Netflix features terrifying shows

In the midst of Halloween season, Netflix viewers can haunt their homes with four popular, spine-chilling TV programs. 

By Mira Scott
Staff Writer


The show gained unexpected popularity after Netflix released the first season in July 2016. The show centers around Will, a 12-year-old boy who disappears on his way home after playing “Dungeons and Dragons” with friends. After that night, things take a drastic turn in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. Will’s family and friends are propelled into an unforgiving, dark mystery involving supernatural forces, secret government experiments, a board game that eventually comes to life and a strange girl who may either be a friend or foe. According to Business Insider, the show ranked at No. 3 with 14.4 million people watching it within the first 35 days. Season two is set to air on Netflix Oct. 27. Continue reading

World religion class explores Sikhism

The Gurdwara Singh Sabha Temple allows the community to engage in the nuances and hospitality of the Sikh religion.

By Elena Walker
Contributing Writer

Photos by Eriana Ruiz
Apardeep Singh, a Sikh leader of the the Gurdwara Singh Sabha Temple in Richardson, Texas, prays over the Sikh holy book, Guru Granth Sahib.

Brookhaven College students entered the main worship room of the Gurdwara Singh Sabha Temple in Richardson, Texas, with wrapped heads, bare feet and pens, ready to take notes. Continue reading

SkillsShop teaches resilience

By Khoa Nguyen 
Contributing Writer

The Brookhaven College Counseling Center hosted the SkillsShop, Realize Your Resilience! aimed at teaching students the importance of perseverance in moments of struggle. The workshop gave students the opportunity to learn how to successfully tackle life’s challenges. Continue reading

Bears to play alumni charity game

Bears basketball will face-off against former Brookhaven players in the ninth annual Don Cockrell Alumni Game to benefit a no-kill animal shelter.

By John C. McClanahan
Copy Desk Chief

File photo
The Brookhaven team (left) and the alumni squad huddle during the 2014 alumni game.

As the 2017-2018 basketball season approaches, the Bears’ new team of freshmen and returning sophomores will play the ninth annual Don Cockrell Alumni Game against a squad of former Brookhaven players. Continue reading

Annual photo workshop to return

By Josh Drake
Distributing Manager

Brookhaven College’s Basement Gallery will give students, staff and faculty an opportunity to listen to and meet well-known professional photographers through Focal Points, an open photography lecture series. Continue reading

Blood drive creates ‘A Positive’ impact

Carter BloodCare teamed with Brookvan College to collect blood donations.

By Robyn McAllister
Contributing Writer

Brookhaven College students, staff and faculty donated blood through a Carter BloodCare blood drive to help save lives. Donations were made Sept. 18-20 in a mobile Carter BloodCare center in parking lot P3 in front of S Building. Continue reading

Research finds CBD beneficial

Cannabidiol studies continue to impact modern medicine and alleviate disease symptoms.

By Dr. Dank
Dope Columnist

Photo by Eriana Ruiz
Various cannabidiol, or CBD, products available for purchase in Texas include gummies, bath bombs and patches.

Medical cannabis – the more we get to know her, the more we learn of the therapeutic effects she has on the body. Continue reading

New gen offers change

Though millennials are diverse, some people do not like the youngsters.

By Monica Mitrovic
Copy Editor/Editorial Proofreader

Millennials aren’t the scary monsters older generations make us out to be – we’re just scarily adaptive and tech savvy. Continue reading

Counseling Center offers aid

Suicide Awareness Week encourages helpful conversation.

By Victoria Valdez
Contributing Writer

The Brookhaven College Counseling Center offered information regarding suicide prevention in S Building lobby for Suicide Prevention Awareness Week Sept. 27-29. The Brookhaven counselors gave students purple and turquoise ribbons representing suicide prevention awareness. Continue reading

Theatre delivers classic show

By Erika Torres
Staff Writer

Photo by Forrest Haynes
After another sinking spell, Jessie Mae (right), played by theatre assistant Dayna Fries, insists on staying to comfort the ailing Mrs. Watts (left), played by Gene Raye Price.

Theatre Brookhaven collaborated with One Thirty Productions, a local theater company that holds a matinee series aimed at senior citizens, for their opening performance of the 2017-2018 season. Together, they presented their adaptation of Horton Foote’s “The Trip to Bountiful” Oct. 5-7 and 11-14 in the Performance Hall. Continue reading