Monthly Archives: February 2012

BHC employees recognized, thanked at Emerald Awards

By Nancy Kane Asmus
Staff Writer

More than 300 Brookhaven College employees attended the annual Emerald Awards Jan. 27.

The event was held to celebrate Brookhaven employee accomplishments.

More than 164 employees Continue reading

Attorney speaks to students

By Patrick Doolin
Staff Writer

The Institute for Political Studies hosted its second event of the semester with a lecture on affirmative action by Frank Hill, a civil rights attorney. The IPS theme for the semester is “What inspires a person to Continue reading

Funding prevents men’s soccer

By Diana Abou-Saleh
Sports & Managing Editor

Brookhaven College Student Sami Alaraj glances at his cell phone screen. He scrolls down his contact list to a group he titled “Soccer guys.”

Alaraj types “Let’s meet at 2:30” and presses Continue reading

Yoga exercises provide stress relief, endurance

By Obed Manuel
Opinion and Copy Editor

Lawrence McDonald, Brookhaven College yoga instructor, teaches his students that performing yoga exercises leads to better blood circulation, lower blood pressure and can also be used for stress relief. Oxygen entering the body is a Continue reading

Remembering Jeffrey Zaslow

The Brookhaven College counselors are available to provide grief support to anyone who may need counseling following the death of Jeffrey Zaslow, co-author of “The Last Lecture.” Zaslow spoke at Brookhaven Feb. 1 as a guest of the Continue reading

Retirees awarded, honored

By Stephanie Ball

As staff and faculty filed into the Ellison Miles Geotechnical Institute building at Brookhaven College, they were greeted with pats on the back and ice cream sundaes Jan. 31.

Ten Brookhaven College faculty and staff members were Continue reading

Letter to the Editor – BHC professor inspires student

My first class of the day during the Summer I term in 2010 was developmental reading. We began early in the morning and our instructor was Monique Mannering.

Mannering had a great attitude, was Continue reading

‘Super’ PAC aid influences voters

By Obed Manuel
Opinion & Copy Editor

With a 5-to-4 vote regarding Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court sent a clear message to the American people: money equals speech.

The January 2010 decision did not Continue reading

Ask a Professor – Presidential elections

Question: What resources are available to students to be better informed about a presidential candidate?

Answer: Ahad Hayaud-Din, government professor: Students can go to the recommended websites and compare their findings. The sites include a Continue reading

Tap instructor steps into rhythm with her students

By Maria Teresa Arias
Staff Writer

A group of women wearing black shoes with metal plates on their soles and heels are reflected in a mirror. The room fills with the noise of dance steps. Deborah Jones, tap dance instructor, stands in the front of the Continue reading