Clothing closet “Food pantry offers clothing to students through new closets”


Brandon Donner

Racks of clothing in Room J104

Adamaris Carrillo, Contributing Writer

Dallas College offers students a large selection of gently used business casual and professional clothing items at no cost. Students can visit their campus with their student ID, fill out a Student Care Network form and be eligible to obtain a complete outfit or up to five items per month. 

The clothing closet business hours are posted on the Dallas College Student Resource website and are specific to each campus.

Brittney Verdell, basic needs and community connections case manager at Brookhaven, said  students are her priority and her mission is the same as the Student Care Network. Verdell said the Dallas College clothing closet is all made possible by donations from the community.

Most students work full- or part-time jobs, and on top of that must figure out the daily expenses that come with adulthood. The clothing that is most needed is business attire for students to go to interviews or to use while they are at work. Verdell said, “Students come in monthly to shop and we can see that their needs are being met.”  

Donations to the clothing closet can be made at food pantries – Room J104 at Brookhaven. Some of the most needed items include work clothing and shoes, but clean and new clothes are always accepted, Verdell said. Accessories such as belts and purses are also welcome.

When asked if she believes professors share a responsibility to make students aware of these resources given they are the ones who communicate with students on a day-to-day basis,

Verdell said professors can offer the college resource information to students or submit a Student Care Intake form to help a student who may be in need. 

Students who are looking to volunteer at the clothing closet can fill out a form, Verdell said.