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Alumnus opens new cuisine location

Sean Magistrado
Ardy Badakhshanian holds two of the restaurant’s most popular dishes.

Ardy’s Grill, a Mediterranean cuisine eatery, has opened in Addison, Texas. The restaurant, located on Quorum Drive in Addison Circle Park, opened Nov. 4. Ardy Badakhshanian, the restaurant’s owner and namesake, is an alumnus of Dallas College Brookhaven and North Lake Campus.

This is not the restaurant’s first iteration. The first Ardy’s Grill was located in Downtown Dallas’ Crystal Court before closing earlier tin 2023. Ardy’s Grill specializes in traditional Middle Eastern food such as kabobs, kabob towers and gyros.

Badakhshanian is no stranger to the challenge of operating a business. Prior to becoming a restaurant owner, Badakhshanian owned a computer shop in Iran specializing in computer repairs and videotape rentals. Badakhshanian opened his first restaurant at the age of 20, a fusion of Middle Eastern and Italian cuisine.

Badakhshanian credits a friend of his in Iran as being one of the early inspirations to open the restaurant. The restaurant, named Iran & Italy, was very successful, branching into five other locations in four years before Badakhshanian made the move to the U.S.

“I had a friend who had a very successful restaurant and was always busy,” Badakhshanian said. “I thought to myself, ‘I can have a successful restaurant too,’ and he encouraged me to open one.”

Owner plates table.
Badakhshanian plates a table. (Sean Magistrado)

Badakhshanian stated encouragement goes a long way for people who are looking to open businesses of their own. Badakhshanian said he encourages people to follow their dreams. To him, operating his restaurant is his dream. “Restaurants are my passion and I love them,” Badakhshanian said. “I believe that if you follow your dreams, you will find a way to achieve them.”

Operating a restaurant is often physically and mentally taxing for owners. Badakhshanian is aware of the daily challenges that go into running a restaurant and does not allow these factors to disrupt the workflow.

Badakhshanian said he believes if a person is determined and focused on what they want to pursue, everything will fall into place. “Running a business always has a challenge.” Badakhshanian said. “It is really hard and really risky but depending on character, the risk is always worth the reward.”

When thinking of his restaurant, Badakhshanian said he wants customers to first think about their amazing customer service in combination with amazing food. He is confident in the ability of his restaurant to both attract and welcome back customers.

“I train my staff to take care of the customers like they are family,” Badakhshanian said.  “If someone comes in, there is a 99% chance that they will be back.”

Customers have taken notice of the restaurant’s welcoming environment.

One Google reviewer, Tanya Pinto, raves about the restaurant’s feature. “Excellent service, fantastic staff, lovely food and wonderful atmosphere. A hidden gem.” Pinto said.

Badakhshanian’s lifelong passion for cooking and running a restaurant has made him discover another perk of the job; the ability to feed people.

Two plates of food.
Two of Ardy’s Grill’s most popular dishes. (Sean Magistrado)

Padi Badakhshanian, Ardy’s wife, said she believes these factors have enabled the restaurant to enjoy a successful first-month opening.

“My husband’s passion for cooking and the love to feed people will bring customers in,” Padi said. “My favorite part of our restaurant is being able to see people enjoying my husband’s food.”

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