Revolutionary professor shares past

Jamileh Stroman a Brookhaven professor talks about how she learned to stand for her beliefs.

By Stephon Smith
Staff Writer

Photo by Jubenal Aguilar
Jamileh Stroman, a Brookhaven professor, shows a photo of one of her ancestors.

On an ordinary day, a two-car convoy makes its way through  city streets.  The lead car comes to an abrupt halt. A young bodyguard readies the sub-machine guns at her feet in the trailing car to defend the occupants in the lead car from any possible threat. It was just another day at the office for Jamileh Stroman, a Brookhaven College English for speakers of other languages professor. Her tasks for the day included protecting Angela Davis, a well-known activist, author and educator. Continue reading

DFW to see solar eclipse

Brookhaven College will experience an eclipse on Aug. 21 2017.

By Infinity Holloway
Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of NASA
A white light image of the solar corona during totality.

For the first time in 38 years, a total solar eclipse will be visible in the continental U.S. On Aug. 21, the sun, moon and Earth will align to cast the entire U.S. into varying degrees of darkness for a full two minutes, according to Astronomy Magazine. Not all cities will experience total darkness. Dallas will expect to experience a 76 percent total darkness, according to Continue reading

NASA discovers habitable planets

NASA discovers seven Earth-like planets trillion miles away from Earth.

By Infinity Holloway
Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech
An artist’s interpertation of the possible surface Trappist-1, one of the newly discovered planets in the Trappist-1 system.

On Feb. 22, 2017, NASA officials announced the discovery of seven new Earth-like planets outside the solar system with the aid of the Spitzer Space Telescope. Continue reading

Netflix opens suicide dialogue

By Monica Mitrovic
Copy Editor 

Photo courtesy of Netflix

The Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why,” released March 31, is a compelling but somewhat unrealistic tale of teen angst and mental illness with a brilliant cast and twisted narrative. Continue reading

Dallas Paleontological Society unearths prehistoric fossils

By John McClanahan
Editorial Proofreader

Photo by Marilyn Velasquez
Replicas of Theropod dinosaur fossils were on display during the DPS meeting April 12.

The Dallas Paleontological Society gave Brookhaven College students, staff, faculty and the local community an opportunity to explore fossils and learn about the creatures that once roamed the area. Dozens of DPS members, researchers, collectors, students and other paleontology enthusiasts gathered for the monthly meeting April 12 in Room H125 and was open to anyone interested in paleontology. Continue reading

Mega March unites Dallas

Call for equality brings Dallasites to peaceful gathering downtown. 

By Juan Betancourt and Stephanie Salas-Vega
Web Editor and Associate Layout Editor 

Photos by Willie R. Cole
Thousands of protesters with American flags and posters march to Dallas City Hall for a rally.

Thousands of people, including Brookhaven College students and staff, marched through downtown Dallas to support immigration reform for the first time in a decade, according to The Dallas Morning News. Continue reading

Bears outshine Cedar Valley Suns

Bears continue to dominate the Metro Athletic Conference.  

By John McClanahan
Editorial Proofreader

Photo by Willie R. Cole
Bear Travis Angell steps up into the base mound and prepares to launch a pitch against the Suns .

The Brookhaven College men’s baseball team eclipsed the Cedar Valley College Suns with an offensive rally in the seventh inning to take the second game of the series. The Bears fell behind early with silent bats but bounced back to defeat the Suns 6-3 April 7 at home. Continue reading

Hollywood washes diversity

By Monica Mitrovic
Copy Editor

There is a staunch lack of diversity and appropriate representation in Hollywood. And even when there is diversity, other people jump at the chance to spout off racist comments about actors and argue that a completely fictional character should be played by a white actor or actress. The racist casting practice known as whitewashing must come to a swift end to help combat racism and celebrate diversity. Continue reading

BHC shivers in anticipation of ‘Horror Show’

By Joshua Drake
Staff Writer

Theatre Brookhaven will put on Richard O’Brien’s 1975 dark-comedy musical, “The Rocky Horror Show” Showings begin July 13 in the Performance Hall in the C Building. Continue reading

Media pros tell ‘stories’

Brookhaven hosts third annual True Stories event celebrating journalism.

By Mira Scott
Contributing Writer 

Photo by Juan Betancourt
Christian McPhate, an investigative journalist at the Dallas Observer, and Danny Fulgencio, an editorial photographer and writer, sit together on a panel at the third annual True Stories.

Daniel Rodrigue, journalism professor and contributor at the Dallas Observer, hosted the third annual True Stories at Brookhaven College. He brought in a handful of media professionals from the Dallas area to share their experiences in the professional world of journalism. Continue reading