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Professor discusses human trafficking

By Sarah Gutierrez

Staff Writer

Photo by Ravin Lee Dr. Jacqueline DeMeritt addresses audience members attending the Institute of Political Science’s lecture Sept. 17.

Photo by Ravin Lee
Dr. Jacqueline DeMeritt addresses audience members attending
the Institute of Political Science’s lecture Sept. 17.


Slavery is a topic discussed in history books – one that many think of as a practice of the past. On the contrary, there are between 27 and 36 million people living in slavery today, according to The Walk Free Foundation.

The Brookhaven College Institute of Political Studies hosted an event Sept. 17 to discuss human trafficking and slavery in the modern age in conjunction with the Open Book Project, held in the Performance Hall. Ahad Hayaud-Din, department chair and professor of political science at Brookhaven, said the event was the most highly attended to date. Continue reading

BHC celebrates spirit

By Brigitte Zumaya

Chief Layout Editor

All photos by Brigitte Zumaya | Students dance to music played in the Commons Courtyard at the Welcome Back Party. All photos by Brigitte Zumaya | Students dance to music played in the Commons Courtyard at the Welcome Back Party.

All photos by Brigitte Zumaya | Students dance to music played in the Commons Courtyard at the Welcome Back Party.

Roaring music had Brookhaven College students, staff and faculty dancing at the Welcome Back Party on Sept. 17. This year’s Welcome Back Party was unlike others in the past, as it coincided with Brookhaven’s first Spirit Week – a week dedicated to celebrating school spirit on campus with daily theme.

Students, staff and faculty donned a variety of accessories around campus, to celebrate the week. The spirited accents included “Crazy Hat Day,” “Crazy Sock Day” and the day of the Welcome Back Party students were encouraged to wear Brookhaven attire. Continue reading

Blood drives relief

By Kevin Quintana

Contributing Writer

Students, staff and faculty visited the Carter Blood Care bus Sept. 10 when it came to the Brookhaven College to take donations. Teresa Nguyen, student, said, “I feel like it’s my way of giving back to the community.”

The process of donating blood begins with a simple questionnaire involving travel history, health records and other basics.. A nurse then takes a small blood sample, which is used to check the donor’s iron level and make sure they are in optimum condition to donate blood. The nurse draws a pint of blood, which can save three lives, according to Continue reading

Chancellor to advise President Obama

By Nicholas Bostick


Dallas County Community College District Chancellor Joe May has been appointed to President Barack Obama’s newly formed College Advisory Board, according to a press release.

The independent board has been tasked with creating a model that will allow states to provide free community college. It will be chaired by second lady Dr. Jill Biden and vice-chair Jim Geringer, former governor of Wyoming, according to Continue reading

Students offered free Microsoft software

By Natalie Ortiz

Contributing Writer


Dallas County Community College District offers Microsoft Office Pro Plus free to students as a student advantage program.

The download includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access. This version of Microsoft Office normally costs $399.99, according to

Some professors believe it is essential for students to have access to Microsoft applications such as Word outside the classroom. “I require my students to submit their essays to eCampus as Word documents,” Brookhaven College English professor Haven Abedin said in an email. Continue reading

Getting to know BHC

By Brittany Vinson
Staff Writer

Courier staffer and BHC Career Development Center employee highlights useful resources and services offered in the Students Services Center .


Career Development Center – S065

The Career Development Center is not only available to students but to any individual. The carrer center offers mock interviews, assistance with résu­més and cover letters, and career advising.

Career planning assistant Marilyn Cunningham said, “In my opinion, the ultimate goal of our department is to assist stu­dents and help community mem­bers secure employment and/or internship opportunities.” The Career Continue reading

Denzil Pugh 1977-2015

By Sam Doherty

Sports/Opinions Editor


Denzil Ray Pugh, an avid read­er and philosopher who was assis­tant manager of the Brookhaven College Follett Bookstore, died May 12, 2015

Pugh, better known as Denny, was born Aug. 19, 1977, in Oklahoma City to Jack Pugh and Karen Mullins Pugh. He lived in Oklahoma with his parents and brother Kelly Pugh until the fifth grade. Afterward, his family moved to Conyers, Ga. where he lived for the rest of his childhood and most of his adult life after college. Continue reading

Hidden spots show soul of BHC

By Carolyn Bossmann

Opinion Editor

As students walk throughout the Brookhaven College campus, they may be unaware there are a handful of little-known places that hold within them the history and inner workings of the college.

1. “The Hole”

Located behind B Building and in the basement is a room known as “the hole.” This name is fitting, as “the hole” is down a few flights of stairs and is walled in by solid concrete. Most of the energy and temperature controls for the campus buildings are housed within its sturdy walls. Whenever a person on campus calls to change the temperature of a room, that call goes directly to “the hole.” The Continue reading

BHC prepares adjunct faculty

By Nicholas Bostick


The 2015 Adjunct Colloquium added new orientation for first time Brookhaven adjuncts.

More than 200 new and returning Brookhaven College adjunct fac­ulty members started the semester learning to effectively support stu­dent success at this year’s Adjunct Colloquium.

The annual event, held Aug. 29, featured several breakout sessions covering topics centered on the theme of the event, student success.

Donald Smith, Brookhaven vice president of academic affairs, the classroom,” Batra said. “On the whole, I think [the colloquium] was a success.” Continue reading

State Fair foodie pros win awards again

By Ravin Lee
Art Director

Photo by Ravin Lee James Barrera’s Fried Beer-Battered Buffalo, was also a finalist entry. Buffalo made its debut as a dish in the Big Tex Choice Awards this year.

Photo by Ravin Lee
Fernie’s Holy Moly Carrot Cake Roly, a creation by Christi Erpillo, was awarded “Best Tasting” dish at the 2015 Big Tex Choice Awards on Aug. 30.

Fried carrot cake, fried alligator eggs, bacon margaritas: all clear signs that the Texas State Fair is gearing up for yet another year of eclectic delicacies and family fun.

A panel of guest judges tasted the creations to award the “Best Tasting” and “Most Creative” among finalists. This year’s contest was narrowed from 51 entries to eight finalists, Donovan Lewis, host of this year’s contest, said. Continue reading