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Don’t diss the dreadheads

By Joshua Drake
Staff Writer

Photo by Aaron Sewell

On March 6, an 18- to 25-year-old black male with short dreads and glasses was reported to be allegedly taking photos of other men in the restroom stalls. Brookhaven College notified all students, staff and faculty via email and warnings at all entrances. Continue reading

Pot policy clouds minds

The city of Dallas will have a new cite-and-release policy covering possession of marijuana, but it may not be the light at the end of the tunnel some users may believe.

Illustration by Sophia Espinosa

By Dr. Dank
Dope Columnist

The city of Dallas’ new cite-and-release policy, a baby step in the right direction of marijuana legalization, takes effect Oct. 1. But once the smoke clears, the hype of Dallas’ cite-and-release policy leaves me dazed and confused. Continue reading

DFW group set for marijuana march

By Clayton Rushings
Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Marijuana advocates will take to the streets of Fort Worth May 6 to rally for the end of marijuana prohibition. The Marijuana March of North Texas, part of the 2017 Global Marijuana March, will be from noon to 5 p.m. in Burk Burnett Park, according to The march will be sponsored by DFW NORML, the local chapter of National Organization Reform of Marijuana Laws. Continue reading

Brookhaven remembers 9/11

By Jake Griffin

Copy Desk Chief

Illustration by Sophia Espinosa

Illustration by Sophia Espinosa

Fifteen years after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, students, staff and faculty gather to honor those who died.

Brookhaven College’s 15th memorial of 9/11 took place Sept. 8 in S Building. Jessica Hillman, community engagement advocate, said she encouraged students to pledge to do a good deed in remembrance of the victims of 9/11. Continue reading

Gawker Blogger still confused by intricacies of feminism

By Molly Mollotova

Staff Writer



As a feminist, member of the LGBT community and woman, I pride myself on staying up-to-date on the topic of inequality. So, when I came across an article titled “Dallas Observer Editor Still Confused by Women Who Play Music,” I was intrigued. Continue reading

Killer Cruise Awaits

By Jordan Wylie
Art Director

Screenshot taken by Jordan Wylie | Permission granted by Blazing Griffin Studio.

Have you ever dreamed of winning a free ticket for a cruise? How about a cruise set in the 1920s with a mysterious captain at the helm, complete with a bad Russian accent, who tells you there’s a catch to this ticket long after you’ve boarded? Oh, and the catch is that you, and everyone else on board, Continue reading

VETERANS’ CORNER: US Navy Veteran Shares Experience

By Earl Ward
Staff Writer

Brookhaven College student Nick Martinez was in the Navy for a total of six years, active and reserve. During those six years, he spent time on the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise working on the steam catapults, a device used to launch aircraft Continue reading

Another Way To Celebrate This Thanksgiving

By Kurt Hyde

Sports Editor

Most Texans celebrate Thanksgiving in a tradition handed down from the Pilgrims in 1621, but lately some Texans have been celebrating Thanksgiving based on a similar event, first held near El Paso in 1598.
The Pilgrims established a colony Continue reading

VETERANS’ CORNER: US Marine Shares Stories

By Earl M. Ward
Staff Writer

Mario Puente was in the U.S. Marine Corps for five years and one month — not that he was counting. In his time in the Marines, he did a tour in both Afghanistan and Iraq.
Puente said he was trained as a radio repair tech. But during his tour in Iraq, he was assigned into an Infantry Unit, in which he went out on patrols with his Continue reading

BHC Honors Veterans

By Azure Wickert
& Kurt Hyde

A&E Editor & Sports Editor

In observance of Veterans Day, a crowd gathered in the lobby of the S Building Nov. 8 to honor and show appreciation for loyal and dedicated service in the U.S. military and sacrifices made by Brookhaven College student, staff and faculty veterans. The Veterans Day celebration at Brookhaven was not limited to students, Continue reading