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Allen’s breakthrough film stands test of time

By Diamond Victoria

Film Review

Rating: Five out of five “Diamonds”

In 1977, “Annie Hall,” starring, written and directed by Woody Allen, edged out the original “Star Wars” blockbuster sci-fi flick directed by George Lucas and won the Oscar for best motion picture. Allen won best director and best screenplay for the film.

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BHC students and faculty participate in local art fest

By Ravin René

Layout/Photo Editor

Photos by Ravin René  | Film cameras at the Denton Camera Exchange.

Photos by Ravin René  | Film cameras at the Denton Camera Exchange.

Two Brookhaven College students and one professor took part in Thin Line Fest Feb. 17–21 in Denton, Texas. Films, documentaries, live music and photo galleries were showcased across the town, from the historic Campus Theatre to Golden Triangle Mall. Thin Line began in August 2007 as a summer and fall film festival, according to Continue reading

Gallery exhibits printmaker’s work

By Megan Thompson

Contributing Writer

Photos by Brigitte Zumaya |Texas Tech artist Sang-Mi Yoo’s large format prints are displayed in the Forum Gallery.

Photos by Brigitte Zumaya |Texas Tech artist Sang-Mi Yoo’s large format prints are displayed in the Forum Gallery. Her inspiration for the work comes from living in Korea and West Texas and traveling through Northern Ireland.

BCSA holds closing reception for artist’s installation “In Transition.”

Brookhaven College School of the Arts held a closing reception for Sang-Mi Yoo’s installation of large format and laser-cut wool felt prints, “In Transition.” Yoo, a Texas Tech University associate professor of art, was present at the reception for her work displayed Jan. 11 – Feb. 3 in the Forum Gallery. Continue reading

Students tackle trivia challenge

By Ravin René

Layout Editor

Photo by Ravin Ren | Aaron Pape, a student, answers trivia questions at Brookhaven College's Black History Month Trivia Event Feb. 9 in S Building lobby.

Photo by Ravin René  | Aaron Pape, a student, answers trivia questions at Brookhaven College’s Black History Month Trivia Event Feb. 9 in S Building lobby.


The Campus Activity Board hosts a Black
History Month Trivia event Feb. 9.

Brookhaven College students tested their knowledge of black history in a game sponsored by the Campus Activity Board. The Black History Month Trivia event was held Feb. 9 in S Building lobby and hosted by Hubert Hirwa, student and CAB chair of hot topics. Continue reading

Dating apps to enhance romance


By Jake Griffin

Staff Writer


Valentine’s Day gets smothered and covered

By Connor McNeil

Contributing Writer

Illustration By Sophia Espinosa

Illustration By Sophia Espinosa

Several Dallas-Fort Worth area Waffle House locations are taking reservations for their annual Valentine’s Day candlelight dinner on Feb. 14.

Eating at Waffle House with friends or family is usually a pretty good idea, but on Feb. 14, they are taking reservations for a romantic candlelight dinner.

For almost a decade, Waffle House has held a Valentine’s Day candlelight dinner at several locations across the country, including 11 in Dallas-Fort Worth, according to NBC. Continue reading

“Blackstar” receives acclaim, concludes iconic career

By Erasmo Viera

Contributing Writer


Still from David Bowie's "Lazarus" music video.

   Still from David Bowie’s “Lazarus” music video.

David Bowie has been one of the most iconic and influential individuals in pop culture in the past 47 years. Bowie’s legendary discography has impacted many, and his experimental style, music and art will continue to inspire the masses. Continue reading

Guide to enjoying Feb. 14

By Nicholas Bostick

Multimedia Director

While cute couples are busy soaking up the sickly sweet sentiment of Valentine’s Day, many more will find themselves flying solo this year. But who says you need to spend Valentine’s Day with a significant other? Do up the town in style instead of bemoaning your misfortune. Check out these events and activities that will help you celebrate your independence.



Father, son conquer toy Empire

By Michael Dunlap

Contributing Writer

Photos by Michael Dunlap | Order 66, located at 111 S Chestnut St., McKinney, Texas 75069.

Order 66 has risen from humble beginnings to having a force grip on the local Star Wars empire. The toy store is tucked quietly off Main Street in downtown McKinney, Texas. The father-and-son team, Jeffrey and Josh Durazzo, run the store and have proven themselves a force to be reckoned with in the toy scene. Continue reading

Costume guidelines dampen moviegoers’ fun

By Claudia Valerio

Contributing Writer  

I am very lucky to be part of the Star Wars generation. At first, few people wore Star Wars costumes when a new movie came out, but after a while, more and more people wore them to the premieres. You could see Jedi, Princess Leias, a handful of Chewbaccas and wave after wave of Darth Vaders. Continue reading