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Solar energy’s future uncertain

By Morgan Hanson
Opinions Editor

Photo by Eriana Ruiz | Solar panels in front of Brookhaven College’s X Building provide power for charging stations. Imported panels similar to these are subject to President Donald Trumps 30 percent solar tariff.

President Donald Trump imposed steep tariffs on imports of solar energy cells, solar panels and washing machines Jan. 22, according to The New York Times, taking effective steps to bolster the American manufacturing industry and foster U.S. energy independence. Continue reading

FCC vote threatens net neutrality

By Morgan Hanson
Opinions Editor

Photo Illustration by Eriana Ruiz

The Federal Communications Commission sold out the American people when it voted to repeal regulations that safeguarded them from anti-consumer practices by internet service providers, or ISPs.

The vote to overturn the 2015 landmark decision to reinforce the rules governing ISPs passed 3-2 on Dec. 14, 2017, despite massive public outcry organized by media figures such as television comedian John Oliver and YouTube personality PewDiePie, according to Fortune.  Continue reading

Immigrants founded America

President Donald Trump’s remarks about immigrants spark heated debate around the world.

By Monica Mitrovic
Copy Desk Chief

“The president of the United States is racist,” CNN anchor Don Lemon said. “A lot of us already knew that.”

Lemon’s commentary followed President Donald Trump’s crude remarks during a bipartisan immigration meeting with lawmakers in the Oval Office Jan. 11. According to The Washington Post, Trump was irate when lawmakers discussed protecting immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti and African countries as part of an immigration deal. Trump reportedly said, “Why are we having people from all these shithole countries come here?” Continue reading

A-listers are not fit for the Oval Office

The U.S. requires skilled and experienced leaders to run the country.

By Ravyn Adams
Associate Opinions Editor


Photo Illustration by Jacqueline Arredondo and Eriana Ruiz

President Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. President Oprah Winfrey.

Has a nice ring to it, no?

We’re certainly past the days where a celebrity president was the beginning of a walk-into-a-bar joke. The days where multimillion and billionaire celebrities have deemed themselves not only worthy, but also able to lead the free world are certainly upon us. Continue reading

Church shooting evokes emotive thoughts

A Brookhaven Courier contributing writer shares his personal experience covering tragedy.

By Jacob Vaughn
Contributing Writer

Photos by Jacob Vaughn
A teddy bear and flowers lie behind police tape Nov. 6 in front of the First Baptist Church where 26 people were killed the previous day.

I did not lose anyone that day. I was not connected to the town in any way.

But in the midst of conducting interviews and taking photos throughout the night, I felt like one of the locals who had just lost 4 percent of his town’s population. Continue reading

Student breaks silence, speaks out

By Stephanie Salas-Vega
Managing Editor

Photo Illustration by Eriana Ruiz

Speaking up about it didn’t get me anywhere. Silence helped me pretend it never happened. Continue reading

‘Fake news’ threatens journalism


The rise of “fake news” threatens the credibility journalists have taken years to create. This credibility is only worsened in a world where social media feeds have replaced traditional newsstands. Continue reading

Gun violence ignites controversy

By Infinity Holloway
Fashion Editor

Whenever there is a mass shooting, it’s always deemed too soon to discuss gun control to prevent further mass shootings in the U.S. Continue reading

College degrees earn jobs

Due to the rise in university tuition costs, people debate the value and merit of a college degree. 

By Lauren Keuning
Opinion/Layout Editor

Photo Illustration by Eriana Ruiz

Annual tuition at public four-year institutions increased nearly 400 percent since 1971, and 11 percent since 2011, according to Continue reading

Student reflects on life with curly hair

By Mira Scott
Staff Writer

Though natural hair may not be considered a trend, many millennials think it is. Natural hair has always been a part of the fashion scene. However, in the past, fewer women of color embraced their natural hair, and instead used hot combs, straighteners, perms and sprays to straighten it. Continue reading