Brookhaveans donate blood, save lives


Trennt Rhea

Dallas College student Maria Mendoza donates blood at a Carter BloodCare mobile blood drive on March 29.

Gabriela X. Zuniga, Copy Editor

Dallas College hosts Carter BloodCare mobile units to collect blood that goes to patients across north, east and central Texas.

The blood drives held at all Dallas College Campuses are open to anyone in the community as long as they meet the eligibility requirements to donate blood.

Cynthia Carreon, a registered nurse and Dallas College blood drive coordinator, said, “It is really important that the donor is in good general health.” She said donors must be 16 years or older and weigh at least 110 pounds and feel well the day of their donation.

The list of eligibility exceptions to donate blood with Carter BloodCare can be found at:

Carreon said the list of eligibility restrictions and rules for donating blood is extensive. “It is important to keep those who donate and those who are receiving the blood safe,” Carreon said. “So, donors’ eligibility is checked every single time they donate.”

According to the Carter BloodCare website, around one pint of blood is drawn in every donation. The human body has 10-12 pints but the one-pint loss can be replenished within two to three days of a donation.

At the mobile units, only plasma and blood can be donated. Other types of donations would need to be done at Carter BloodCare centers. Before donating blood, make sure to have a good breakfast and be hydrated.

Carreon said the donation process is safe, especially for healthy and eligible adults. “After donating, the body will actually begin to replenish the lost volume in red blood cells,” she said.

Many other benefits can be obtained from donating blood. Carreon said donors get a free health screening. With their blood pressure checked, pulse checked and blood tests done, it allows them to screen for different infectious diseases.

Carreon said volunteering and helping others is linked to overall positive health outcomes such as lowered risk of depression. Another benefit of regularly donating blood is a healthier heart and cardiovascular system.

Graduating students are eligible to receive a graduation cord from Carter BloodCare if they donate twice or more a year. Early College High School students are also eligible to receive this cord. Occasionally, gift cards are given out at drives. At times Carter BloodCare will provide goodies on the site of the donation such as socks, water bottles, T-shirts or blankets.

Students who are interested can help by getting people to sign up. More information can be obtained at the Health Center in S Building.