Work-study program in need of workers

Dallas College offers eligible students opportunties to work on campus.

Elaine Frosch, Contributing Writer

The federal work-study program at Dallas College Brookhaven Campus is hiring students for the 2022-2023 school year.

Since 1964, The Economic Opportunity Act has allotted students with an opportunity to aid in reducing their loan debt. This program is need-based financial aid. It allows students to earn income while gaining work experience.

At Dallas College, students and their needs are the priority. Addressing financial needs is crucial to a student’s success.

“The baseline reason for a student to come to Dallas College is to complete or make progress on their education,” Gina Coffman, Brookhaven work-study coordinator, said. “Holding a work-study job is to supplement that goal whereas with an outside employer, the emphasis is on the needs of the employer with the student needs taking lower priority. Work-study positions will emphasize flexibility since we understand that class schedules change from semester to semester.”

The work-study program offers additional benefits. Students can save time by commuting to school and work at once. The pay of $15 an hour is a competitive pay rate compared to many outside jobs. Students will not work over 19.5 hours per week through work-study.

The Financial Aid Office helps students who are interested in applying for the work-study program. The Financial Aid Office works as the bridge between the hiring supervisors and students who are seeking employment in the program. The office also actively recruits eligible students and promotes available jobs on campus.

According to the Dallas College website, the work-study program is available to U.S. citizens as well as eligible noncitizens with U.S. employment authorization. Regardless of citizenship status, to qualify for the work-study program a student must have a Free Application for Federal Student Aid on file.

Campus departments currently hiring include the Food Pantry and Student Life & Engagement. The job details for the Food Pantry include greeting students, assisting with weekly grocery shopping, managing inventory, ensuring the clothing closet is presentable and filing. 

The details for Student Life & Engagement jobs include greeting students, visitors and employees when entering the building, answering office phones, renewing ID cards and maintaining lost and found.

For additional information on the work-study program or to fill out an application, visit