Lady Bears trample Lions 5-0


Brandon Donner

Lady Bears midfielder Keyla Quiroz (#2) moves the ball down the field avoiding Mountain View Campus defenders.

Joey Castro and Mykel Hilliard

The Brookhaven women’s soccer team clawed their way to the top over the Mountain View Lions at a home game Oct. 1.

The Lady Bears won 5-0, where they dominated with strong offensive strategy leaving the Lions no chance to score. Before the end of the first half four players launched the ball into the net. 

Midfielder Keyla Quiroz was the first to score followed by midfielder Italy Avila and forwards Jackie Torres and Payton Taylor.

Taylor said she felt euphoric after scoring. “I had been trying for that whole half so when I finally made a goal, I was happy,” she said. 

The Lady Bears continued to dominate into the second half when forward Abigail Gutierrez scored less than two minutes into the half. 

Twelve minutes before the end of the second half the Lady Bears stumbled when Torres missed a penalty kick.

“You know in penalties you can always lose or win, but I’m excited with the result tonight,” Robert Williams, assistant coach for the Lady Bears, said. Despite that missed opportunity, the Lions were no match for the Lady Bears with the game finishing 5-0.

Taylor said she was proud of how the game fared. “We executed everything how we were supposed to, and we shut down their offense,” she said. 

Williams said he was pleased with the results of the game and applauded the players for defeating a powerful opponent.

Despite setbacks such as injuries and losing players the Lady Bears have continued to find success this season. 

As of Oct. 25, the team was No. 1 in the National Junior Athletic Association rankings and No. 6 United Soccer Coaches rankings. They have additionally logged wins against Dallas College’s Richland, Eastfield and Cedar Valley teams helping them attain a nine game winning streak.