North Texas rich with talented artists

Taijai D. Wallace, Contributing Writer

Thanks to the nature of social and legacy media, we don’t know as much about local artists as national artists. From music to paintings, there are plenty of artists to admire in Texas. But because these artists are not as high profile, you may never hear about them. 

Radio and television set up generations of listeners and viewers on how to receive art. In the ’90s, radio, CDs, cassette tapes and television were all you had. Consumers had to go out and spend money to get music on demand, so of course they were picky. That is not the case now.

While most mainstream artists have the skills to back their star power, some are nowhere near the level of underground or lesser known artists. Local underground artists are often better than the artists you hear on the radio or see on television. 

Bobby Sessions, a hip hop artist from Dallas, signed with Def Jam Records, has a mural painted in his hometown, is a prolific songwriter and helped co-write the Grammy Award winning song “Savage” by musical artists Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé.

Sessions is one of the best artists I’ve heard out of Dallas. But you do not hear the average listener talking about Sessions or his accolades. Only serious music listeners with a love for music are talking about him and what he does. 

Music is not the only avenue where the average enthusiast misses out. Painters such as Jeremy Biggers, known as Stem and Thorn, are creating amazing works. Biggers is a contemporary artist from Dallas and brings a lot to the table. From graffiti to sculptures, he demonstrates his own identity of texture in his art work. 

Biggers recently exhibited his work at Brookhaven Campus’ Forum and Studio galleries which included a 10-minute video piece called “Harvest.”

Artists such as Biggers show the younger generation of Black kids the positives instead of the negatives. Biggers’ art provides a visual that dispels stereotypes and fear. Instead it encourages viewers to cherish where they come from and be who they are.

Biggers is a legend but rarely gets talked about by the art fanatics. Just because these artists don’t get talked about as much doesn’t mean they’re not special. 

Keep an eye out. There’s plenty of talent to choose from in this great state. All you have to do is look. Check local publications such as the Dallas Observer for lists of local talent.