Brookhaven Theatre preps new shows


Trent Rhea

Darise Error poses with her head shot from 1989 in front of the theater call board at Dallas College Brookhaven Campus in C building.

Taijai Wallace, Contributing Writer

Theatre Brookhaven is set to return to a normal that will see performances on a more regular schedule. We sat down with Darise Error, theater faculty and director at Brookhaven Campus, to talk about what students, staff and faculty can expect this and upcoming semesters from Theatre Brookhaven.


Q. What plays are coming up this fall and winter season?
The first show is actually two serio-comedic one act companion pieces: “Laundry and Bourbon” and “Lone Star,” both by James McClure.

They present a kind of “He said” versus “She said” version of life in a small West Texas town in 1977. … The show is both hilariously funny, and surprisingly poignant, with a whole cast of likable and relatable characters. The show is for mature audiences because of language, anti-Vietnamese racial slurs and discussions of marital and extra-marital sex.

The second show of the fall will be a marionette version of the Dickensian classic, “A Christmas Carol.” Theatre Brookhaven will collaborate with the Dallas Puppet Theater to bring this lively, beautiful Christmas classic to audiences of all ages.


Q. Is anything new going on in theater that we should know about?
With “Laundry/Lone Star,” the past and the present will stand side by side on stage. Current students will have the opportunity to act opposite former students who have gone on to professional gigs within the D-FW area.

Students will get to learn puppetry from two master puppeteers using gorgeous, vintage marionettes that have toured the world. It will also be a chance for theater students to practice their voice-over skills in creating all of the characters from “A Christmas Carol.”


Q. What are you excited about and looking forward to the most?
I am excited to have two shows in the fall semester. First, there was COVID, and then theater departments in Dallas College were hampered by a lack of technical theater professionals. Their loss was a casualty of the transformation from seven individually accredited campuses to a single Dallas College.

We have been reeling from the decision to pare down theater staffing. This semester, however, will feel more like a traditional semester – with two shows each long semester – which is what we used to do.

I am very grateful to the technical theater coordinators and events manager for working ridiculously hard so that Dallas College theater students have the opportunity to learn, practice their craft, and have successes onstage.


Q. Which theater will the plays be in/what are the size and scope of the plays or productions?
Both shows will be performed in the Black Box Theater in the C Building on the Brookhaven Campus. Tickets are free, but seating is limited, so we recommend arriving early on show days: Oct. 12-15 at 7:30 p.m.


Q. Who is able to audition?
Auditions for “Laundry and Bourbon” and “Lone Star” have already take place, but auditions for “Christmas Carol” will happen Oct. 18 and 19 at 7 p.m. in the Black Box Theater of C Building. Anyone, whether you are student or an interested party from the community, is invited to audition.


Q. How is the environment in theater?
As the full-time faculty member in the theater department, I try very hard to create an environment that is friendly and welcoming to all, while teaching and modeling professional behavior and industry etiquette.

Students can learn and grow in a safe environment, but they will also emerge with the knowledge and skills to function in the outside theatre world as well.


Q. What can anyone, say a non-theater-major, learn from taking acting and other theater-related courses?
Theater is not just for those thinking of becoming professional actors. We also teach oral communication skills, creative problem solving, teamwork, commitment and follow-through, poise, confidence, time management, concentration and self-discipline.

Students emerge with an enhanced sense of self and presentation skills that will serve them in any work setting.