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New record stores fill growing demand for vinyl

By Evan Henry 

Staff Writer

When some of us were straight out of the womb, the compact disc ruled the music industry. Now, it seems music nerds and audiophiles alike are rejecting the format. This time belongs to the silver-faced disc’s great-grandfather, the vinyl LP.

While Greenville Avenue’s CD Source shut its doors this September after 21 years, vinyl shops have popped up all across Dallas-Fort Worth in the last several months. Dreamy Life Records and Music in Fort Worth and Off the Record, Spinster Records and Josey Records in Dallas are part of a new wave of shops providing the classic format to those who want it most.  Continue reading

Six apps make college life easier

By Tyler Satchwell 

Staff Writer


There are thousands of apps out there, and finding the best one for a given task can be a pain. But these six apps have been Courier-approved to make work, class or any other time that much more productive:

1-Wunderlist (iOS & Android) 

Organizing group projects can be a pain at times. Wunderlist can help. While this app has all the typical functionality of an organizational app, with to-do lists, reminders and the like, what really sets it apart from the others is the ability to invite other users to share in those reminders. There is also a pro version, which allows groups to add comments and files to various tracked items. The app is available for free, with the pro version running $4.99 a month.  Continue reading

BHC Film Club expands

By Brigitte Zumaya

Sports & Opinion Editor


The Film Club is a new organization at Brookhaven College that is fresh and is still recruiting students. The group of aspiring filmmakers is growing and trying to expand its membership as it gains recognition. “I’m really, really thrilled to see that we have a film club on the campus,” Rebekah Benavides, Office of Student Life program coordinator, said. Meetings for Film Club are from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. every Wednesday in Room B222. Continue reading

‘Fury’ encapsulates WWII with all-star cast

By Carolyn Bossmann

Staff Writer


Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures | Brad Pitt plays Sgt. Don Collier (nicknamed Wardaddy) in “Fury.”

Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures | Brad Pitt plays Sgt. Don Collier (nicknamed Wardaddy) in “Fury.”

It is hard to find an actor or actress who is truly 100 percent dedicated to their role. It is almost impossible to find an entire cast of actors who are. “Fury” is one of those rare movies that has a talented and dedicated cast and brings a new look at the World War II movie genre, which has been making money for the film industry for years. Continue reading

Music ensemble brings cool, funky perspective to jazz

By Jose Perez

Staff Writer

Photos by Claudia Valerio | Bassist Robby White and drummer Jinyu Kim perform “Summer Samba.”

In the brightly lit C Building lobby, musicians from the Jazz Combo class ensemble, consisting of seven members, took on jazz classics Oct. 15. The entertainers held the audience’s attention with smooth and melodic tunes such as “Joy Spring.” The open area was the perfect locale for the booming sound of music that filled the room. The intimate crowd enjoyed the show and grooved to the fluid sounds coming from combinations of guitar, piano, drums and occasional vocals. With the warm aroma of coffee in the air, the scene resembled a café with free coffee and snacks for attendees.

Continue reading

Pumpkin recipes

By Claudia Valerio 

Staff Writer 

Challenges shape former BHC fine arts student

By Aaron Mason 


Staff Writer 

Photos by Kathy Tran | Gonzalez works with his installation “My Childhood Labor,” which was displayed spring 2013 at Brookhaven College as part of a sculpture class assignment to create a piece based on home.

Photos by Kathy Tran | Gonzalez works with his installation “My Childhood Labor,” which was displayed spring 2013 at Brookhaven College as part of a sculpture class assignment to create a piece based on home.

The streets were not paved with gold for former Brookhaven College fine arts student Nick Gonzalez. He had to stay dedicated to the dream he was chasing while facing adversity on a daily basis.

After high school, Gonzalez studied art. He took classes at Eastfield College, which he attended for nearly two semesters. Gonzalez said he decided to leave the school in 2008 and went into the roofing business. During this time, Gonzalez enrolled in Westwood College to study computer and architectural design.  Continue reading

Era of denim lasts

By Carmina Tiscareño 


Media & Fashion Editor 

Illustration by Adriana Salazar

There is a trendy piece, a closet staple worn by college students, professors, celebrities and most of the American population. On your way to class, keep count of how many people wear denim. Light or dark blue hues typically adorn this practical go-to piece that can be dressed up or down.

In 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis created this classic garment, the denim jean. According to an article written by Anne D’Innococenzio on the Associated Press website, a recent study shows that denim jean sales have gone down due to Continue reading

BHC hosts moongazing function

By Phil Pastor 


Senior Staff Writer 

Illustration by Nicholas Bostick

Illustration by Nicholas Bostick

The crowd that had gathered at 4 a.m. outside the X Building was bustling with excitement. CBS 11 Dallas News visited Brookhaven College to view the lunar eclipse Oct. 8, along with the Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas. Despite the early hour, the theme to Star Wars played. Students were provided with telescopes and binoculars to observe the transformation of the blood moon. But something made this eclipse unique in comparison to previous blood moons. Continue reading

Area library spawns ghastly ghost tales

By Ludmila Mitula 


Senior Staff Writer 

For almost 30 years, the local library in Farmers Branch has been haunted by rumors of paranormal activity. Some websites say that the library was built on an old Indian burial ground, and it was even mentioned in Robert Wlodarski’s 2001 book, “A Texas Guide to Haunted Resturants, Taverns, and Inns.”

The rumors of spectres at Farmers Branch Manske Library, only two miles west of Brookhaven College, began in 1984, according to Wlodarski. It supposedly began when the library was being renovated and expanded. During the construction, one of the workers was killed. From that time, the library has been Continue reading