BHC alumna opens creative space


Audrey Kleiner

Owner Lauren Keuning, former Brookhaven student, provides others a creative space at Midway Studios in Farmers Branch.

Audrey Kleiner, Contributing Writer

From a young age, Lauren Keuning loved people and possessed a natural ability to communicate with others. Her mother once joked that if Lauren had been approached by a stranger at the grocery store as a kid, she probably would have left with them. 

Now, the 27-year-old Brookhaven Campus alumna has turned her interests in the arts to a diverse career in communications. 

Since graduating, Keuning has taken jobs in journalism, marketing, content creation and entrepreneurial coaching. In June, she added business owner to her résumé when she opened Midway Studios in Farmers Branch. The natural light studio offers clients a spacious location for creative photography and film projects. 


Despite being people oriented, Keuning was not always sure what career path she wanted to follow. After moving from small town Holland, Michigan, to Dallas, she began to explore different options in college. 

Keuning said she loved creative projects such as writing and photography, so she chose to pursue a degree in communications at Brookhaven. While at Brookhaven, Keuning got a chance to flex her photography and writing skills with The Brookhaven Courier. 

Daniel Rodrigue, journalism and photography professor at Brookhaven, taught Keuning in several communications classes. “It has been cool to witness how she uses her skills from classes in the real world and uses it for opportunities,” he said. 


Keuning said the idea to open the studio came after she began to feel stagnant at her marketing job. “I decided to go off on my own and see what I could do,” she said. 

While working in marketing she began to collect freelance photography clients. As her client base continued to increase she decided it was time to bring her dream of launching a studio to life. “I felt like having a physical space to shoot my clients’ content and then also renting was something I was really drawn to,” Keuning said. 

With help from boyfriend and business partner, Tyler Oliver, Keuning was able craft the studio’s aesthetic. The studio is filled with vintage set pieces and sliding backdrop walls and furniture. 

Priscilla Dasilva, photographer, videographer and a friend of Keuning, said Keuning has always been determined in her work. “Ever since I met her she’s always trying to challenge herself to do better than the year prior,” Dasilva said.

So far the business has rented space out for events, photo shoots and collaborations with local artists and creatives. 

Keuning said in the future she wants to continue to market the space for creators, podcasters and to give fellow Brookhaveans a space to work.