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Legal weed, less hassle

Dr. Dank describes the process and protocols of recreational marijuana dispensaries in Colorado.

By Dr. Dank
Dope Columnist

Illustration by Sophia Espinosa


There are more states in the U.S. with some form of legal marijuana, whether medical or recreational, than states without.

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Don’t diss the dreadheads

By Joshua Drake
Staff Writer

Photo by Aaron Sewell

On March 6, an 18- to 25-year-old black male with short dreads and glasses was reported to be allegedly taking photos of other men in the restroom stalls. Brookhaven College notified all students, staff and faculty via email and warnings at all entrances. Continue reading

Netflix opens suicide dialogue

By Monica Mitrovic
Copy Editor 

Photo courtesy of Netflix

The Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why,” released March 31, is a compelling but somewhat unrealistic tale of teen angst and mental illness with a brilliant cast and twisted narrative. Continue reading

Hollywood washes diversity

By Monica Mitrovic
Copy Editor

There is a staunch lack of diversity and appropriate representation in Hollywood. And even when there is diversity, other people jump at the chance to spout off racist comments about actors and argue that a completely fictional character should be played by a white actor or actress. The racist casting practice known as whitewashing must come to a swift end to help combat racism and celebrate diversity. Continue reading

Brookhaven lacks school spirit despite athletic feats

By Marilyn Velazquez 
Staff Writer 

Photo Illustration by Jubenal Aguilar
Brookhaven College’s athletics events have low attendance from its student body.

Brookhaven College has four sports teams on campus: men’s basketball and baseball and women’s volleyball and soccer. But, strangely enough, not many Brookhaveans show up to the games. Continue reading

Protests have time, place

By Diamond Victoria 

Illustration by Sophia Espinosa

Protest can be a powerful method of affecting change in the U.S. After all, it’s a central right afforded by American democracy. And with the current political climate, even neighborhood streets and social media are teeming with bureaucratic demonstrations and outrage. But there is a sure difference between disruptive behavior and protest. And it’s important to recognize that freedom of speech also provides the opportunity for those opposed to voice their side before being trampled on. Continue reading

‘Get Out’ critiques racial relationships

By Monica Mitrovic
Copy Editor

Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures

A film that manages to combine components of different genres and weave them into a coherent and thought-provoking social critique with a dash of comedy deserves widespread recognition. “Get Out” flawlessly provide a daunting and true study of racial relations in an ever-divided America, while holding the audience’s attention hostage with its thrilling narrative, evocative screenplay and chilling cinematography. The horror film was released into theaters Feb. 24. Continue reading

Healthy grocery shopping tips

By Shamsa Rehman 
Contributing Writer 


The perimeter of the grocery store is where most of the healthy items, such as vegetables, meats, proteins and vitamins are found. These items help in reducing or maintaining weight. An individual’s plate should consist of five portions; vegetables, grains, dairy products, fruits, meat and beans, to stay healthy. Continue reading

Trump’s reign not end of world

Stephon Smith
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Although he ran under the promise to make America great again, there have been tons of backlash and protests from around the country since President Donald Trump took office Jan. 20. Continue reading

Technology aids cheating

Evan Henry
Contributing Writer

Photo Illustration by Jubenal Aguilar

In a generation that sees young people carrying the knowledge of the universe in their pockets via smartphones and tablets, it’s no wonder some college students who take online classes look to the internet to find answers to their coursework. Continue reading