Vice chancellor credits opportunities for paving pathway to success


Dr. Beatriz Joseph is serving as the Dallas College vice chancellor of student success and interim president of Mountain View campus. Photo Courtesy of Jake Wangner

Bryce George, Contributing Writer

As administration and faculty are returning to in-person work at Dallas College campuses, behind one special door at Mountain View is the office of President Dr. Beatriz Joseph. Her official title is vice chancellor of student success and she is currently serving as interim president. 

Joseph grew up in Lima, Peru, and throughout her childhood her greatest inspiration was her mother. She said, “My mom always has been and continues to be my inspiration.” The admiration pushed Joseph to step out of her comfort zone and pursue her degree in the U.S. 

She earned her bachelor’s degree from Southeast Missouri State University. She received her master’s degree from the University of Waikato, located in Hamilton, New Zealand. Then, she earned her doctorate of education in higher education from the University of Georgia. Joseph started teaching in graduate school when a professor pushed her to try it. “I really enjoyed it,” she said. 

She encountered many obstacles as a student. She said: “It was a huge adjustment in a completely different culture, and English was not my first language. I was in all of these uncomfortable situations, but these uncomfortable situations allowed me to grow and create a life for myself.” Because of this, Joseph said, “I advise others to embrace uncomfortable situations to allow yourself to grow.” 

Opportunities played a large role in the success of Joseph’s career. She credits these opportunities in helping prepare her for the role as interim president. She said: “Being a first-generation immigrant, I have been given many opportunities. I make sure that I provide these same opportunities to others as those who have helped me.” Joseph said she makes sure to provide others with the same opportunities. “Opportunities are instrumental,” she said.

Joseph moved around and worked at other colleges before deciding to take on Mountain View. “I was attracted to Mountain View because of the community it serves,” Joseph said. “The community is filled with so many hard-working individuals that just need a chance.” 

She said, “It is my job to provide the opportunity for a better life.” 

Joseph is the first Latina president of the institution. She said, “It is a lot of responsibility. There is a huge sense of commitment and obligation of removing barriers.” 

Joseph knows firsthand the obstacles women face struggling to achieve their education goals. “Yes, it is tough, but the consequences are immense, and it is harder to come back later in life,” she said. “So, think about the consequences, and also, seek help. There are always others out there that want you to be successful.”

Joseph recognizes not everyone’s journey is the same. However, she said: “Learn from other’s journeys. It is okay to find yourself in uncomfortable situations, this is what allows us to grow. Be kind to yourself and reach out for others to help.”