Beloved TV character should stay

Photo illustration by Eriana Ruiz|

By Eriana Ruiz 
Multimedia Director/Photo editor

There has been recent talk of “The Simpsons” character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon being written off the show due to its controversial portrayal of Indians. Continue reading

Old roofs spring new leaks

Photo by Jacob Vaughn| A bucket collects water leaking from the ceiling next to 420-volt light dimmers in C Building.

By Jacob Vaughn
Copy Desk Chief/Music Editor

Buildings were made differently in the ’70s when Brookhaven College was under construction. Continue reading

Volunteers swap tacos for pledges

Photo by Jacob Vaughn| Volunteers with HeadCount, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, gives tacos to students, staff and faculty in S Building Oct. 30 in exchange for their pledges to vote during the midterm election.

By Jacob Vaughn
Copy Desk Chief/Music Editor

The smell of pork, chicken and shrimp tacos wafted throughout the S Building lobby as students, staff and faculty walked through Brookhaven College’s Student Services building. A table was set up with all the makings of a south-of-the-border snack Oct. 30. Brookhaveans were invited to prepare themselves a taco to their liking and pledge to vote. Continue reading

Campus celebrates Arbor Day

Photo by Jubenal Aguilar| Brookhaven College President Thom Chesney removes a red ribbon from the college’s newest bur oak Nov. 1 during the sixth annual Arbor Day Celebration.

By John C. McClanahan
Copy Editor/Editorial Proofreader

Green leaves from a small bur oak rustled in the wind across the road from Brookhaven College’s H Building. The tree, situated near the west athletic field, is Brookhaven’s newest botanical installation placed in observance of Arbor Day Nov.1. Continue reading

Photo by Jacob Vaughn| José Ralat stands in the back of El Come Taco, a Dallas Taquiera.

By Stephanie Colmenero
Managing Editor/Web & Social Media Director

Sizzling meat lightly rang throughout El Come Taco, a Dallas taqueria, as José Ralat arrived in an Uber. He stumbled over his words, speaking with a stammer as he greeted the owner. He has a speech impediment, and does not drive because of his epilepsy, which he was diagnosed with as a child. But that has not stopped him from traveling the U.S. for the last eight years in search of the best taco. Continue reading

Pianist jazzes up BHC recital hall

Photo by Jacob Vaughn | Award-winning pianist Hee Sun Yun performs at Brookhaven College in the Recital Hall during The Music Department Piano Festival, Oct. 17.

By Jacob Vaughn
Copy Desk Chief/
Music Editor

The Recital Hall at Brookhaven College was packed. Octavio Gutierrez, music department chair, rushed to get more seats in the room as people continued to pile in for the third performance of The Music Department Piano Festival, Oct. 17. Continue reading

Genitals do not define gender

By John C. McClanahan
Editorial Proofreader

Supporters of transgender rights recently hatched the #WontBeErased movement in response to the federal government’s threat to redefine millions of American identities. President Donald Trump’s administration is considering defining gender simply by the genitalia a person was born with rather than how they choose to identify, according to The New York Times. Continue reading

Stop blacklisting poor decisions

Photo illustration by Eriana Ruiz |

By Jacob Vaughn
Copy Desk Chief/
Music Editor

Nowadays, it seems people are being called out left and right for offensive things they’ve said or done in the past or present.

TV shows have been canceled. Jobs have been lost. Reputations have been destroyed.

There should be some path toward redemption for these people. After all, it could happen to anyone. Continue reading

Texas Rep issues BHC resolution

Photo by Josh Drake | Texas House Rep. Matt Rinaldi (left) and Brookhaven College President Thom Chesney pose for a photo Oct. 24 after Rinaldi presented a resolution commemorating the 40th anniversary of the college.

By Malen Blackmon
Sports Editor

Texas State Rep. Matt Rinaldi visited Brookhaven College to present a resolution commemorating the campus’s 40th anniversary. He presented the resolution, which was passed in the Texas House of Representatives, during the Brookhaven Student Government Association’s general meeting Oct. 24. Continue reading

District to offer bachelor’s degree

Photo by Jubenal Aguilar | Sharon Jackson (left), mathematics professor; Chancellor Joe May; and Brookhaven College President Thom Chesney talk Oct. 15 in the Performance Hall about how the district is working to make students’ experience better.

By Jubenal Aguilar

Brookhaven College will become the first of the Dallas County Community College District schools to offer a baccalaureate degree on its own. Continue reading