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Holiday sugar feast promote obesity

By Jacob Vaughn
Copy Desk Chief & Music Editor

Photo illustration by Jubenal Aguilar

By Jacob Vaughn
Copy Desk Chief & Music Editor

Throughout the year, people gather with friends and family to stuff their faces as they share with their loved ones. They forget about the growing obesity epidemic in this country. Continue reading

Don’t politicize children’s costumes

By John C. McClanahan
Copy Editor & Editorial Proofreader

When I was 10 years old, I dressed as 6-foot black NBA superstar Allen Iverson for Halloween. I was a small white boy with shaggy brown hair and goofy blue glasses. But no one said anything about me inappropriately using the image of a person of color, at least in the realm of American sports icons. Continue reading

GOP politicizes Tibetts murder case

By Barbara De La Hoya
Contributing Writer

GOP members are quick to call for mass shootings and other crimes to not be politicized and to give privacy to the victims and their mourning families. But all bets are off the table when Republicans seek to gain public favor or sway votes.
Continue reading

Basketball legends face off in record book

By Kweisi Brown
Contributing Writer

Photo illustration by Jacqueline Arredondo

LeBron James tied NBA legend Michael Jordan’s record of scoring double digits in 866 consecutive games when the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Charlotte Hornets 118-105 on March 29. Continue reading

Black women iconically shape society

By Ravyn Adams
Contributing Writer

Mixed Media Illustration by Monica Mitrovic & Jacqueline Arredondo.

We owe black women a huge pat on the back, and more than a few thank yous for how they’ve shaped our society. Too many accomplishments and breakthroughs have gone underappreciated. They are often unacknowledged as  influencers and brand ambassadors.  Continue reading

Trade schools not only option

By the Courier Staff

In yet another apparent lack of understanding, President Donald Trump implied he does not understand the purpose and role community colleges play across the nation. His remarks were given during a speech on infrastructure March 29 in Richfield, Ohio to construction apprentices. Instead, the president advocated for the revitalization of vocational schools. Continue reading

Second Amendment rights provide gun control solution

By Morgan Hanson
Opinions Editor

Illustration by Jacqueline Arredondo

The answer to America’s gun violence problem could not be more obvious. It’s spelled out explicitly in the text of the Second Amendment. To enact common-sense gun control in the U.S., state militias should be reinstated and strengthened. Continue reading

Mass shooters strive for attention

By Barbara De La Hoya
Contributing Writer

Information is so easily accessible there is truly no such thing as bad publicity. So when the media mentions killers, viewers will not only become familiar with their names, but with their whole backstory. Instead of ignoring the rallying cries of those affected, the media needs to end the primetime slots they give mass shooters. Continue reading

Corporations launch new Space Age

By Morgan Hanson
Opinions Editor

Illustration by Eriana Ruiz

It’s an exciting time for astronomy enthusiasts. The Second Space Age is happening right now. Businesses are rushing to meet historic milestones. Only instead of merely racing to the moon, the goal is much broader – to capitalize on the heavens. Continue reading

Firearm violence causes unrest

By Monica Mitrovic
Copy Desk Chief

“ALERT: Lockdown on campus,” Brookhaven College officials tweeted Nov. 29, 2016. “All outside doors are locked. No entry or exit into the building. If not at campus stay away.” Continue reading