Bookstore discounts Bears brands

Antoine Appiah, Contributing Writer

All Brookhaven College branded merchandise is on clearance at the campus bookstore. This includes items bearing the Brookhaven College name and old Brookhaven Bears logo.

Students, staff and faculty have one last chance to purchase Brookhaven branded merchandise before it is gone forever.

As of press deadline, most Brookhaven merchandise is on clearance for 25-75% off. Merchandise bearing the old college names is also on clearance at the other six main campus bookstores.

In mid-2020, the Dallas County Community College District received official approval from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to restructure and become a single accredited institution. This change was meant to help with accreditation challenges posed to the seven colleges and simplify the process when they became one college.

With the restructuring came a new name – Dallas College. And the seven former colleges became the seven campuses of Dallas College spread around Dallas County.

This made merchandise featuring the former college names outdated.

The Dallas College Follett bookstores serve as one-stop shops for all college branded gear and supplies including binders, notebooks, lanyards, caps, T-shirts, sweatpants and sweatshirts.

Johanna Etheridge, who goes by John, is a lead sales associate at Brookhaven’s bookstore. Etheridge said several factors contributed to the lack of sales. The lack of interest in alumni, shifting fashion and the pandemic were significant contributors to product stockpiling.

Etheridge said the clearance move has been in progress for the past 90 days. Discounts began at 25% off, and will gradually increase to 50% and eventually 75%. Etheridge said pants are the main product selling. “The sale promotion will have a considerable impact as it will generate income and clear the old stock in the store,” she said.

College employees get a 10% discount on school and office supplies and clothing items. The discount does not apply to clearance items.

Sale items with the seven former college brands can also be found at Follett’s Dallas College online bookstore.