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Six apps make college life easier

By Tyler Satchwell 

Staff Writer


There are thousands of apps out there, and finding the best one for a given task can be a pain. But these six apps have been Courier-approved to make work, class or any other time that much more productive:

1-Wunderlist (iOS & Android) 

Organizing group projects can be a pain at times. Wunderlist can help. While this app has all the typical functionality of an organizational app, with to-do lists, reminders and the like, what really sets it apart from the others is the ability to invite other users to share in those reminders. There is also a pro version, which allows groups to add comments and files to various tracked items. The app is available for free, with the pro version running $4.99 a month.  Continue reading

New look robs old style

By Atziry Garcia 


Staff Writer

Designers look back to a generation fueled by rock ‘n’ roll and protests to create groovy, mod clothes.

The everlasting mod look initiated by ’60s British youths has inspired many top designers in their fashions for this fall and upcoming winter. According to, “the sixties are back in a major way … we are seeing a lot of miniskirts, knee-high boots and accessories that remind us of yesteryear. Whatever the reason, we’re happy that the ’60s are swinging back.”

The revolutionary ’60s transformed fashion as much as anything else. According to, even designers like Valentino, Prada and Chloe’ have incorporated fun psychedelic style and bold ’60s prints on dresses. Louis Vuitton is also known for presenting ’60s-based designs on the runway. Continue reading

Bad tippers cause strain for struggling students

Diamond Gregg

Layout Editor



Relying on tips as a primary source of income is reality for a lot of people. I have waited tables for nine years. While proving to be somewhat lucrative, it also comes with disadvantages: namely, an inconsistent schedule and chip on the shoulder. As a server, I am often regarded as a robot. I do not always wear a black tie, and I am not always perky and full of energy. But when a guest sits at my table, I am onstage. After all, it is my job. Continue reading

Texas college refuses admission on Ebola fear

By Rochelle Ware

Staff Writer


“Ebola Racism Reaches a New Low in Texas.” This hyperbolic headline and article appeared in The Daily Beast Oct. 15. Sadly, it misses the mark and dilutes the debate for a legitimate case of racism. Ebola is scary. With few exceptions, U.S. healthcare facilities were unprepared for the first case on American soil. And officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention initially responded with the competency of the Keystone Cops – who undoubtedly would have done a better job. So, at least for the short term, seemingly discriminatory, drastic policies may be the norm until solid procedures for handling Ebola cases for the entire country are established. Continue reading

Veggie Fair tops State Fair of Texas

By Megan Smith

Copy Editor


 The last weekend of the State Fair of Texas is always chaotic yet wonderful. Suddenly, everyone in the great state of Texas decides they need their corny dog and Ferris wheel fix.For the last five years, however, there has been a new kid on the block vying for attention during the last Sunday of the fair: the Texas Veggie Fair. From its humble beginnings in a parking lot, this free, volunteer-run vegan fair has grown rapidly, drawing 10,000 attendees on Oct. 19.

Continue reading

Obama reverses view on torture techniques

By Carolyn Bossmann

Staff Writer


Prior to his election, President Barack Obama had a history of opposing torture methods for interrogation. In 2005, he criticized the Bush administration for allowing torture. During his presidency, he has openly stated that torture should not happen. However, his recent views have changed dramatically, to the point that his administration is now defending the right for officials to use torture techniques outside of the U.S. This sudden change can only mean one thing: midterm elections are here, and the democrats are on their way out. Continue reading

Recent voting laws may cause hindrance

By Aaron Mason

Senior Staff Writer


It is election season here in Texas. According to some, the Texas State Fair, apple pie, baseball and heck, even the Dallas Cowboys aren’t  as American or Texan as voting. Grab your voter registration card and a valid form of required identification and go vote. “Wait, I have to take a valid form of ID other than my registration card now?” According to Texas State law, yes. Texas Voter ID law, SB 14, requires registered voters in Texas to present one of the seven following forms of identification when going to vote this fall: either a Texas driver’s license, Texas personal identification form, U.S. military identification card with photo, U.S. citizenship certificate with photo, Texas election identification certificate, Texas concealed handgun license or U.S. passport
Continue reading

Cowboys season provides hopeful outlook

By David Lacey


Staff Writer 



After a stressful off-season plagued by injuries and suspensions, the Dallas Cowboys are off to the best start to a season since 2009. After an opening loss to the San Francisco 49ers at home, the Cowboys have been on a surprising winning streak.

Pro Bowl middle linebacker Sean Lee was lost for the entire 2014 season during the first week of organized team activities in May with a torn ACL in his right knee. This is the second season in a row that Lee will miss at least half of the year with an injury. Veteran quarterback Tony Romo also had two separate back surgeries during the off-season and was listed as questionable for the upcoming season.  Continue reading

Era of denim lasts

By Carmina Tiscareño 


Media & Fashion Editor 

Illustration by Adriana Salazar

There is a trendy piece, a closet staple worn by college students, professors, celebrities and most of the American population. On your way to class, keep count of how many people wear denim. Light or dark blue hues typically adorn this practical go-to piece that can be dressed up or down.

In 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis created this classic garment, the denim jean. According to an article written by Anne D’Innococenzio on the Associated Press website, a recent study shows that denim jean sales have gone down due to Continue reading

Courier staff wins awards

By Jasmine Torres 


Staff Writer 

The Brookhaven Courier editors and staff won 17 awards at the 2014 Texas Community College Journalism Association Convention. The convention was held Friday, Oct. 10 in Tyler, Texas, at University of Texas at Tyler. The Dallas Morning News’ award-winning columnist and Tyler native Steve Blow was the keynote speaker. Blow stressed the importance of young journalists using “short words. Short sentences. Short paragraphs. Short stories.” Continue reading