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Arts dean retires, continues to teach drawing classes

Rick Maxwell

Photo by Jubenal Aguilar | RICK MAXWELL

By Stephanie Salas-Vega

Rick Maxwell joined the Dallas County Community College District as a young instructor in the ’70s, thinking he would teach for a few years and eventually move on to a university. Now, 44 years later, the retired dean of the Brookhaven College School of the Arts said his phenomenal experience with the district changed his plans. Continue reading

Theatre Brookhaven to present life of Jesus through music

Photo courtesy of Theatre Brookhaven | The company of “Jesus Christ Superstar” rehearses a musical number for their upcoming performance. The play will be presented July 12-22.

By Christina Hill
Contributing writter

The Brookhaven College School of the Arts will bring religion and theater together with a production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Jesus Christ Superstar.” The production, which will be presented July 12-22 in the Performance Hall, will continue Theatre Brookhaven’s long-standing tradition of staging a musical in the summer. Continue reading

Student photography blends family, beach



Photo courtesy of Beth Delagi


By Davie Nguyen
Contributing Writter

Images of waves and people blending at the beach are splashed on the walls of Brookhaven College’s The Basement Gallery in the lower lever L Building. The exhibition opened May 11 and runs through Sept. 1. Continue reading

Subaru training rolls into Brookhaven

By Stephanie Salas-Vega


Brookhaven College welcomed Subaru of America as its newest automotive technology training partner. The new partnership allows automotive technology students to obtain Subaru level 1 and 2 factory certifications, which will give them more job opportunities. 

Enrollment will begin in the fall. Continue reading

Student wins top prize in contest

By Kaniece Tell
Contributing Writer


Susan Edgley, a Brookhaven College student, first learned she won a $500 prize for a photograph she submitted to Thin Line Fest through a congratulatory social media post shared by her photography professor. 

“I thought he had made a mistake,” Edgley said, seconds after seeing and holding her translucent, etched award for the first time following Thin Line, a five-day documentary film, music and photography festival held in Denton April 18-22. “I saw a lot of great photos in the photo galleries, and I thought he must have made a mistake,” Edgley said. Continue reading

Author chases tornadoes, stories

By Jacob Vaughn
Copy Editor/Fact Checker

Photo by Jubenal Aguilar | Brantley Hargrove, a freelance journalist, shares his experience on researching and writing his newly released book, “The Man Who Caught the Storm,” during True Stories April 6.

Brantley Hargrove, a freelance journalist, sat in his underwear watching TV in a hotel room in Nebraska. He had been on the road with a team of storm chasers.

“[We] stepped outside and it was just like pea soup,” Hargrove said. “The humidity, the warmth, you could see all the moisture in the air. The guys I was with – these really seasoned storm chasers – they were just giggling like little school girls. They were just like, ‘This is a day. This is a day.’ And their confidence only increased as the day wore on.” Continue reading

Soccer captain recalls time at BHC

By Victoria Valdez
Sports Editor

Daniela Marin

Photos by Jacob Vaughn | Daniela Marin, Brookhaven women’s soccer team captain and goalie, holds a soccer ball behind a net.

Daniela Marin, goalkeeper and team captain for Brookhaven College women’s soccer team, could have played for a professional Colombian soccer team, the Atlético Bucaramanga. The opportunity came after her mother sent out Marin’s résumé. She turned it down because they wanted her to play immediately. Continue reading

Travel tips help adventurous students

By Charlotte Blackburn
Contributing Writer

Frequent travelers pick up helpful ways to save money on vacation. There are a number of simple ways travelers can stretch their travel dollars as far as they can, such as using Megabus instead of taking a flight or talking to locals to find a cheap place to eat. Continue reading

DCCCD provides trips across world

By Elena Walker
Arts & Culture/Social Media Editor

Photo courtesy of David Griggs | Brookhaven College criminal justice students and faculty visit London in 2017.

Study abroad trips give students the opportunity to travel the world and make memories. The Dallas County Community College District has a variety of study abroad trips scheduled between May through August. Continue reading

SkillsShop offers finance advice

By Natalie Davila
Staff Writer

“As a college student, it is important to pursue scholarships because free money is awesome money,” Gina Coffman, financial aid adviser, said.

Receiving a scholarship to pay for tuition or books can take away personal stress. There are many types of scholarships with different requirements. Continue reading