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BHC athletes serve in food drive

Emmy Hardy
Dallas College student Stefan Wilson helps load food on Nov. 28.

The men’s basketball, women’s soccer, baseball and volleyball teams at Brookhaven Campus gathered in Parking Lot P3 to hand out food for the drive-thru pantry days event Nov. 28

Athletes, along with their coaches, and other students, staff and faculty volunteers loaded cars with vital resources. The drive was packed for nearly all of its duration of 10-12 p.m.

Vehicles formed a long wrap-around line to receive their packages, guided by many traffic directors.

Drive-thru pantry days is an ongoing Dallas College collaboration with the North Texas Food Bank, which provides the food. It was a first come, first served drive, so Dallas College on their Facebook page advised arriving early to the event.

LaShae Miller, student care coordinator at Brookhaven Campus, oversaw the event.

Miller said: “The benefit of this event is that we get to get food to those in need. They don’t have to go without.”

LaShae said drives such as this are essential to families in need. “We’re here to bridge that gap for them.” She said.

The next drive-thru pantry day is Dec. 20 at Richland.


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