Monthly Archives: November 2012

Kung Fu Instructor Shares Expertise

By Brian Chapman
Staff Writer

Photo by Amy Price | Students Antoine Votaw and Bryce Galias practice a blocking move.

Sifu George Giatrakis, instructor for the self defense class at Brookhaven College and White Lions of Shaolin martial arts school, calmly described a gut-wrenching moment at the age of 23 that led him to being the martial arts instructor Continue reading

New Vending Machines Offer More Variety

By Aaron Ortega
Opinion Editor

On Nov. 5, the students, staff and faculty of Brookhaven College underwent dispensable beverage and snack item turnover. That Monday, patrons  across campus faced a brief drought of vending machine items, temporarily threatening rehydration Continue reading

Speech Contest Focuses on Presidential Race

By Scott Mitchell
Staff Writer

During a period of political conflict which only rolls around once every four years, seven Brookhaven College students spent their personal time researching and rehearsing in an effort to persuade an audience to vote for a presidential candidate of their choosing Continue reading

Election Results Represent Generation’s Values, Concerns

By Rodney Blu

Managing Editor

When the news anchors and political pundits loosened their ties, let down their hair, packed away their equipment and went back to their respective headquarters and offices early Wednesday, Nov. 7, President Barack Obama had been re-elected into office. With 50 percent of the popular vote and 96 more electoral votes Continue reading

Visioning 2018

By Aaron Mason
Staff Writer

In 2018, Brookhaven College will be 40 years old. As Brookhaven continues to age, the surrounding area continues to change, drastically. The vast changes that are to come could potentially be for the betterment of Brookhaven Continue reading

Another Way To Celebrate This Thanksgiving

By Kurt Hyde

Sports Editor

Most Texans celebrate Thanksgiving in a tradition handed down from the Pilgrims in 1621, but lately some Texans have been celebrating Thanksgiving based on a similar event, first held near El Paso in 1598.
The Pilgrims established a colony Continue reading

New 007 ‘Skyfall’ Lands In Theaters

By Scott Mitchell
Staff Writer

“Skyfall,” directed by Sam Mendes, the 23rd movie of the James Bond franchise, bombarded its way into U.S. theaters Nov. 9. After setting the record for biggest opening in 2012, 007’s newest foray also set the record for the biggest James Bond film opening in the U.S., grossing more than Continue reading

Brookhaven Hosts Komen 3-Day

By Amy Price
& Gabrielle Rodriguez
Editor-in-Chief & Staff Writer

Photo by Amy Price | Participants Rochelle Russelle and Allyson Hall cross the finish line into a welcome from the crowd.

Brookhaven College’s jogging trail turned into a sea of pink tents, men and women in bras and tutus, and a barrage of overlapping bags and backpacks. The end of the 60-mile trek concluded with tears of joy, handfuls of pastel confetti Continue reading

Dallas’ Growing Infrastructure Draws Concern

By Rodney Blu

Managing Editor

As the State Fair of Texas once again drew its curtains closed this year, an icon as quintessentially Dallas as any – not quite as esoteric as the Pegasus yet just as prominent as Reunion Tower, took an infernal final bow (see Vol. 35, Issue Four’s  “Big Tex, Everyone Got Burned” by Amy Price.) The 60-year old Big Tex fell to his crispy expiry in what would better befit a scene from a “Transformers” film and though citizens Continue reading

A New Hope Or Beating a Dead Tauntaun?

By Aaron Ortega

Opinions Editor


Over the years, I, and I’m sure many other “Star Wars” fans, have had a falling out with filmmaker/producer/director George Lucas, although I certainly did my best to hang in there and support him, as any good friend should. But with each of Lucas’ cinematic failures, CGI buffoonery, and oversaturation of Jedi merchandise Continue reading