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Nurses voice Ebola concerns

BHC nursing students weigh in on the subject of Ebola. Part three of a three-part series on the deadly virus.

By Erin Alexis Goldman 

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Photo by Nicholas Bostick

Photo by Nicholas Bostick

When the news first broke about Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S., a media whirlwind made the event nearly impossible to turn on the television, surf the Internet or pass a newsstand without seeing the word Ebola. The coverage intensified and shifted its focus to nurses when Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital nurses Nina Pham and Amber Vinson were diagnosed with the disease. Continue reading

Reforma para inmigrantes

La orden ejecutiva presidencial conduce a una amnistía temporal para los inmigrantes indocumentados.

Por Jubenal Aguilar 


Aproximadamente 11.3 millones de inmigrantes indocumentados viven en las sombras de los Estados Unidos. Víctimas de un sistema migratorio roto. Un sistema que el Congreso ha fallado en resolver pese a las presiones crecientes de activistas pro inmigrantes. En 30 de junio, el presidente Barack Obama prometió actuar unilateralmente sobre el tema si el Congreso no lo hacía al fin lizar el verano. Después retrasó cualquier acción, diciendo que no quería ver el tema politizado antes de las elecciones de medio término. Continue reading

Immigration reform

Presidental Executive order leads to temporary amnesty for undocumented immigrants.

By Jubenal Aguilar 

Staff Writer

Approximately 11.3 million undocumented immigrants live in the shadows of the United States, victims of the broken immigration system; a system Congress has failed to solve despite increasing pressure from pro-immigration activists. On June 30, President Barack Obama promised to act unilaterally if Congress did not act by the end of summer. Later, he delayed action, saying he did not want the issue to be politicized before the midterm elections. Continue reading

Study shows link between technology, eyestrain

By Carolyn Bossmann
Staff Writer


Taking notes in class has often meant taking a pen to paper. In recent years, however, paper has been replaced with screens, and the pen has been replaced with a stylus or keyboard. Instead of studying a packet of paper, students are now squinting at bright white screens and thin black fonts. While technology has arguably made taking notes more efficient, new studies have shown it also causes eyestrain and can be more harmful than most realize. Continue reading

BHC marches away

By Jessica Ayers

Staff Writer


Photo by Jessica Ayers | Brookhaveans pose for a group photo during the homecoming parade while representing their respective majors.

Photo by Jessica Ayers | Brookhaveans pose for a group photo during the homecoming parade while representing their respective majors.

On Thursday, Oct. 9, the Brookhaven College Bears joined the W.T. White Longhorns for their 50th Annual Homecoming Parade. The streets bustled with cheering parents, grandparents, children and pets as they watched a hodgepodge of students. The participants consisted of elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school, a college and numerous clubs and organizations marching through the streets to celebrate W.T. White’s 50th anniversary. Continue reading

ECHS program receives award

By Willie R. Cole

Staff Photographer

Photo by Willie R. Cole | Early College High School students lined up to spell out ECHS behind K Building.

Brookhaven College and Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District can wave their banners proudly because the Early College High School program received the “Blue Ribbon Award” for the 2013-2014 school year. The 2014 class of the ECHS has been recognized for its academic excellence as one of the Blue Ribbon High Schools in America. Schools that perform at exemplary levels for that school year are presented with the award. Of more than 98,000 schools in America, 337 were recognized, and among them, 48 were high schools. Continue reading

Don Cockrell game scores

By Kathryn Matheny

Staff Writer

Photos by Raven Lee | Jaylon Cleveland, #3 breaks away to attempt a field goal.

Photos by Ravin Lee | Jaylon Cleveland, #3 breaks away to attempt a field goal.

Players from past seasons took on the current Bears basketball team at the sixth annual Don Cockrell alumni basketball game Oct. 17 at the Brookhaven College Gymnasium. Players from both teams went through their pregame warm-ups and drills. Players were introduced, and coach Kevin Hurst addressed the crowd. “Don Cockrell was a mentor, a friend, a father figure to all that knew him,” Hurst said. “Don always seemed to know whether you needed an ear to listen, a hug to console or a swift kick in the hindquarters.” Continue reading

Local food safety concerns

By Brigitte Zumaya
Sports & Opinion Editor



Students, faculty and staff sometimes go out to eat a short distance from the campus instead of going to the Brookhaven College Subway. Sometimes students may choose convenience over quality when eating, especially when juggling work, school and social obligations. Most do not go online to check these restaurants’ food safety scores in Farmers Branch. Continue reading

Ebola demystified

Local television station holds town-hall-style meeting to set the record
straight on Ebola and address public concern.
Part two of a three-part series on the deadly virus.

By Aaron Mason
Senior Staff Writer

Photo by Tyler Satchwell | At the Lakewood Theater, experts fielded questions from the public concerning Ebola misconceptions.

Ebola hysteria has swept across the nation to the point that a teacher from Strong Elementary School in Maine has been placed under quarantine for setting foot in Dallas. The unidentified teacher attended a conference at the Hilton Anatole, which is 9.5 miles away from Texas Presbyterian Hospital, according to the Portland Press Herald. Continue reading

DCCCD shares photos

By Travis Baugh 


Staff Writer 


Photos from @DCCCDLife | A sample of photos taken from the shared account reveal a range of subjects.


Brookhaven College and  the rest of the Dallas County Community College District are getting in on the photo-sharing action with DCCCDLife.  The idea of a shared Instagram account is to promote the place a group of people live, work or go to school. DCCCDLife is managed by the district marketing department, however, every week the baton is passed to a student at one of the campuses For that week, the student is in charge of the account.  Continue reading