BHC decides to recycle ‘Stuff’

By Kate Rhoads

Staff Writer


Clunk. It is the simple sound of a plastic water bottle being tossed into a recycling bin, but it has the potential to reverberate for generations to come. Brookhaven College students gathered in Room M123 to watch “The Story of Stuff” as part of the current Open Book Project. Carrie Schweitzer, assistant to the president, led a discussion following the film. Continue reading

BHC Film Club expands

By Brigitte Zumaya

Sports & Opinion Editor


The Film Club is a new organization at Brookhaven College that is fresh and is still recruiting students. The group of aspiring filmmakers is growing and trying to expand its membership as it gains recognition. “I’m really, really thrilled to see that we have a film club on the campus,” Rebekah Benavides, Office of Student Life program coordinator, said. Meetings for Film Club are from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. every Wednesday in Room B222. Continue reading

‘Fury’ encapsulates WWII with all-star cast

By Carolyn Bossmann

Staff Writer


Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures | Brad Pitt plays Sgt. Don Collier (nicknamed Wardaddy) in “Fury.”

Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures | Brad Pitt plays Sgt. Don Collier (nicknamed Wardaddy) in “Fury.”

It is hard to find an actor or actress who is truly 100 percent dedicated to their role. It is almost impossible to find an entire cast of actors who are. “Fury” is one of those rare movies that has a talented and dedicated cast and brings a new look at the World War II movie genre, which has been making money for the film industry for years. Continue reading

Music ensemble brings cool, funky perspective to jazz

By Jose Perez

Staff Writer

Photos by Claudia Valerio | Bassist Robby White and drummer Jinyu Kim perform “Summer Samba.”

In the brightly lit C Building lobby, musicians from the Jazz Combo class ensemble, consisting of seven members, took on jazz classics Oct. 15. The entertainers held the audience’s attention with smooth and melodic tunes such as “Joy Spring.” The open area was the perfect locale for the booming sound of music that filled the room. The intimate crowd enjoyed the show and grooved to the fluid sounds coming from combinations of guitar, piano, drums and occasional vocals. With the warm aroma of coffee in the air, the scene resembled a café with free coffee and snacks for attendees.

Continue reading

Bad tippers cause strain for struggling students

Diamond Gregg

Layout Editor



Relying on tips as a primary source of income is reality for a lot of people. I have waited tables for nine years. While proving to be somewhat lucrative, it also comes with disadvantages: namely, an inconsistent schedule and chip on the shoulder. As a server, I am often regarded as a robot. I do not always wear a black tie, and I am not always perky and full of energy. But when a guest sits at my table, I am onstage. After all, it is my job. Continue reading

Texas college refuses admission on Ebola fear

By Rochelle Ware

Staff Writer


“Ebola Racism Reaches a New Low in Texas.” This hyperbolic headline and article appeared in The Daily Beast Oct. 15. Sadly, it misses the mark and dilutes the debate for a legitimate case of racism. Ebola is scary. With few exceptions, U.S. healthcare facilities were unprepared for the first case on American soil. And officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention initially responded with the competency of the Keystone Cops – who undoubtedly would have done a better job. So, at least for the short term, seemingly discriminatory, drastic policies may be the norm until solid procedures for handling Ebola cases for the entire country are established. Continue reading

Veggie Fair tops State Fair of Texas

By Megan Smith

Copy Editor


 The last weekend of the State Fair of Texas is always chaotic yet wonderful. Suddenly, everyone in the great state of Texas decides they need their corny dog and Ferris wheel fix.For the last five years, however, there has been a new kid on the block vying for attention during the last Sunday of the fair: the Texas Veggie Fair. From its humble beginnings in a parking lot, this free, volunteer-run vegan fair has grown rapidly, drawing 10,000 attendees on Oct. 19.

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Obama reverses view on torture techniques

By Carolyn Bossmann

Staff Writer


Prior to his election, President Barack Obama had a history of opposing torture methods for interrogation. In 2005, he criticized the Bush administration for allowing torture. During his presidency, he has openly stated that torture should not happen. However, his recent views have changed dramatically, to the point that his administration is now defending the right for officials to use torture techniques outside of the U.S. This sudden change can only mean one thing: midterm elections are here, and the democrats are on their way out. Continue reading

Recent voting laws may cause hindrance

By Aaron Mason

Senior Staff Writer


It is election season here in Texas. According to some, the Texas State Fair, apple pie, baseball and heck, even the Dallas Cowboys aren’t  as American or Texan as voting. Grab your voter registration card and a valid form of required identification and go vote. “Wait, I have to take a valid form of ID other than my registration card now?” According to Texas State law, yes. Texas Voter ID law, SB 14, requires registered voters in Texas to present one of the seven following forms of identification when going to vote this fall: either a Texas driver’s license, Texas personal identification form, U.S. military identification card with photo, U.S. citizenship certificate with photo, Texas election identification certificate, Texas concealed handgun license or U.S. passport
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Don Cockrell game scores

By Kathryn Matheny

Staff Writer

Photos by Raven Lee | Jaylon Cleveland, #3 breaks away to attempt a field goal.

Photos by Ravin Lee | Jaylon Cleveland, #3 breaks away to attempt a field goal.

Players from past seasons took on the current Bears basketball team at the sixth annual Don Cockrell alumni basketball game Oct. 17 at the Brookhaven College Gymnasium. Players from both teams went through their pregame warm-ups and drills. Players were introduced, and coach Kevin Hurst addressed the crowd. “Don Cockrell was a mentor, a friend, a father figure to all that knew him,” Hurst said. “Don always seemed to know whether you needed an ear to listen, a hug to console or a swift kick in the hindquarters.” Continue reading