Catching up with Coach McGill

Mykel Hilliard, Multimedia Editor

Chris McGill is the head coach of the men’s basketball team at Dallas College Brookhaven Campus.

As a former Brookhaven Bear basketball player himself, McGill has the homecourt advantage. He began his coaching career over 20 years ago and the 2021-2022 season marks his fifth year as the head coach for the Bears.

We caught up with Coach McGill in the middle of his season to discuss his career and where he finds inspiration.


Q: How long did you play sports?

Age 5 until 28.


Q: Where did you play basketball in college?

Brookhaven College for one year then New Mexico Highlands University for three years.


Q: In basketball what position did you play?

I played shooting guard and small forward. 


Q: What would you say inspired you to pick up coaching?

The love of the game of basketball and my dad.


Q: Who was your biggest supporter in your journey to becoming a coach?

My dad.


Q: What are some challenges you have faced?

Just the time you must put in being a graduate student, volunteer and assistant coach. You must put in the time. You must earn what you get. 

In today’s world kids really don’t get that. Earning things in life is going away. Someone always expects things, or someone is trying to give you things without earning it.


Q: What would be your favorite part about coaching?

Favorite part is giving kids an opportunity and mentoring young men.


Q: Would you say there is good leadership on the team you had this year?

Leadership comes in many forms and is sometimes challenging for young athletes. We have lead-by-example leadership, but we lack the aggressive leader who is not afraid to get onto their teammates if they are not doing what is asked to win. 

Being a leader is hard. The leader cannot have any bad days. They can’t be afraid to hold teammates accountable. They must do everything almost to perfection. 

They must earn respect from teammates by giving 100% all the time on the court (both ends of the court), in film sessions, study hall, in the classroom and in any community involvement that a team is in. 

It is a lot of work, and it takes time. We do have some leaders on our team, but again it is a process that must be learned and earned.


Q: What were your goals for this past season?

Win, winning record, be tops in conference, go to nationals, mold young players. We have molded players, and it shows in how they compete and that is what I am proud of.


Q: Beyond this season what are your goals for Brookhaven basketball as a whole?

A goal that is always within our program every year is to prepare our players to get another opportunity to continue to play basketball at a four-year school and for life. 

Your attitude toward anything that you do will determine your altitude in life. So, if you have a good attitude, then more than likely good is coming your way, but if your attitude is poor, like everything sucks then, well … life will look bleak.