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BHC gears up for green event

By Nicholas Bostick



This year Brookhaven College will host Dallas County Community College District’s 5th annual Sustainability Summit. The event will feature the Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., as keynote speaker. Continue reading

Music Editor’s Must-See Shows 03/06-03/23

A preview of upcoming shows in the Dallas area, hand-picked by The Courier’s award-winning resident music guru

By Evan Henry

Music Editor

March 6 

DAMN: Dallas Ambient Music Nights: Black Taffy, Kent Evans, Floating Island, jakkkechan, Triangulum at The Crown & Harp

Building upon raw experimentation, the second installment of DAMN, or Dallas Ambient Music Nights, is a monthly showcase of ambient soundscape artists who call Dallas home. Continue reading

Austin music festival drums up spillover shows

Evan’s Distorted Dallas

By Evan Henry

Music Editor

If there is one week that features the best variety of independent musicians and artists, it’s the week of the South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival in Austin, Texas.

Last year, SXSW reported 2,371 music festival showcasing acts, 553 of which were international. The festival brought $315.3 million to the Austin economy, and 60,458 room nights were booked in 71 hotels last year. SXSW brings music lovers from all over the world and crams them into Austin and spinoff festivals crowd the surrounding areas, including the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. 2015’s festival will span March 17-22 and will attract a large crowd. Continue reading

App users risk privacy

By Carolyn Bossmann

Opinion Editor

Apps such as Yik Yak, Snapchat and Whisper have been marketed as anonymous, something users may have taken at face value. Lately, users of these apps have been receiving some backlash over content they have submitted – content that is actually not anonymous at all.

In recent months, there have been more than 10 incidents of college students using Yik Yak, an app that uses location to connect users in a message board-like setting, to threaten their schools or their fellow classmates, according to an article for The Huffington Post. Continue reading

Virus spreads concern

By Carmina Tiscareño

New Media & Fashion Editor

A recent outbreak of the measles virus has been traced to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. As of press date, this latest outbreak accounts for 103 of the 121 cases of the virus reported in 17 states this year.

In Illinois, nine cases stem from a Chicago suburb KinderCare Learning Center, according to CNN. However, this epidemic is not believed to be linked to the Disneyland outbreak, Dr. Terry Mason, chief operating officer for the county’s health and hospitals systems said in an article for The Associated Press. Continue reading

Black history figures leave legacy

By Joie’ Thornton

Senior Staff Writer

In honor of Black History Month

Illustrations by Tom Gill

Illustrations by Tom Gill

John Henrik Clarke (1915-1998)

John Henrik Clarke is known for his lifelonmg devotion to studying and documenting the history and contributions of black people in Africa. Clarke was the author of multiple articles that appeared in leading scholarly journals.

He also served as the author, editor or contributor for 24 books. With the help of the African Studies Association, Clarke founded the African Heritage Studies Association in 1968. He was appointed in 1969 as the chairman of the Black and Puerto Rican Studies Department at Hunter College in New York. In 1986, the Continue reading

News Brief : Black History Month

By Joie’ Thornton

Brookhaven College English professor Hazel Carlos will host The African American Read-In at 10:30 a.m. Feb. 18 in the Performance Hall.

The African American Read-In is a nationwide event held to celebrate Black History Month, which was started as Negro History Week by Dr. Carter G. Woodson to bring national attention to the contributions of black people to American history. Black History Week became an official month in 1976.

Every year, the Dallas County Community College District’s African American Read-In is assigned a theme. The previous theme was “Earth, Wind and Fire: Poetry of the 1970s Black Arts Movement.” The reading included speeches and poems with authors ranging from Malcolm X to Langston Hughes and Gwendolyn Brooks.

Carlos selected this year’s theme, “From Chant to Slam: A Celebration of the Spoken Word.”

DIY venue shuts doors

Evan Henry will keep BHC up to date on all things musically local in this recurring column.

By Evan Henry

Music Editor

Photo by Evan Henry | Two Bronze Doors is now for lease.

Photo by Evan Henry | Two Bronze Doors is now for lease.


As 2014 came to a close, so did DIY venue Two Bronze Doors.The building was a former psychic’s home converted into one of Dallas’ finest performing arts spaces. Two Bronze Doors was born out of necessity. At the time, there were no noteworthy houses in Dallas to play shows at. Plus, the residents needed a place to live and work. Continue reading

BHC clubs create community

By Marvin Montesinos

Staff Writer

Infographic by Tom Gill

Infographic by Tom Gill

Many students come to Brookhaven College with the sole intent of getting what they need to transfer to a four-year university. Students may arrive, go from class to class and leave without becoming a part of the school community. Some students who share a particular interest, however, may want to share it with the student body. Continue reading

Texas talks gun laws

By Jubenal Aguilar

Copy Editor

The number of bills introduced in the Texas Legislature relating to concealed handguns continues to increase with each legislative session – particularly those concerning Texas public universities and colleges.

According to the Dallas County Community College District website, one of the district’s legislative priorities on the issue is to “allow a ‘local control’ option so that institutions could make a determination about whether to permit concealed handgun license holders to carry firearms on campus.” Continue reading