Bears basketball bows to El Centro despite hustle

By Jaz’man Hampton
Staff Writer

Photo by Aaron Sewell
Brookhaven College Bear Javon Lipscombe (#30) takes flight with a jump shot against El Centro College Chaparrals Michael McGee (#23) Nov. 22.


The battle was on for the Brookhaven College men’s basketball team Nov. 22. The El Centro College Chaparrals beat the Bears in a defensive showdown, losing 93-102. Continue reading

Kung fu instructor trains bodies, opens minds

By Marilyn Velazquez
Contributing Writer

File Photos
George Giatrakis, head instructor of the White Lions of Shaolin, teaches a student a combat technique.


Yut. Yi. Sam. Sei. Ng.

The sounds of Chinese counting fill a small dance studio-style classroom in the T Building basement as a group of Brookhaven College students huffed and puffed between each kick and strike. Continue reading

Holiday classic or date-rape anthem?

By Diamond Victoria

Illustration by Sophia Espinosa


Any number of unassuming holiday music lovers may sing along to their favorite tunes while sipping on wine or putting up lights this year. But pay closer attention to these surely wonderful and wistful jingles and you’ll be left scratching your head, and maybe feeling a little dirty. Continue reading

Choosing adoption impacts lives

By Ellen Case
Senior Staff Writer


Adoption does not seem to get the attention it needs in the pro-life, pro-choice debate. Adoption takes a backseat to being considered an option. Continue reading

Mac’s new ports stick in craw of users

Our Managing Editor, a new MacBook user, has more than a few concerns with Apple’s new line of MacBook Pros, dishes on the company’s new dangling dongles.

By Jubenal Agulair
Managing Editor

Photo Illustration by Jubenal Aguilar


Apple, did you take a look at your new MacBook Pro line? Have you sat down and used it? Did you turn in it on? Did it live up to your expectations? Continue reading

New laws prove voters are not blowing smoke

By Eric Lopez
Contributing Writer




Illustration by Jacqueline Arredondo


Marijuana was the big winner on Election Day after three states approved recreational initiatives and four approved medicinal uses of the plant. Twenty-eight states now have some form of legal marijuana, according to Forbes. Continue reading

Pot prohibition’s peculiar past explained


By Jake Griffin
Copy Desk Chief


Seven states now have laws legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Massachusetts, California and Nevada passed bills legalizing recreational marijuana for adults Nov. 9. However, the federal government’s stance on the matter has been the same since Congress passed the Marijuana Tax Act in 1937. Continue reading

District offers students free DART passes

The Dallas County Community College District unveils plans to provide eligible students with semester-long access to public transportation.

By Jubenal Aguilar
Managing Editor

Photo by Jubenal Aguilar
Hundreds of students arrive at and leave Brookhaven College campus from the bus stop located in front of S Building.

Students enrolled at any Dallas County Community College District campus for Spring 2017 will be able to ride public transportation free beginning Jan. 1. This student benefit is made possible by a new partnership between the district and Dallas Area Rapid Transportation. Continue reading

Intruder raises alarm, causes lock down

By Diamond Victoria

Photo by Emma Donohue
Brookhaven College police take a suspect into custody after he allegedly threatened students Nov. 29.


The Brookhaven College Police Department ended a campuswide lockdown Nov. 29, taking a man into custody after he allegedly threatened to shoot students. The man was questioned after officials with Brookhaven told an emergency caller reported someone threatening to shoot students in the school parking lot. Continue reading

District snow days explained

By Diamond Victoria


When local media announces a chance of sleet, snow, ice or freezing temperatures for North Texas, some Brookhaven College students immediately take to social media to see whether the campus will be closed for a snow day. Seven campuses make up the Dallas County Community College District, and when one closes its doors due to inclement weather, they all do. Continue reading