College centralizes resources


Brandon Donner

Information Central, located in Room K240, provides students, staff and faculty with general campus information, room reservations and office supplies.

Aharon Moyal, Contributing Writer

Students, staff and faculty of Dallas College Brookhaven Campus can now make use of the new Information Central department. This new service center is now available as a one-stop shop to find answers for any questions or concerns Brookhaveans have regarding Dallas College. 

The Information Central department is located in Room K240. However, Brookhaveans can also find answers to any questions they may have at the Information Central front desk location site within S Building.

Anne Lambu, an employee at Information Central, began working at the department when they opened at the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester. 

“We try to give faculty whatever they need,” Lambu said. “We try to help faculty when they [need rooms] to do their work.” 

Before coming to Brookhaven, Lambu worked in the Office of Student Life at Dallas College Richland Campus, where she set up events and issued faculty identification cards. 

She now works at Brookhaven Campus along with the Information Central manager, Briana Dunson. However, Lambu continues to maintain the scheduling for all ongoing and future events at Richland College. “We house all the faculty mail here,” Dunson said of the Information Central department. 

“We also are in charge of the printer area; it’s a break room and a work room for faculty to sit in,” said Dunson. “We have all the supplies [as well].” Dunson said.

The supply room is stocked with various office supplies, such as staplers, markers and scissors. A variety of paper supplies and other essentials needed for printing documents can also be found in the Information Central center. They also provide a workspace to anyone who may need it. 

“We have a student that comes in here pretty regularly to use [the supply room] as a prayer room,” Dunson said.  Faculty is also always welcome to work in the center. “If they come in we’ll find them a space,” Dunson said.

Students have already been taking advantage of the services offered in the Information Central. “The staff is really friendly,” said Jagger Odom, a current student at Brookhaven Campus.

Odom stumbled upon Information Central while a researching for an assignment in his geology class. However, Odom said he feels his presence was always welcomed. “They make it feel like they have time to help,” Odom said.

Brookhaven campus is still trying to make Information Central more accessible by extending hours.

 “We are looking to extend hours until 7 [p.m.] during the work week,” Dunson said. 

The return of in-person classes and diminishing of COVID-19 makes the department more practical than ever.