Spooky Trot vamps up BHC pantry

By Kathryn Matheny

Staff Writer

Illustration by Sophia Espinosa

Illustration by Sophia Espinosa

Halloween is fast approaching, and there is one way Brookhaven College students can make a difference on campus while dressed as their favorite goblin or ghoul. The third annual Spooky Trot 5k Run/Walk takes place this Halloween to benefit the Phi Theta Kappa food pantry. The entry fee for students and faculty is 10 non-perishable food items. Costumes are not required but are encouraged, and there will be prizes for the best costumes. Continue reading

Student veterans create community

By Kate Rhoads 

Staff Writer 


After serving six years as an infantryman in the U.S. Army and deciding to attend Brookhaven College to study criminal justice, Todd Rogers knew he wanted to get plugged into a community of other student veterans with whom he could network and share similar experiences. Rogers said he found such a community in Brookhaven’s Student Veterans Association.

The SVA is a student-run veteran group that welcomes veterans from all branches of the military and gives them the opportunity to find the camaraderie they may miss after coming home from a deployment, whether it be by meeting at a sporting event or giving back to the community with ticket raffles and toy drives, Veterans Affairs Coordinator Jon Tarell said. Continue reading

Students weigh in on online dating

By Phil Pastor 

Senior Staff Writer 


Typically, attraction boils down to: “Are they hot or not?” Apps and websites such as OkCupid and Tinder have created a new way for people to meet others and interact. However, only a decade ago, online dating was commonly frowned upon and disdained as an illegitimate method of meeting people. According to a comparative study conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2012, 42 percent of adults knew someone who used online dating, while 29 percent knew someone who entered into a long-term relationship using it. Continue reading

‘A Few Good Men’ cast in BHC play

By Kathryn Matheny

Staff Writer


Auditions have taken place and roles have been cast for Theatre Brookhaven’s upcoming production of “A Few Good Men.” Written by Aaron Sorkin, the play follows military lawyers who uncover a high-level conspiracy during the court-martial of U.S. Marines accused of murder. The 1992 Academy Awardnominated film of the same name was adapted for the screen by Sorkin and starred Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore. “This is the actual play the movie is based on,” Brookhaven theater assistant Karen Crowell said. Continue reading

“Big Tex” goes to the fair


Illustration by Sophia Espinosa 






Lady Bears beast moves

Photos by Brigitte Zumaya


The Lady Bears shake hands with the players from North Lake after winning the game.

The Lady Bears shake hands with the players from North Lake after winning the game.

The Brookhaven Laby Bears are trying to prove themseleves they can gain victory during thier match against North Lake College. Surley enough they won the game with a score of 3-1. Starting off good for the conference . Continue reading

Carnival welcomes back students with fun, food

By Carolyn Bossmann
Staff Writer

Photo by Willie R. Cole | Caricature artist Sami Aly draws his parody illustration of Brookhaven College student Desiree Island as students line up to have their portraits sketched at the Welcome Back Carnival Sept. 10 in the Commons Courtyard.

Photo by Willie R. Cole | Caricature artist Sami Aly draws his parody illustration of Brookhaven College student Desiree Island
as students line up to have their portraits sketched at the Welcome Back Carnival Sept. 10 in the Commons Courtyard.

Dozens of students filled the Commons Courtyard for the Welcome Back Carnival Sept. 10. They milled from table to table around the fountain. The carnival was held from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and offered students the chance to meet, greet and eat with each other.

Droves of students lined up for the free food and drinks provided at the event. The commotion surrounding the area drew even more students. Brookhaven College’s clubs manned tables, hoping to attract new members. Most clubs set up games for students to play. Participants would play a game and learn more about the clubs offered. Continue reading

DCCCD ends contract with DART

By Jubenal Aguilar

Staff Writer

Photo Illustration by | Jubenal Aguilar

Photo Illustration by | Jubenal Aguilar

Dallas County Community College District has discontinued its student discount program with Dallas Area Rapid Transit after three semesters. The end of this partnership leaves many Brookhaven College students to find new ways to afford DART passes. Full-time students can purchase individual reduced passes from DART. Part-time students no longer have an option to purchase reduced passes. The previous program was not popular at all colleges; Browning said some schools did better than others. Martin said Brookhaven sold all the passes it purchased for the last two semesters and even had a waiting list at one point. Continue reading

Library observes Banned Books Week

By Carmina Tiscareño & Diamond Gregg
Media/Fashion Editor & Layout Editor


Illustration by Sophia Espinosa

Illustration by Sophia Espinosa

Books like the Harry Potter series attract readers by taking them to different or interesting settings. Harry Potter, for instance, takes readers to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; readers follow Potter as he discovers that he’s a wizard and enters a new, magical life. Many of the banned books on the American Library Association website have magical or violent content. Though not directly affected by most banned books local public libraries play a large part in the community. They highlight the censorship of great classics and newer books. The week of Sept. 21 observes Banned Books Week at Brookhaven

Continue reading

Cassettes refuse to disappear

By Evan Henry

Staff Writer




In a culture that thrives on instant gratification, some people like to step back and look at what came before smartphones and iPods, before the CD, even. In 1963, the Philips Company invented something that would revolutionize recording and playback alike: the compact cassette.

Cassettes are cheap to produce. They have been since their inception 50 years ago. A cassette is just magnetic tape wound into a plastic shell that fits snugly into your hand. With the right technology, an artist can single-handedly record, produce and manufacture an album in an unlimited quantity in-house within the day. The advantage is that an artist can sell the tape for $5 to $7, compared to the absurdity of $10 for the CD or $25 for the vinyl. Cassettes can be entirely personal, such as the mixtape, a homemade compilation of songs Continue reading