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Film informs BHC students of dark reality

By Diamond Victoria

Managing Editor

The theme of this year’s Open Book Project is becoming aware of injustice in the community. With this, Brookhaven College students, staff and faculty will learn about the reality of human trafficking by reading “A Crime So Monstrous” by E. Benjamin Skinner.

Delving into the world of human exploitation, last week’s Open Book event involved a screening of the documentary “In Plain Sight,” following the lives of those directly affected by the trafficking industry. Continue reading

Staffer reflects on IPS advice, trafficking

By Ravin Lee 

Art Director 

In this year’s Open Book Project book, “A Crime So Monstrous,” author E. Benjamin Skinner recalls a letter written by Henry David Thoreau in which the philosopher warns against reading the newspaper.

“What business have you, if you are ‘an angel of light,’ to be pondering over the deeds of darkness,” Thoreau writes. Well, if you ask Skinner, and if you ask me, we should all be thinking about the effects of human trafficking. Continue reading

Staffer responds to violence on high school football field

By Sam Doherty

Sports & Opinion Editor

Illustration by Sophia Espinosa

Illustration by Sophia Espinosa

Two high school football players receive orders from coach to attack referee on field.

The bleachers were buzzing with school spirit as the Marble Falls High School football team settled into formation against the John Jay High School team Sept. 4 in San Antonio.

Both teams called themselves the Mustangs, but the boys from John Jay looked more like foals against their opponents. John Jay was down, 15-9, their backs at the edge of the red zone, with a minute left to spare. Continue reading

Texas follows Senate, passes law criminalizing ‘revenge porn’

By Diamond Victoria

Managing Editor


Face it: Romance has changed.

Gone are the days of playful courtship and innocent flirting – for the most part, anyway. Welcome to the generation of indiscretion, where no one was too shocked when the term “revenge porn” made its way into the media circuit.

But don’t start deleting your salacious selfies just yet. One of Texas’ newest laws, Senate Bill 1135, has officially made the act illegal. Continue reading

BHC professor voices opinion on peer’s show

In this inaugural edition of Professor’s Corner, developmental writing professor Charles Warnberg critiques visual communications professor Giraud Polite’s recent photography exhibit.

Giraud Polite’s exhibit, “The Crawfish Circut,” demonstrates his interest in the dynamic tension between the studium and the punctum, to use Roland Barthes’ terms, on multiple levels. He pushes the interplay beyond the traditional boundaries of the physical media. Polite forces us to confront the elusive crossroads between transience and permanence, experience and memory, the signifier and the significance. Continue reading

Fest highlights films

By Diamond Victoria

Arts & Culture Editor

The Dallas International Film Festival offered a wealth of gems screened at Angelika Film Center, Magnolia Theater and Texas Theater April 9-19. A self-proclaimed film nerd, I spent an evening mingling with other enthusiasts, watching French cinema and singing karaoke in the VIP lounge. Continue reading

Streaming services stifle music sales

By Evan Henry

Music Editor

Recently, I came across a rather disturbing sign of the times. The CD has been rejected, and somehow cassette and vinyl sales are up while music streaming services, such as Spotify and Pandora, have more value than that of the entire music industry itself. Continue reading

Staffer talks STDs, safe sex procedures

By Molly Mollotova 

Staff Writer 

After a heated debate in the Texas House of Representatives on March 31, Rep. Stuart Spitzer (R-Kaufman) was able to successfully push an amendment reallocating $3 million from Texas’ human immune deficiency virus and sexually transmitted disease prevention programs to fund more abstinence-only education. Continue reading

Blue Bell woes strike state

Contamination casues iconic Texas ice cream brand to be pulled from shelves social media, business send support

By Jessica Ayers 

Staff Writer 

Illustration by Phil Pastor | Courier " What? It's gonna melt anyway."

Illustration by Phil Pastor | Courier ” What? It’s gonna melt anyway.”

Life has not been the same since those gold-rimmed containers were ripped from the shelves of every store across America. Even though it was for my own safety, when the makers of Blue Bell ice cream decided to remove that creamy, homemade goodness from store shelves, they took not only my favorite ice cream, but also a little piece of my heart. Continue reading

Texas lawmakers focus efforts on prejudice

Staff Editorial

The same-sex marriage battle is in full swing, especially in Texas. The Lone Star State will soon have to join in and approve marriage equality. The Brookhaven College Courier staff has long been a supporter of equality, and gay marriage is no exception.

Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court began hearing arguments in four petitions from Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky and Michigan. The nine justices are expected to make a final ruling this June. Continue reading