Meet the Health Center’s new nurse – Sheray Cross-Mears, RN

The Dallas College Brookhaven Campus Health Center, located in S072 has two new nurses. We asked each a few questions about their careers, hobbies and more.

Mykel Hilliard, Multimedia Editor

Q. Why did you decide to pursue a career as a nurse? And how long have you been nursing? 

When I was 12 years old, I helped my grandmother care for my grandfather who had colon cancer. I then realized I had a special compassion for taking care of people. 

Q. What do you like most about being a nurse? 

I love making connections with my patients and/or students. I remember in nursing school one of my professors told me that a patient often forgets names, but always remembers their nurse.

Q. How long have you been in Brookhaven? 

I just started on Feb. 7.

Q. Tell us a little bit about your time as a nurse before coming to Brookhaven. 

My most recent history as a nurse was working with Veteran Affairs. I worked in the neurology unit. 

Before that I worked at a nursing rehab unit and home health services.

Q. What are some of the health services offered at Brookhaven in the Health Center?  

We offer general health information, confidential health counseling, over-the-counter or nonprescription medicines, and first aid and acute care for illness and injuries.

Q. What else would you like to tell our readers about you? From favorite books or movies to any hobbies, collections or interests?. 

I am a Christian and a woman of faith. I love to spend quality time with my family, church family and friends. I enjoy reading, shopping and swimming. 

Favorite Books: “Boundaries” by Henry Cloud,

“Wealth Zones” by Apostle Jonathan Ferguson and “Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer

Favorite Color: Pink

I also love flowers, coffee and making new friends. Join me for lunch. 

Q. Where did you go to school for nursing? Did you start out at Dallas College? 

I went to nursing school at Marion Technical College and College of Central Florida. Both schools are in Ocala, Florida.

Q. What advice would you give our eager Brookhaven nursing students wanting to follow you? 

I would tell an eager nursing student to pray. Nursing is hard, but rewarding. Make sure you are committed because many things in your life for a season will become secondary. 

Do not beat yourself up if you fail a test – this is not encouragement not to study – and find a study group or create one yourself. At graduation, you will realize that it was all worth it.