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Fest highlights films

By Diamond Victoria

Arts & Culture Editor

The Dallas International Film Festival offered a wealth of gems screened at Angelika Film Center, Magnolia Theater and Texas Theater April 9-19. A self-proclaimed film nerd, I spent an evening mingling with other enthusiasts, watching French cinema and singing karaoke in the VIP lounge. Continue reading

Streaming services stifle music sales

By Evan Henry

Music Editor

Recently, I came across a rather disturbing sign of the times. The CD has been rejected, and somehow cassette and vinyl sales are up while music streaming services, such as Spotify and Pandora, have more value than that of the entire music industry itself. Continue reading

Staffer talks STDs, safe sex procedures

By Molly Mollotova 

Staff Writer 

After a heated debate in the Texas House of Representatives on March 31, Rep. Stuart Spitzer (R-Kaufman) was able to successfully push an amendment reallocating $3 million from Texas’ human immune deficiency virus and sexually transmitted disease prevention programs to fund more abstinence-only education. Continue reading

Blue Bell woes strike state

Contamination casues iconic Texas ice cream brand to be pulled from shelves social media, business send support

By Jessica Ayers 

Staff Writer 

Illustration by Phil Pastor | Courier " What? It's gonna melt anyway."

Illustration by Phil Pastor | Courier ” What? It’s gonna melt anyway.”

Life has not been the same since those gold-rimmed containers were ripped from the shelves of every store across America. Even though it was for my own safety, when the makers of Blue Bell ice cream decided to remove that creamy, homemade goodness from store shelves, they took not only my favorite ice cream, but also a little piece of my heart. Continue reading

Texas lawmakers focus efforts on prejudice

Staff Editorial

The same-sex marriage battle is in full swing, especially in Texas. The Lone Star State will soon have to join in and approve marriage equality. The Brookhaven College Courier staff has long been a supporter of equality, and gay marriage is no exception.

Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court began hearing arguments in four petitions from Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky and Michigan. The nine justices are expected to make a final ruling this June. Continue reading

Baylor LGBT policy silences athletes

By Sam Doherty 

Staff Writer 

With the recent U.S. Supreme Court same-sex marriage case hearings for couples in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee, the country is watching to see if a nationwide ruling will take effect this summer. The ruling has potential to drastically change precedents across state lines and reach into the sports world. Continue reading

Stalls under fire

By Maddox Price 

Chief Layout Editor 

In a future not far from now, one Texas lawmaker wants to build a space-age Gattaca-like panel to appropriately confirm the sex chromosomes of people entering restrooms. Continue reading

Media bills threaten free press, police

By Jubenal Aguilar 

Copy Editor 

Lawmakers around the country have introduced a variety of bills relating to photographing and filming in public areas.The bills differ greatly in their protections, or lack thereof, of First Amendment rights.The Arkansas legislature recently attempted to pass two bills, House Bill 1079 and Senate Bill 79. Continue reading

Staffer advocates body rights

By Maddox Price 

Chief Layout Editor 

Photo by Maddox Price | Courier  Testosterone cypionate, a synthetic drug used to mimic the natural male hormone, lies on a table next to a syringe.

Photo by Maddox Price | Courier
Testosterone cypionate, a synthetic drug used to mimic the natural male hormone, lies on a table next to a syringe.

People may remember the gut-wrenching video of the woman getting her forehead pumped with silicone injections into the shape of a giant bagel. Body modifications are getting more extreme, with magnet and horn implants, eyeball tattoos and even amputations gaining popularity. Continue reading

Genes test science’s limits

Current genetic screening process fails to deliver useful, accurate results

Illustration by Phil Pastor | Courier

Scientia potentia est,” or “knowledge is power,” is a phrase that has recently held new meaning in the world of medicine. The first human genetic map was created in 1987. The process of mapping human genes and screening for specific illnesses is an even newer concept. Continue reading