Brookhaven hosts Paint and Chill


Andrea Olan

Trevon Oliver, a North Lake Campus Male Achievement Program staff member, carefully paints the necklace of Baba Leo Hassan on Feb. 9.

Andrea Olan, Managing Editor

Students, staff and faculty gathered around pre-sketched canvases, complete with paintbrushes and paint for Dallas College’s Paint and Chill event.

The event was hosted by Multicultural Affairs as part of Dallas College’s Black History Month celebration on Feb. 9.

This event took place at Brookhaven and Mountain View campuses, encouraging students, staff, and faculty from other campuses to partake in this event.

Attendees had the opportunity to take time out of their day to relax and reflect on important members of the Dallas Black community while listening to a selection of Black artists.

Pre-sketched canvases, paintbrushes and paint were provided to all participants.

The activity was led by Eighty8 Lines, a Black-owned art-based visual expression company that hosts personalized painting events.

Sierra Powe and Patrice Ananaba, Eighty8 Lines staff members, welcomed attendees and said for the event three neighborhood heroes of Dallas were chosen.

“The point of this event is to celebrate Black History Month,” Powe said. “On your canvases we chose three hometown heroes, Baba Leo Hassan, Erykah Badu and Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson.” In the background, the historical Forest Theater completed the canvas, merging art and history with the famous Dallas landmark.

Mabunga Malumo, a Brookhaven student, said the event was “assimilating and the overall vibe was very enjoyable.” Malumo said a friend heard about the event and invited him since he does art in his free time.

Sheniqua Austin, Brookhaven Veterans and Military Connected Services program lead, said there had not been any other events such as Paint and Chill at Brookhaven.

She said the painting aspect of the event caught her attention.

Sean Guinyard, Multicultural Affairs coordinator at Brookhaven, said Paint and Chill was in honor of Black History Month.

Guinyard said, “What you see, especially in the Black communities, is that a lot of things that they do for fun is to express their artwork, and have an opportunity to do some art whether they have experience or not.”

Guinyard said these events provide an opportunity for students to learn outside of the classroom and engage with school related activities while having fun.

Multicultural Affairs aims to promote positive campus culture and embrace the diversity of the Dallas College community, while providing programs and resources involving inclusion and equity.

Guinyard said upcoming events will be bigger and better, and invited students to be updated on all upcoming activities hosted by Multicultural Affairs.

Paint and Chill participants took their time to finish their artwork and were able to take the finished canvas with them.