Brookhaven president welcomes back staff for Fall semester


Mykel Hilliard, Editor-in-Chief

Brookhaven President Linda Braddy shared encouraging words for returning staff and faculty in an email sent Aug. 17.

Braddy began the email with recapping her feelings on the Summer and sharing her thoughts on the Fall 2020 semester. She said: “I can’t believe it’s already time for faculty to ‘return’ for the fall semester; it certainly doesn’t feel like fall yet. Most of you have worked non-stop to prepare for another semester of online learning, and our students will definitely benefit from your dedication.”

Braddy encouraged staff to reach out to students coming back to campus to have them download the Appian app. Downloading the app ahead of time would ensure it was working properly prior to the first day of class, she said.

Braddy encouraged staff to remain focused on efforts to serve students. “I see evidence of Brookhaven’s collective commitment to students in the things you do every day. I know it is your passion for our students that motivates you to put in all that hard work; our students are the grateful beneficiaries of your commitment.”

She additionally called on staff to not let their fears keep them from doing quality work for students, asking them to draw from courage to help students to be successful.

Braddy ended the email by welcoming staff to the Fall semester: “I wish you peace and joy as you support our students in the coming months.”