Monthly Archives: March 2012

Coach helps players with future plans

By Kurt Hyde
Staff Writer

Brandon Rains, Brookhaven College baseball head coach, sits in his office and points with pride to last year’s 20-10 record. It was his first year at Brookhaven and the team’s seasonal performance had the Bears ranked Continue reading

‘Kony 2012’ evokes concerns, suspicions

By Amy Price
A&E Editor

Facebook groups, Tumblr posts and viewer outcries took the Internet by storm the week of March 5. The fuss was related to “Kony 2012,” a 30-minute documentary about Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony. The video, as of press date Continue reading

Musicians, fans swarm 35 Denton

By Amy Price
A&E Editor

Guests lined up one by one to receive colorful cloth wristbands for the 35 Denton music festival behind The Love Shack. Patrons came out by the thousands for the four-day festival, despite the unstable Continue reading

Hey: sports exist at Brookhaven

By Diana Abou-Saleh
Sports & Managing Editor

A conversation with a classmate put the importance of fandom into perspective for me. Our conversation shifted to basketball. When I mentioned the victory of the Brookhaven College basketball team, my classmate’s facial expression Continue reading

BHC student mentors visit former schools

By Stephanie Ball

Twenty pint-size nurses, teachers and future leaders shuffled their feet in a single-file line across the glossy, laminate flooring of Withers Elementary school. The second grade students stopped in front of the career day table and were greeted Continue reading

BHC student fights for life

Brookhaven College student Derek Madrigal was brutally beaten on South Padre Island during Spring Break.

According to, Madrigal was jumped by Continue reading

Student involvement yields benefits

By Diana Abou-Saleh
Sports & Managing Editor

I have taken advantage of the extracurricular activities available in school since I first moved to the U.S. My involvement has made me a responsible, outgoing leader.

My first semester at Brookhaven College was memorable. I was new and I didn’t know Continue reading

Ask a Professor – Public speaking

Question: What are some strategies or techniques students and employees can work on outside of a speech class to enhance their speaking skills?

Answer: Julie Perez, speech faculty:

1. Join Toastmasters International club. Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization Continue reading

Under-18 band tunes out age

By Obed Manuel
Opinion and Copy Editor

Schmillion, a quintet act based in Austin, headlined the Dentoneer’s March 10 showcase at Denton Square Donuts.

Schmillion’s live set had the grungy quality of garage punk. Zoe Graham and Frankie Blue played the guitar ruthlessly, while the band maintained a catchy beat Continue reading

Local music insiders discuss differences in music production

By Obed Manuel
Opinion and Copy Editor

A behind–the–scenes look at music production was available during the 35 Denton panel discussion titled “Gear and Tape,” March 10 at Dan’s Silverleaf.

Thirty audience members faced a table Continue reading