Costumes you can DIY right before the party


Maria Elena Franco

Illustration of a Wednesday Addams Costume on a scarecrow

Gabriela Sanchez, Contributing Writer

October is full of fun and scary activities, but when it comes time to dress up, it can be a bit overwhelming. With a little creativity and patience, an incredible costume can be assembled with just home items. Here are some quick DIY costumes.



The Joker has always been one of the best and most popular “Batman” villains. This villain has been portrayed as an individual with psychotic traits and sadistic humor who doesn’t care about causing harm to innocents. Plenty of YouTube tutorials can show anyone how to apply the varying Joker makeup styles.

Things you need:

  Clown makeup

  Purple jacket

  Green hair spray


Wednesday Addams

Daughter of Homer and Morticia Addams, she is a sociopathic 12-year-old. This is one of the most popular costumes for a Halloween party.

Things you need:

  Black dress

  White shirt

  Pigtail braid hairstyle

  Dark lipstick


Kim Possible

Kim Possible is a high school girl who saves the world from villains. She starred in a self-titled American animated action comedy-adventure television series from Disney Channel. This Halloween costume is a simple DIY, and only needs three things from the closet.

Things you need:

  Black crop top

  Green cargo pants

  Pair of gray gloves


Superman/Clark Kent

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Superman. One of the most popular superheroes of all time lived among humans as a shy reporter for the Daily Planet newspaper in Metropolis, but hid his identity. This costume is going to make you feel like a true superhero, so it needs a few more things than the other costumes.

Things you need:

  Sharp fit dress shirt

  Slim-fit black pants

  Superman T-shirt

  Red tie

  Fake eyeglasses

  Black wingtip shoes


Pop Art Characters

Roy Lichtenstein inspired pop art comic makeup for Halloween costumes. This is a fun last-minute Halloween costume to make. The idea of this costume is simple – make a comic makeup with dot patterns and shadows that look like a character jumped off a comic strip. YouTube has so many tutorials on the comic makeup looks that are easy and fast.

Things you need:

  White eyeliner pencil

  Black makeup 

  Red lipstick

  Yellow wig



There’s nothing more classic than a cat costume. Catwoman is one of the best-known and most famous anti-heroes of all time in the universe of DC characters. Her story is the perfect example of the everyday struggle between good and evil. All you need for this costume is black clothes, some makeup and an attitude.

Things you need:

  Black shirt and pants

  Black boots

  Black gloves

  Cat makeup