycling on campus. Used items such as handheld calculators, smartphones, chargers, pagers, power strips and USB cables, are some of the electronics that can be dropped in the bins across campus. Bins are found in A, D, L, M, P, S, X and W buildings. Continue reading Electronics are waste

Earth’s orbit is littered with junk

Illustration by Susan Edgley

By Jacob Vaughn
Managing Editor/Music Editor

The planet is increasingly shrouded by space debris. Remnants of past space missions orbit Earth at about 17,000 miles an hour, according to At these speeds, something as small as a paint chip can cause significant damage, Chaz Hafey, a Brookhaven College astronomy and physics lab coordinator, said. Continue reading Earth’s orbit is littered with junk

Texas lacks incentive to recycle

By Thao Nguyen and
Matthew Brown
Web Editor and Opinions Editor

Solid waste pollution has been a global issue for decades, and research shows that it is only getting worse as the years go by. In many parts of the U.S. and elsewhere in the world, recycling is helping to fix the problem, but most of Texas still treats this necessity like a luxury. Recycling should be not only free and accessible to everyone, but also actively incentivized. Continue reading Texas lacks incentive to recycle

Campus water stations save plastic bottles

By Matthew Brown
Opinions Editor/Copy Editor

Twelve water filling stations around Brookhaven College have helped students, staff and faculty keep over 233,000 single-use plastic water bottles out of landfills since the first station was installed.

Almost a million plastic beverage bottles were sold every minute around the world in 2015, according to National Geographic. And each American on average purchases 346 bottles a year. Continue reading Campus water stations save plastic bottles

Dallas offers plethora of taquerias

By Stephanie Colmenero
Managing Editor/Web & Social Media Director

 Trompo 839 Singleton Blvd #150    Dallas, TX 75112

Nestled between a barbeque restaurant and a tire shop, Trompo is a casual place with some of the best authentic street tacos in Dallas. While the selection at Trompo is lighter during the day, its menu is well-rounded and robust. Patrons have the option of three taco fillings – pork, bistek, and roasted poblano pepper and paneer for vegetarians. Trompo keeps its tacos simple, adding only cilantro and white onion. The pork at Trompo is fiery red, redder than what you might find in most southern Mexican street tacos. This is because its pork is coated in several kinds of paprika before being cooked, according to the Dallas Observer. Tacos can be purchased at $2 each. Continue reading Dallas offers plethora of taquerias