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Pianist jazzes up BHC recital hall

Photo by Jacob Vaughn | Award-winning pianist Hee Sun Yun performs at Brookhaven College in the Recital Hall during The Music Department Piano Festival, Oct. 17.

By Jacob Vaughn
Copy Desk Chief/
Music Editor

The Recital Hall at Brookhaven College was packed. Octavio Gutierrez, music department chair, rushed to get more seats in the room as people continued to pile in for the third performance of The Music Department Piano Festival, Oct. 17. Continue reading

Dallas inspires influential music

Dallas is home to thousands of music lovers. The city has an explosive music scene, curating artists such as Tripping Daisy, SuperSonic Lips and Cure For Paranoia. Dallas has been a muse for many musicians in the past and seems to still be doing just that. Here are some songs influenced by the Big D.  Continue reading

North Texas open mic nights pave way for new performers

By Jacob Vaughn
Copy Editor/Fact Checker

Photo by Jacob Vaughn | Dave Crandall, a Dallas singer-songwriter, performs his song “Traffic” at Opening Bell Coffee’s open mic night.

It is hard to imagine some of the bigger performers of today as shy, unsure and awkward while on stage in front of their many fans. However, the truth is that most of them were like this at the start of their careers. Continue reading

Dallas’ most famous groupie impact rock ‘n’ roll

Barbara Cope, also known as The Butter Queen, followed rock star musicians in her youth to offer her company and support.

By Stephanie Salas-Vega
Music/Layout Editor

Illustrations and Photo Illustrations by Brian Ruiz

“I didn’t care about average boys,” The Butter Queen said in a 1972 interview with the Los Angeles Times. “I just wanted to meet musicians.”

Barbara Cope, more commonly known as the Butter Queen, was an iconic Dallas groupie, a favorite among the’70s rock ’n’ roll scene and an inspiration to Cameron Crowe’s comedy-drama film, “Almost Famous,” according to Central Track. Continue reading