A new view of Mountain View

Bryce George, Contributing Writer

The Mountain View campus has been open for more than half a century. It is one of the founding institutions that evolved into what is now Dallas College and is located in the heart of the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas. The college’s plans involve finding new and innovative ways to serve its students. 

According to dcccd.edu, there is a $1 billion package to help several programs within the school, such as its nursing program. This package will support the growth of not just nursing students, but students in other programs. 

Solomon Muniz, a Mountain View student, started taking courses at the campus in the Fall 2020 semester. “I was nervous to start college during COVID, but Mountain View has helped to change my perspective on that,” he said. “The teachers are welcoming, and I’ve really gained a lot of confidence through the help of their tutoring resources. I don’t really know what they plan on doing, but if they keep doing what they’re doing, I think all of their students will be successful.”

Mountain View is known for diverse education programs such as nursing, occupational therapy, mechatronics, music and more. 

Chuck Whitcher, an alumnus from 1994, said: “If MVC is anything like what it was back in the day, then they are doing something right. I loved all of my professors and every experience I had with that college.” 

Whitcher’s family still lives near the campus. He said over the years they have watched it’s appearance gradually change. He said his daughter will be graduating from high school soon. “I hope for her to decide to go to MVC before the university, so she can have the same great experiences I had,” he said.

Mountain View Professor Ulises Rodriguez has been teaching at the school since 1982 and has been teaching Spanish since 2006. Like many other faculty members, Rodriguez is unsure of upcoming changes to Mountain View and Dallas College. Although online learning has created new problems to address, internet-based education  has opened doors and new opportunities for teaching to reach communities. He said, “I had to change my expectations and some delivery methods that clashed with accessibility issues.”

Talking about the future of Mountain View, Rodriguez said: “Of course, I expect changes. Nothing stays the same. The only constant is change. So yes, I expect lots of changes, but as to what are they going to exactly be, that is a new question.”