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Fake account may disrupt movement

By Ravyn Adams
Contributing Writer


Photo by Jacqueline Arredondo

How many of us read something online and go on to repeat it to someone else? What about stopping to fact check in between? While most of society turns to the internet for updates in their community, many don’t double check the accuracy of the information. Continue reading

Facebook users buy, sell items

By Ravyn Adams
Contributing Writer


Facebook Marketplace, similar to eBay Inc. or Craigslist, gives users an opportunity to buy and sell unwanted items. Users post photos of the item with a price, description and location. The item is then available for all other Facebook users to see, comment on or message the seller about. Marketplace is available on both desktop and mobile versions for Android and iPhone. Continue reading

Facebook users delete accounts

By Jacob Vaughn
Copy Editor/Fact Checker

Delete Facebook

Photo illustration by Jubenal Aguilar

Recent revelations over Facebook’s misuse of user data have prompted many to rally behind #DeleteFacebook, a movement to encourage users to delete their Facebook accounts. Figures such as Will Ferrell and Cher, as well as companies such as Playboy, have taken the step of relieving themselves from the social media giant, according to Continue reading

US Senators take on social media titan

By Thao Nguyen 
Contributing Writer

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, attended a U.S. Senate committee hearing April 10 to explain why Facebook sells its users data to advertisers. Continue reading

Russian tech companies mislead internet community

By Morgan Hanson
Opinions Editor

Mixed Media Illustration by Jacqueline Arredondo & Jubenal Aguilar

In 2016, a hard-conservative Facebook page, Heart of Texas, advocated for Texas to secede from the U.S. Although it was littered with grammatical mistakes, the page garnered 250,000 followers, at one point eclipsing follower count of official Texas Republican and Democrat pages combined, according to The Washington Post. 

The page was a Russian front, operated by a troll factory, the Internet Research Agency, or IRA, in St. Petersburg, Russia. Continue reading

Big Data could be big trouble for users’ privacy

By Morgan Hanson
Opinions Editor

Illustration by Jacqueline Arredondo

“The scrapers were at it long enough,” Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, said, according to ABC News. “At some point during the last several years, someone has probably accessed your public information this way.” Continue reading

CEO continues to impact lives online

By Kaniece Tell & Ravyn Adams
Contributing Writers

Mark Zuckerberg

Illustration by Jacqueline Arredondo

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sat before Congress to explain his company’s handling of user information. The young billionaire sat in a special cushion and wore a suit and tie – a stark contrast to his usual gray T-shirt and blue jeans.

Zuckerberg, who is used to making decisions that affect Facebook’s more than 2 billion users, answered questions on seemingly wrong decisions that led to the exposure of 87 million of its users’ private information. Continue reading

Facebook faces trials after leaks

By Jubenal Aguilar


Illustration by Jacqueline Arredondo

The data of nearly all of Facebook’s more than 2 billion users could have been accessed improperly. The revelation expands on the social media company’s growing problems of how it handles its users’ private information. Continue reading

Green Team Coalition hosts annual Earth Day

By Thao Nguyen
Contributing Writer

Photo by Susan Edgley | Handprints on display during Earth Day Fest April 3 in the Green Pledge promises students, staff and faculty make to live more sustainably.

Brookhaven College’s Green Team Coalition hosted the ninth annual Earth Day Fest on campus to celebrate the environmental movement around the world. A recyclables fashion show and paper shredding were among the new activities added to the traditional environmental-friendly pledges and giveaways expected at the festival. Continue reading

Clothes cause colossal ruin

The global fashion industry produces waste, taints ecosystems and destroys human lives with no end in sight.

By Monica Mitrovic
Copy Desk Chief

Photo Illustration by Jacqueline Arredondo

The fashion industry is the world’s second-most polluting industry, behind oil, according to The Guardian. Over 12 million tons of textile waste are disposed of by Americans annually. Continue reading