Stray Kids US tour proves a success

Alondra Hernandez, Contributing Writer

Patience was key for many fans as they were waiting for the clock to hit 7:30 p.m. to hear Stray Kids, a Korean music group with eight members. Many fans had waited a year for this moment to come, as the group’s Fort Worth and Atlanta shows were previously canceled due to some members contracting COVID-19.

The schedule of the Stray Kids Maniac World Tour was adjusted and one more day was added.

Stray Kids has skyrocketed in popularity this past year, hitting the Billboard 200 charts twice with their “Oddinary” album and their latest album, “Maxident.” Not only did they hit the Billboard charts, they also had their first stadium show in Los Angeles for two sold out nights.

A light stick could be found in the hand of every fan in the arena. The illuminated electronic device united both fans and the band. The electronic sticks were synced with the music throughout the show. As the show was about to start, many fans were screaming their lungs out as banners of their favorite members were displayed on a screen.

Not much later, the lights dimmed and the only thing one could see was a red flag that read “Stray Kids” on the screen. Suddenly, the band’s catchphrase boomed throughout the area: “Stray kids everywhere all around the world.” At this moment, the eight members appeared on stage in formation for their first song, titled “Maniac.” Fan excitement quickly amped-up, some screaming while others were heard yelling, “I love you, Stray Kids.”

The stage was filled with many lights, especially light rays making the event appear not as a concert, but a club bursting with fan favorite music. During one of their songs, “Venom,” the lights on stage turned blue and red, shining over the members in formation, while an inflatable spider appeared on stage. Above the band members a round screen was displayed, giving the illusion of a security camera trying to find Stray Kids. Both of these aspects were references to the band’s music video.

The band performed another song called “Freeze.” As the bridge of the song arrived, a loud exclamation of “Freeze” was released around the area. Fans stood frozen for a moment, until the beat dropped and the sounds of the audience grew even louder.

In breaks between songs, they introduced themselves and thanked their band members. Felix, a member of Stray Kids, said, “Not only did the band members complete this stage but truly it was all because of Stays who filled this stage.” Stays is the name given to members of the Stray Kids fandom.

In a change of pace, the stage became quiet during the performance of the song “Thunderous,” creating silence around the arena. Instrumental music broke the silence, followed by a dance performance by Stray Kids. At one point, the lights turned to one member, Changbin. As the microphone turned up for him he said a few lines from his solo part and he said, “What’s up, Stay? You know what’s my name?” The audience responded: “Changbin.”

“One more time and louder,” he said. “You know what’s my name?” At that moment, everyone in the audience could be heard yelling “Changbin.”

As the music continued, the band members walked to the front of the stage, confetti guns in hand. They burst, and the music became even louder with every second. As the first act of the concert came to a close, half the members went into a break. Some of them talked to the audience to create time, while some had the chance to perform songs. The members who were on stage presented the next song.

At this point, Stray Kids members held a competition on whose performance was the best, judged by audience volume, making some audience members lose their voices in the process.

In the second act of the concert, the concept changed many times. The band did not perform in formation, but instead sang while moving across the stage, meeting fans and making memories.

In one of the songs, they grabbed confetti guns and sprayed confetti toward fans. Before the end of the concert on day two, a video made by fans of Stray Kids was shown. The video was a summary of the band’s success over the past five years. Many fans could be heard crying while others smiled and cheered.

Bangchan, a member of Stray Kids, said: “This big family that we had to experience today, we are glad to know that we will be with you guys onward for the upcoming times. So we will try our best, do our best and even more.” He then thanked everyone for coming.

At the end of each show, Stray Kids has a catchphrase that appears, from music videos to concerts. As Bangchan said “Stray Kids everywhere around the world,” the audience responded, “You make Stray Kids stay.” The audience cheered as the last song played.