Dallas College implements health monitoring app to streamline return to campus


Mykel Hilliard

Anyone returning to a Dallas College campus will need to submit a daily health screen via the Appian app.

Angela Faith Harris, Contributing Writer

The first Fall semester of the newly consolidated Dallas College began Monday, Aug. 24, amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While most of Dallas College remains online for the fall, some students, staff and faculty are returning to campus in a limited capacity.

Administrators at Dallas College have implemented a series of safety measures to protect students and employees as they meet in person, one of which is the Appian self-screening app.

According to an email sent by Sharon Davis, chief critical response officer, Dallas College is using the Appian health monitoring app to ensure all students and employees returning to campuses are symptom-free. Appian allows individuals to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before coming to campus to determine whether they are cleared to return or must remain at home.

All students, staff and faculty who wish to be allowed on campus must complete the screening questionnaire on the app no more than two hours prior to entering campus each day.

Appian can be accessed via the Dallas College Appian webpage or through Appian’s mobile app, which is available on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

First, users open the app on their mobile devices or the webpage on their desktop computer. If it is their first time using Appian, they set up their accounts by entering the Dallas College Appian webpage URL, dcccd.appiancloud.com. Then, they sign into Appian by selecting, “I’m an employee, contractor or student” and inputting their Dallas College single sign-in credentials.

They complete their profile information, select the location they plan to visit and answer a series of COVID-related yes-or-no questions. Upon submitting the questionnaire, the system sends them to a landing page that indicates their eligibility to return to a Dallas College location.

If they are not eligible to return, the app directs them to stay home. If they are eligible to return, the app provides them with a pass that grants access for the day.

To enter campus, visitors must present this pass to welcome assistants stationed at designated campus entrance points. Visitors may print the pass to show it to the assistants or simply show the pass on their device.

All visitors were encouraged to download the Appian app in advance of the first day they would be on campus to ensure it was working properly on their device.

The college has also set up Appian app hotlines to assist employees and students who encounter issues with the app. Employees can call 972-860-5119. Students can call 972-669-6402. Detailed information about the app and all back to campus procedures can be found on the Dallas College Back to Campus Webpage.