Band that changed punk rock music: The Sonics

By Wanz Dover

Staff Writer

Wanz Dover Crate Digger

Wanz Dover- Crate Digger


Punk rock has a storied history that is often credited to the explosion in underground activity in the mid-to-late ’70s. Tired of the spectacle that rock music had become due to bloated arena rock bands, a few bands inspired a whole generation to rebel by bringing rock music back to its roots.

Many of these bands connected due to a shared passion for ’60s counterculture rock legends Velvet Underground, The Stooges and MC5. Velvet Underground and MC5 formed in 1964 and often get credited as the beginning of the movement, but The Sonics formed in 1960 and predated them all by four years with a rock ‘n’ roll sound rooted in three chords and songs about evil women, drugs and screaming. Continue reading

Campus reflects on BHC past

By Carmina Tiscareño

New Media Editor

Illustration by Sophia Espinosa

Illustration by Sophia Espinosa


A room in the L Building stores event flyers, T-shirts and old carpet from the campus dating back 35 years. Brookhaven College Executive Dean Sarah A. Ferguson wades through the items and stumbles across a poster that reads: “Brookhaven College opens fall 1978.” She opens a drawer and finds five laminated posters that list all the courses offered when the campus first opened. One poster included an aerial map of the campus and a map of Dallas, showing how to locate Brookhaven. Another poster had the registration form on it. Continue reading

Courier delivers prized wisdom

By Chris R. Allison

Copy Editor


Despite 35 years of changes and evolving technology, The Brookhaven Courier continues its tradition of informing the Brookhaven College community and documenting the many facets of life on campus and in the community.

The Courier’s origins are rooted in the creation of the journalism program. In 1978, Brookhaven’s inaugural year, journalism professor Dr. John Neal taught Beginning Reporting and Introduction to Mass Communications. A handful of students enrolled in those courses made up the original staff of the school news- paper. The first issue of The Courier was published on Nov. 22, 1978. Continue reading

Summer Concert Picks

By Joie’ Thornton, Wanz Dover and Carmina Tiscareño

Web Editor, Staff Writer, and New Media Editor


Under the Influence Tour – August 14 – Gexa Energy Pavilion

Under the Influence Tour includes several acts, such as rappers Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, Young Jeezy, and others. The headliner, Wiz Khalifa, officially entered the rap scene in 2011 with the popular song “Black and Yellow.” NFL team the Pittsburgh Steelers used the song as their unofficial theme song. Wiz Khalifa’s recent album was released in 2012. This tour is an extension of his 2013 tour. For this year’s tour, Khalifa decided to add new rappers as well as established rappers such as Tyga and Young Jeezy. Continue reading

Concert celebrates opera vocalists

By Brigitte Zumaya and Ashley Heussner

Layout Editor and Staff Writer 

Photos by Brigitte Zumaya |  An expressive Sara Lundsteen dresses as a sheriff for her performance.

Photos by Brigitte Zumaya | An expressive Sara Lundsteen dresses as a sheriff for her performance.


The usually quiet atmosphere of the Performance Hall lobby resonated with the voices of students from the Brookhaven College Opera Workshop Class. In the middle of the lobby, Brookhaven student Elizabeth Varhaug sang along with the piano, warming up.

The Brookhaven College School of the Arts held an Opera Workshop Recital April 16. Directed by Susan Wyatt, the performance showcased the talents of the students in the Opera Workshop class. Wyatt is an adjunct faculty member, and studying music has taken her all the way to Munich and Cologne, Germany, according to the Brookhaven website. Continue reading

Forum teaches reading skills

By Gyeryeong Kim

Senior Staff Writer


The room filled with English professor Jason Carney’s booming voice. It sounded as if he was acting. The students focused on his voice and read through a poem with him. He read the poetry using his emotions and explained the details.  The focus was on interpreting the poem.

Reading and understanding literature are not one and the same. Literature involves navigating the author’s purpose and deeper meanings within the text. It is the role of the reader to understand them. Continue reading

Brookhaven brings Latin flavor

By Adriana Salazar

A&E Editor

Photos by Adriana Salazar |  Pierce William Bradley make up part of the percussion for the ensemble.

Photos by Adriana Salazar | Pierce William Bradley make up part of the percussion for the ensemble.


Almost immediately after the song started, the audience let themselves be overtaken by the rhythm flowing through them. It hit them like a fog, engulfing their bodies’ whole as it slithered through their skin.

From the tips of their tapping feet, it crawled up to their hips as they swayed side to side. Then their hands that let themselves be overtaken as they clapped to the beat. The faces of the audience twisted into jubilant expressions before breaking into almost primal shouts. Continue reading

Windmill writers rebuild

By Leah Clark

Copy Editor 

Students walked from class with empty bellies. Pangs of hunger brought them to the TreeTop Café, but some of Brookhaven College’s poets soothed their hunger at the Windmill Writer’s Club’s performance April 10.

English professor Jason Carney introduced the after- noon’s performers, Ashley Balcazar and Antoine Votaw, Brookhaven students and leaders of the Windmill Writer’s Club. Continue reading

Bears baseball inches ahead

By Adam Coleman

Staff Writer

Photo by Kathy Tran

Photo by Kathy Tran


In an intense battle between two Top-10-nationally-ranked baseball teams, the Brookhaven College Bears pulled out a dramatic series victory over the Eastfield College Harvesters to gain a slight edge in a three-team race for first place during the April 17 and 19 games. Coming into this series,

Eastfield was only one game behind the Bears in conference play, and both teams were trying to keep pace with 1st-place North Lake College. Continue reading

Discovering joy in journalism

By Aaron Ortega

Senior Staff Writer


Photo by Marjorie Wilson | Joy Tipping lays on
her horse, Penny, a Pinto American Quarter Horse.


In the 1970s, the land surrounding Brookhaven College provided home to a life of horseback riding and boarding stables. As a young girl, Joy Tipping, staff writer and copy editor of the Guide and Arts and Life section of The Dallas Morning News, would tag along every day with her Continue reading