Hats top season

By Carmina Tiscareño
Media & Fashion Editor

Cooler temperatures in North Texas make it easier to wear hats made of heavier fabrics fit for fall and winter. Not only do hats keep one warm during the cooler months, they also add detail to a simple outfit. They are great when one is running late and has messy hair. Just throw on a hat to get rid of that problem for the day. Hats are user-friendly; they flatter everyone, no matter shape, size or age.

Some people feel hesitant when it comes to wearing hats, but the different styles and colors fit every personality. The beanie is a popular choice for students. According to an article on uloop.com, the beanie is the classic everyday staple piece for cold weather.

The beanie comes in styles other than the typical knit design. Some have big pom-poms on top. Others have subtle cat ears along the sides. Beanies tend to add an edgy feel to an outfit, but retailers such as nastygal. com sell beanies with a touch of glamour. One black beanie has a fishnet veil that goes over one’s face. There is another that comes in white or black with silver accents.

Wide-brimmed or floppy hats are popular styles that are easier to wear in the cooler months because they are typically made out of felt or wool. According to an article on guestofaguest. com, wide-brimmed hats give a modern Western look to an outfit. Popular fall colors for a wide-brimmed hat include black, camel and burgundy.

Lindsay Smithers, store director of Dallas-based Milk & Honey Boutique, said she prefers the wide-brimmed hats over beanies. Smithers said the widebrimmed hat is a cool and different piece that can be dressed up or down. She also said widebrimmed or floppy hats can be worn anywhere, from a day at work or school to brunch and dinner. Smithers said she would dress up a beanie by wearing it with a dress.
Baseball caps and bucket hats tend to be more of spring and summer wear because they are made out of lighter fabrics. In the cooler months, these streetwear hats get a nice makeover. Baseball caps and bucket hats go from light and bright fabrics to warm and dark fab- Hats top season rics. According to an article on guestoguest.com, these hats are made out of leather, wool and mohair to fit the fall and winter season.

According to an article on the guardian.com, these hats give the androgynous mood of the moment with a ’90s revival vibe. The article also mentioned the bucket hat seen on celebrities such as Pharrell Williams and Frank Ocean. These hats mix tomboy swagger with thicker fabrics and solid colors, giving them a sophisticated glamour.

In an article on fashionista. com, model Adrianne Ho said the bucket hat can be styled with a simple outfit. She said the bucket hat becomes the standout piece, giving the look an athletic flair. The bucket hat also made appearances on menswear catwalks for designers ranging from Craig Green to Burberry. Any of these hats make it easy to stay warm this fall and winter season and look stylish with minimal effort.