Binge Watch This: April 2020

Recent events may have caused you to have a little more time on your hands than usual. Here are a few show suggestions Courier staffers are currently bingeing on.


Courier Staff


“Sex Education”
Year released: 2019
Streaming Service: Netflix

Feeling pressured by his sexually active peers, awkward teenager Otis (Asa Butterfield) struggles with keeping his virginity. Things are further complicated when Otis’ mother (Gillian Anderson), a licensed sex therapist, constantly imposes on his personal life. When Adam (Connor Sindells), a school bully, finds out about her job, he harasses Otis until he agrees to give him sex advice. Despite having no experience, Otis offers Adam helpful advice. Soon more students approach Otis for sex advice. Once his best friend, Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), and school bad girl, Maeve (Emma Mackey), notice Otis’ growing list of clients, they convince him to start charging for advice. “Sex Education” has charm, wit and features a diverse set of characters with compelling story lines. There are two seasons of the show out on Netflix now. If you are a fan of raunchy television with a heartfelt message at its core, “Sex Education” is for you.

By Mykel Hillard 


“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”
Year released: 2018
Streaming Service: Netflix

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” makes it apparent that it is not easy being a teenage witch figuring out your identity. The show was developed by screenwriter Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa from the Archie comic book series by the same name. The series follows Sabrina (Kiernana Shipka), a half-witch-half-mortal attending Baxter High School, as she navigates the trials and tribulations of teenage life and how her choices affect everyone around her. Sabrina is always getting into different binds throughout the show, making for an excellent storyline that keeps viewers on their feet. Since the release of season one, the show has become critically acclaimed, receiving nominations for awards such as Best Series in the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. There are currently three seasons of “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” on Netflix that will leave you begging for more. The series is a must watch for anyone stuck at home during the pandemic. 

By Angel Zetino 


“The Crown”
Year released: 2016
Streaming Service: Netflix

“The Crown,” a Netflix original series, is a historical drama released in 2016. The show focuses on Queen Elizabeth II as a 25-year-old newlywed faced with the prospect of leading a powerful monarchy while forging a relationship with Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Through the show, Queen Elizabeth II grows into her new position of power, leading up to her reign in the 21st century. The show was written and created by screenwriter Peter Morgan. The creator’s other notable works include “Frost/Nixon,” “Rush” and “The Queen,” which was expanded upon to write “The Crown.” There are three seasons, with 10 episodes each, so the show will keep you busy for a while. “The Crown” has received dozens of accolades from Screen Actors Guild Awards, the PrimeTime Emmy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards. “The Crown” has been renewed for two more seasons, so you get caught up now so you can be ready for the latest episodes. 

By Josh Drake 


“Stranger Things”
Year released: 2016
Streaming Service: Netflix

The showStranger Things,” a sci-fi drama horror show, takes place in 1983 in Hawkins, Indiana. One night a young boy named Will Byers (Noah Scnapp) goes missing near a top-secret government laboratory. As friends, family and local police search for answers, they are drawn into a mystery involving top-secret government experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one very strange young girl named Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). You will instantly get hooked on “Stranger Things.” The show features a phenomenal cast including a group of young versatile actors who drive the plot forward. Also starring in the show are Hollywood veterans Winona Ryder who plays Joyce Byers, and David Harbour who plays Chief Hopper. There are three seasons of “Stranger Things” out now and the producers are working on a fourth. Get caught up on the show now so you can be ready for the newest season.

By Josh Drake 


“Arrested Development”
Year Released: 2003
Streaming Service: Netflix

George Bluth Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor) is sent to prison for committing “white collar” crime. His second oldest son, Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), must now juggle his dysfunctional and spoiled family’s wants and needs, run the family real estate business and be a superb role model to his teenage son George Michael (Michael Cera). The adventures of the Bluth family are chaotic, deceptive and sly, yet delightfully funny and surprisingly heartwarming. 

Originally airing on Fox in November 2003, this show was ahead of its time in terms of star power, writing and originality. It spanned three years before it was cancelled. Netflix revived it in 2016 for a fourth season to initially close out the story and give it a proper ending. Netflix then commissioned a fifth season of “Arrested Development,” the first half of which premiered on May 29, 2018, and the second half on March 15, 2019. You can find all five seasons on Netflix. 

By Tyler Rogers