Top ten thrift stores in DFW

Over the last few years, thrifting has become popular among younger generations. Credit it to the resurgence of Y2K fashion or the search for individuality, but there is no denying that buying second hand is becoming the preferred method of shopping.  

Jasmine Rogers, Contributing Writer

Along with influencing a reduction in chemical pollution, thrifting also saves customers money. The importance of treating our planet with more kindness and care has been stressed due to several climate and environmental issues. It is our responsibility to protect the planet, thrifting can act as a great starting point. Here is a list of 10 of the best thrift stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Genesis Benefit Thrift Store 

3419 Knight St. 

Dallas, Texas 75219 

Genesis Benefit Thrift Store has been contributing to the Dallas community for more than 20 years. The store accepts donations of women’s, men’s and children’s apparel, household items and furniture.  

This thrift store is different from most, as it is in direct connection with Genesis Women’s Shelter. One hundred percent of the proceeds go directly to the Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support and aids in their mission to end domestic violence. According to their website, the shelter supports all women who are in need of aid, specifically those who are suffering or have suffered from domestic abuse. Genesis’ clients shop at the thrift store free of charge, allowing them the opportunity to wear appropriate attire for a job interview or furnish an apartment. The thrift store also offers drive-through services, so customers can stay in their vehicles.  

Lula B’s Oak Cliff 

1982 Ft. Worth Ave. 

Dallas, Texas 75208 

Lula B’s provides thrifters with a selection of retro and vintage fashion pieces as well as home decor DFW area. The Oak Cliff location website features a curated collections section where customers are able to see some of the merchandise staged for purchase. 

Lula B’s offers space in the shop for vendors to set up their own personal booths with their merchandise. If approved, individuals can set up a station and sell handmade or collected clothes, artwork and home furnishing pieces. With the motto, “Cool stuff for cool people,” Lula B’s is surely living up to their promise. 

Casa View Thrift 

2303 Gus Thomasson Road 

Dallas, Texas 75228 

Casa View Thrift is a family-owned thrift store based in Dallas. They were established in 1984 and have dedicated themselves to providing only the best quality secondhand clothing items to customers. The Casa View Thrift family prides itself cleanliness, friendly staff and overall organization.  

The thrift store offers a variety of merchandise such as adult clothing, children’s toys and electronics. They also sell slightly used home appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines at discounted prices.  

Casa View Thrift offers a rewards system for frequent customers who earn one point for every dollar spent. When the customer reaches 300 points, they qualify for 20% off a single purchase. The thrift store also offers general discounts frequently with up to 50% off every week. This thrift store is great for those who are on a budget and want to support a family-owned business. 

Thrift Giant 

11710 E. Northwest Highway 

Dallas, Texas 75218 

Thrift Giant is a chain of thrift stores located all around DFW. In 1986, Thrift Giant owners opened their first store in Irving. Over the years, eight more stores were opened.  

Thrift Giant is praised for their spacious floor plans and organized merchandise. Their clothing is often fully stocked with designer and vintage fashion for all genders, ages and body types. Employees also make it a point to educate customers about the importance of shopping sustainably. Thrift Giant offers a VIP program where members receive 25% off of most full price items every Sunday. Thrift Giant has several sales and events every month.   

Thrift Town 

1516 Westmoreland Road 

Dallas, Texas 75211 

Thrift Town is a popular chain of thrift stores located in Albuquerque, N.M.; Austin; Dallas; and San Antonio. Thrift Town offers a great selection of secondhand merchandise with prices comparable to other secondhand shops.  

They are known for their great sales and VIP program, where members can get a $5 off $15 discount after  every $100 spent. Customers over 50 years old have exclusive sale offers, including $10 off any purchase of at least $25. Customers can shop the stores’ catalog online by logging onto the Thrift Town website. From the website, customers are directed to Thrift Town partner’s Poshmark page to shop new and vintage fashions. 

Value World Thrift Store 

2223 S. Buckner Blvd. 

Dallas, Texas 75227 

Value World Thrift Store is a family-owned thrift store that promotes sustainability and environmental consciousness. Their first priority is to provide customers with the best secondhand clothing and household items for the best prices. The selection is always full of great items and they are even known to have some designer items.  

Value World has a free VIP program that allows customers to accumulate points, as well as frequent sales for their non-member customers.  

Buffalo Exchange 

3424 Greenville Ave.  

Dallas, Texas 75206 

Buffalo Exchange is a new kind of thrift store. It started out as a small thrift store in Arizona and has transformed into a resale boutique with locations throughout the United States. Buffalo Exchange allows customers to sell and trade in stores.  

Leslie Arriaga, a Dallas College student and thrifter, said, “I went before the pandemic in 2020 and I think it’s my favorite thrift store now.” Arriaga said, “I always find the best stuff there and when I sell, they give me fair prices.”  

Out of the Closet 

3920 Cedar Springs Road 

Dallas, Texas 75219 

Out of the Closet is more than just a thrift store. When you shop here, you are directly donating to aid efforts for those with HIV and AIDS. This thrift store uses 96 cents out of every dollar to fund services that find housing, pharmacies and testing for individuals with HIV/AIDS.  

They have a great selection of clothing options and a friendly staff. While they take monetary donations, clothing donations are welcome as well. If a donation is too big, Out of the Closet staff will pick up items from the donor’s home.  

Out of the Closet Thrift Store was awarded the “Best Thrift Store” award at the 2021 Reader’s Voice Awards. With locations all over the world, the Out of the Closet team is working hard to support and undo the stigmatization of those with HIV/AIDS. 

St. Vincent de Paul 

3052 W. Northwest Highway 

Dallas, Texas 75220 

St. Vincent de Paul is a thrift store and volunteer organization that has a mission to help North Texans seeking aid. The organization provides financial and emotional support to those in need.  

As they assist families, they promote themes of self-sufficiency and self-reliance. The organization’s leaders make it a priority to discuss the underlying problems regarding poverty and the lack of basic needs. Proceeds collected from sales and donations are sent directly into funds to better serve the community.  

In addition to clothing or monetary donations, you can also volunteer with the organization. Catherine Gutierrez, a Dallas College student and former volunteer, said her volunteer experience was eye-opening. “Being able to actually be on the ground and helping these families was a great experience,” Gutierrez said. “It was also really interesting to know that they are connected with a thrift store. You don’t see that often.” 

Dolly Python 

1916 N. Haskell Ave.  

Dallas, Texas 75204 

Dolly Python may be the most Texan thrift store ever. The store carries a wide selection of vintage southern apparel ranging from cowboy boots to hats. Dolly Python specializes in vintage clothing, with one third of the store dedicated to hand-picked vintage clothing from the 1940s to the 1980s.  

Inside the store, customers can find over 30 different dealers who restock their booths daily. Dolly Python makes it a point to carry merchandise from all eras and for all types of people. Customers are likely to find Victorian, Edwardian and Americana merchandise throughout the store. For the most part, everything in the store is historic and no two things are alike. Erick Yanez, a self-proclaimed expert antiquer, recently visited Dolly Python. “It was a really interesting experience to say the least,” Yanez said. “There was definitely something for everyone in that store.”