Spring Break in Dallas

By Nicholas Bostick



BHC is gearing up for Spring Break, and  while some Brookhaveans are setting off far and wide, The Courier staff is offering up local hotspots fit for whatever your tastes may be.

Soon thousands of students across the world will pack their bags for Spring Break. Some, however, may opt to stay home for the international spring ritual. In a poll of 120 Brookhaven College students, 49.16 percent said they will stay at home for Spring Break, 45 percent will leave town and 5.84 percent did not have plans at the time the poll was taken.

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Club policies changed, requirements added

By Marvin Montesinos

Staff Writer

New policies that changed the way Brookhaven College clubs operate were enacted at the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester. The new policies are required for all clubs every semester in order to maintain their status as an organization recognized by Brookhaven.

The policies, which were created by Rebekah Benavides, Office of Student Life program coordinator, require clubs to fulfill 20 hours of community service every semester, as well as the attendance by at least one club officer at the Club Leadership Council meetings. Continue reading

SkillsShop offers students effective habits

By Jubenal Aguilar

Copy Editor

Photo by Evan Henry | Brookhaven counselor Rhonda Dalrymple discusses the second habit from Stephen R. Covey’s book, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.”

Photo by Evan Henry | Brookhaven counselor Rhonda Dalrymple discusses the second habit from Stephen R. Covey’s book, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.”

Brookhaven College students learned how to become more effective by developing habits to help them achieve their goals in a SkillsShop offered by the Counseling Center. The SkillsShop, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” was based on Stephen R. Covey’s book by the same name. Covey was an international authority of organizational behavior and business management. Continue reading

Austin music festival drums up spillover shows

Evan’s Distorted Dallas

By Evan Henry

Music Editor

If there is one week that features the best variety of independent musicians and artists, it’s the week of the South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival in Austin, Texas.

Last year, SXSW reported 2,371 music festival showcasing acts, 553 of which were international. The festival brought $315.3 million to the Austin economy, and 60,458 room nights were booked in 71 hotels last year. SXSW brings music lovers from all over the world and crams them into Austin and spinoff festivals crowd the surrounding areas, including the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. 2015’s festival will span March 17-22 and will attract a large crowd. Continue reading

Social media cause stress

By Carmina Tiscareño

New Media & Fashion Editor

It feels as though the original purpose of social media was to keep people in touch. Families and friends who live miles away from each other share pictures and status updates on Facebook and Twitter.

In some cases, people have found their soulmates online. I once worked with a woman who met her significant other through Instagram, a photo sharing social media platform, and now she is engaged. Continue reading

GOP pushes flawed agenda

By Jubenal Aguilar

Copy Editor

The Republican Party elected to use the Department of Homeland Security as a political weapon in an attempt to force President Barack Obama to back down on his immigration initiatives. Shortly after Obama announced he would take executive action over immigration as a result of Congress not doing so, Republicans pledged to keep the program from being implemented. Continue reading

Dopers poison sports

By Andres Reyes

Sports Editor

The juice is there. The syringe is there. And you love the way you look and feel. Money, women and fame. And more money. That is what is at stake when deciding whether or not to take steroids. For some young athletes who seek to stand out, taking these drugs may be the only option. I am angry because we, as a society, have let it get to this point. Steroids are killing the sports world. Yes, athletes will reach a physical peak while on these drugs, but the mental and moral risks are far too great. Continue reading

Vaccination saves lives

Staff Editorial

In light of the recent measles outbreak, many Americans are left wondering how this practically nonexistent disease has suddenly reemerged. To vax or not to vax? That is the question. We here at The Brookhaven Courier say: “Go get your shots, please.” Essentially, this outbreak is part of the increasing anti-vaccine movement, fueled, in large part, by a discredited, retracted study.

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BHC celebrates black poets

By Joie’ Thornton

Senior Staff Writer

Photo by Claudia Valerio | Participants in the African American Read-In reading walk across the stage with empowering signs before passing them to attendees.

Photo by Claudia Valerio | Participants in the African American Read-In reading walk across the stage with empowering signs before passing them to attendees.

In honor of Black History Month, students, staff and faculty participated in an African American Read-In, “From Chant to Slam: A Celebration of the Spoken Word.” Brookhaven College English professor, Hazel Carlos, organized the reading. “What we were trying to do this year was to celebrate all the ways in which the word has expressed all emotions and how the word has been the vehicle by which the struggle is communicated,” Carlos said. Continue reading

Break raises safety issues

By Ludmila Mitula

Senior Staff Photographer

By the first day of the spring semester, some Brookhaven College students may already be counting down the days until Spring Break. The week off from school is seen as a time to relax, hang with friends and let loose.

For many college students, it has since become synonymous with wild parties and excessive drinking. However, arguably one of the most important things students can do over Spring Break is stay safe. Continue reading