Brookhaven employee spotlight

Maria Elena Franco, Illustrator

Illustration of Shauna Langley (Maria Elena Franco)



Shauna Langley

Executive Assistant, President’s Office

How long have you been at Brookhaven Campus?

Since August 2019.

What do you enjoy about your job at Brookhaven?

What I enjoy most is the interaction that I get to have with a large variety of people – some students, mostly staff and faculty – and I get to serve them. And I have the privilege of knowing that I’m making a difference in promoting positive attitudes during all this time that’s been pretty rough for a lot of people.





Illustration of Arthur Fields
Illustration of Arthur Fields. (Maria Elena Franco)


Arthur Fields

Professor of Art

How long have you been here at Brookhaven Campus?

I started in August, but I am a former student of Brookhaven. So I [was] here from 2003 to 2006. I came back as an adjunct after grad school in 2011 and taught part-time one class a semester for the next five years. I left in 2015 and then came back full-time this semester.

What do you enjoy about your job here at Brookhaven Campus?

The connections, the people, the students. Helping them reach their goals, whatever those goals are. It’s the relationships. For me, it’s connecting with them and using that connection that I have, as a former student of Brookhaven, to help make their dreams come true. So my goal, as a teacher, is to talk to them and figure out what they want to do in life. That’s the way I do it because that’s what I got when I was here from Chong Chu, from Don Taylor. That’s what they did for me, so I’m just trying to give back.



Illustration of Carol Reed
Illustration of Carol Reed. (Maria Elena Franco)



Carol Reed

Administrative Assistant

How long have you been at Brookhaven Campus?

Five years.

What do you enjoy about your job at Brookhaven?

I enjoy almost all of my job at Brookhaven, because most of it centers around helping people. Whether it’s answering questions about creating work requests or making phone calls about work requests. Well, it’s hard to explain because it just kind of all sounds the same? But, five years ago when I started, I would never have thought that I would be the one that people would come to for just any kind of question. And most of the time I can either answer it or direct them to the person who can answer it correctly.



Illustration of Pam Lloyd
Illustration of Pam Lloyd. (Maria Elena Franco)



Pam Lloyd

Admissions Specialist

How long have you been at Brookhaven Campus?

This will be my 11th year in admissions. I started in admissions and I’m still here.

What do you enjoy about your job here at Brookhaven?

I started out as an admin assistant, and I’ve moved into this new role [as] the admissions specialist, and I enjoy working directly with the students a lot. I didn’t get as much opportunity being [an] admin; I was doing more scheduling, calendar, [and] things like that. But with this new position, the student interaction is what I like. Just kind of helping them get to where they need to go, and moving them through the admission process.



Illustration of Charlie Warnberg
Illustration of Charlie Warnberg. (Maria Elena Franco)




Charlie Warnberg

Professor of English

How long have you been at Brookhaven Campus?

I’ve been on the campus for almost 20 years. I originally came here as a student, and I have been an employee for 15 years.

What do you enjoy about your job at Brookhaven?

I most enjoy connecting with my students. Taking [on] each one of them where they are and helping them to be the best writers they can be.