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DFW to see solar eclipse

Brookhaven College will experience an eclipse on Aug. 21 2017.

By Infinity Holloway
Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of NASA
A white light image of the solar corona during totality.

For the first time in 38 years, a total solar eclipse will be visible in the continental U.S. On Aug. 21, the sun, moon and Earth will align to cast the entire U.S. into varying degrees of darkness for a full two minutes, according to Astronomy Magazine. Not all cities will experience total darkness. Dallas will expect to experience a 76 percent total darkness, according to Continue reading

NASA discovers habitable planets

NASA discovers seven Earth-like planets trillion miles away from Earth.

By Infinity Holloway
Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech
An artist’s interpertation of the possible surface Trappist-1, one of the newly discovered planets in the Trappist-1 system.

On Feb. 22, 2017, NASA officials announced the discovery of seven new Earth-like planets outside the solar system with the aid of the Spitzer Space Telescope. Continue reading

BHC shivers in anticipation of ‘Horror Show’

By Joshua Drake
Staff Writer

Theatre Brookhaven will put on Richard O’Brien’s 1975 dark-comedy musical, “The Rocky Horror Show” Showings begin July 13 in the Performance Hall in the C Building. Continue reading

Media pros tell ‘stories’

Brookhaven hosts third annual True Stories event celebrating journalism.

By Mira Scott
Contributing Writer 

Photo by Juan Betancourt
Christian McPhate, an investigative journalist at the Dallas Observer, and Danny Fulgencio, an editorial photographer and writer, sit together on a panel at the third annual True Stories.

Daniel Rodrigue, journalism professor and contributor at the Dallas Observer, hosted the third annual True Stories at Brookhaven College. He brought in a handful of media professionals from the Dallas area to share their experiences in the professional world of journalism. Continue reading

Dallas hashes cite-and-release policy

A new policy taking affect Oct. 1 allows those caught with less than 4 ounces of marijuana the chance to skip jail time.

By Jubenal Aguilar
Managing Editor

Photo Illustration by Aaron Sewell
Per the current law on marijuana possession, jail time is mandatory for anyone caught with more than trace amounts of the plant but Dallas laws change Oct. 1.

The Dallas City Council approved a cite-and-release policy to issue tickets to residents caught in possession of less than 4 ounces of marijuana instead of arresting them. The policy, which takes effect Oct. 1, affects only the parts of the city of Dallas within Dallas County, which does not include Brookhaven College. Continue reading

BHC holds T-shirt design contest

By Jubenal Aguilar
Managing Editor

Brookhaven College students, staff and faculty will have the opportunity to have their creative work worn and displayed by all Brookhaven employees who attend Dallas County Community College District’s districtwide conference Aug 18. Continue reading

Monroy nurtures Windmill Garden, cultivates plant life

By John McClanahan
Editorial Proofreader

Photos by Jubenal Aguilar
Amy Monroy, an English adjunct professor and member of the campus’ sustainable organizations, tends to the upkeep of the Windmill Garden in her spare time.

A sliver of sunlight pierced through the clouds and shone over Brookhaven College’s Windmill Garden. Amy Monroy, a Brookhaven College English adjunct professor, slipped on her gloves, grabbed shears and performed the garden’s routine maintenance one Friday afternoon. Continue reading

Student creates visual, audio art

By John McClanahan
Editorial Proofreader

Photo by Erasmo Viera
Evan Henry, a Brookhaven College student, performs a music set March 18 at The Vortex Theater in Austin.

A flash of red followed a streak of purple splotched with an array of green and blue. Color met sound as Evan Henry, visual artist, musician and Brookhaven College student slowly turned a mixer knob while nodding to an ambient beat. Henry’s art flowed alongside a brick wall in the back room of a fragrant coffee house. A small crowd sat on wooden benches and sprawled coffee sacks as they witnessed another Dallas Ambient Music Nights performance, better known as DAMN. Continue reading

Stigma sways students’ studies

By Marilyn Velazquez 
Staff Writer 

I always knew I wanted to go straight to a four-year university after high school. The thought of going to “Brookharvard” was social suicide for many of my peers. Apparently, they thought going to a community college meant you weren’t going far in life. And I, too, thought the same way. Continue reading

BCSA to talk courses, host open house

By Juan Betancourt
Web Editor

The Brookhaven College School of the Arts will host its second annual BCSA Open House to showcase its course offerings to students. The event will be held 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. April 19 in the Performance Hall lobby. Continue reading