‘Deep in the Heart’ sends a call to action for Texas conservation

Olivia Aguilar, Contributing Writer

Texas’ first nature documentary, “Deep in the Heart,” has sparked an important conversation about preserving  the state’s unique wildlife. 

“Deep in the Heart” was filmed 2018-2021 and premiered in Texas theaters June 3. The idea behind this documentary began with the mission to bring awareness to the significance of protecting and nurturing the different ecoregions in Texas. What better way to shed light on our hidden ecosystems than to let them shine on the big screen.

Native Texan and actor Matthew McConaughey agreed to narrate “Deep in the Heart” loving the concept and goal of the documentary. “This is awesome, this is bleeding Texas – I want to be a part of this,” director Ben Masters recalled McConaughey saying after watching the film.

“It speaks to the values that Matthew has,” Masters said in an interview about the documentary. “He cares about this kind of stuff.” 

With a melodic voice and a Texas born-and-raised heart, McConaughey was the perfect match.

Production and shooting of “Deep in the Heart” took place in nearly every region of the state and was captured by a small team of budding cinematographers. With the variety of areas highlighted in this film, Texans can discover new parts of the state they normally don’t get to see. In “Deep in the Heart,” audiences will expand their view of Texas, learn about the nature sights and appreciate the beauty of the state’s land.

Emily McCullar, a writer from Texas Monthly, said, “‘Deep in the Heart’ shows Texas in its best possible light. In this Texas there is no traffic, there is no rising cost of living and there is no Legislature. There is only nature.”

From breathtaking sunrises to learning about the eye-opening slaughter of the bison and high rate of threats against mountain lions, the fragility of Texas takes the forefront for audience members. From “Deep in the Heart,” viewers learn how wildlife and our everyday living interconnects to one central thing – the health of Texas.

Richard Whittaker, from the The Austin Chronicle, said, “‘Deep in the Heart’ is a reminder to everyone, whether they’re raising cattle, walking through a state park or just turning on a tap, that their actions have consequences for the state’s beautiful biodiversity. It’s an extraordinary document of the Lone Star State’s wildlife, and a remarkable call to action.”

Producer Katy Beldock said, “A good balance between doom, gloom and hope. In order to highlight the urgency, you have to show our failures, our challenges, the areas where we aren’t doing well and statistics on what could happen if we don’t take action but also provide ways we can preserve these ecosystems and wildlife species.” Rather than losing hope and feeling discouraged about endangered species and affected environments, viewers can learn about conservation and how it can better Texas as a whole.

Discover life in Texas and dive into the Lone Star State while enjoying stunning visuals. With the awareness and call to action of preserving Texas lands and species, Texans can work together to ensure natural  habitats are secure and safe from possible extinction. “Deep in the Heart” allows viewers to take a step back and cherish life in Texas while celebrating the diverse landscapes and ecological communities.