Murals around Dallas worth visiting

With warmer weather and Spring Break on the horizon, avoid large indoor crowds by checking out these outdoor murals in and around Dallas.

Mykel Hilliard, Multimedia Editor

Photo of Unknown Mural
Mykel Hilliard


by Huy Nguyen

2810 Elm St.

Located in the heart of Deep Ellum sits “Unknown” by muralist Huy Nguyen, also known as Huy See to Instagram fans. 

This colorful piece is made with different colored triangles and has inspired other creations such as quilts, prints and more. 

Nguyen completed the mural in 2016. Since then the mural has become a perfect backdrop for tourists, photoshoots, television spots and engagement photos. 

Mural visitors can tag the artist @Huy_see on Instagram. 


Photo of Super Deluxe Mural
Mykel Hilliard

“Super Deluxe”

by Ricardo Paniagua

3699 McKinney Ave.

Tucked under a parking garage in Uptown’s West Village neighborhood, this colorful mural made up of a rainbow of diamond shapes is hard to miss despite its out-of-the-way location. 

Ricardo Paniagua, the artist and a Dallas native, is known for his contemporary art pieces featuring bright colors and geometric abstractions. 

Paniagua’s art can be seen in various large-scale public projects such as “Super Deluxe” in Dallas or “Elements of Life” in Garland.




Photo of Dirk Nowitzki Mural“Dirk Nowitzki”

by Josh Mittag

2934 Taylor St.

.At 19 feet high and 53 feet wide, this detailed painting of Dirk Nowitzki is a must see for die-hard Dallas Mavericks fans. 

Josh Mittag, the artist behind the mural, said it was his first permanent public mural. “That’s why it’s such a big deal to me, to put something up that will actually stay there,” Mittag said. 

Other murals in Dallas by Mittag are Marylin Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Willie Nelson and a large wall mural featuring a Native American chief, a medallion and a dancer.


Photo of I Love You Mural
Mykel Hilliard

“I Love You”

by Dusty Gilpin

2912 Elm St.

This fun mural is located across from Pepe and Mitos in the Deep Ellum. It has become one of the city’s most popular Instagram spots with hundreds of posts using its #iloveyoudeepellum hashtag. 

To the right of the mural is a marriage proposal that begins with “Meagan, you are my best friend and have the most amazing heart!” Whether you are looking to spread love or take pictures with loved ones this spot is a must-see during this Spring Break.