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Binge Read This: Magical Realism

Tania Kaufmann

Book cover.Nothing to See Here – Kevin Wilson

“Nothing to See Here” by Kevin Wilson is a story of found family, childhood disputes, life-long friendships and through the fiery narrative, demonstrates the importance of patience and love.

Lillian lives a seemingly normal life until one day when she gets a letter from a childhood boarding school friend Madison. This friend begs Lillian to come live on her luxurious homestead with Madison and her politician husband and become a nanny for their children. There is only one catch: The children ignite into flames, and no one knows how to make it stop.

Balancing between reality and fiction, Wilson weaves a beautiful and hilarious story that will make the reader clap at its satisfying ending, illustrating a story of hope and love through his pages.

Trigger warnings: abandonment, death of a parent and suicide. – AM




Book cover.Pet – Akwaeke Emezi

Jam, a trans teen girl in a utopian postmodern world, lives a sweet life with her loving parents and best friend, Redemption. Her artist mother brings emotions to life with paintings until one day when the art comes to life. The creature that is produced from the painting, Pet, drags themselves out of the painting and states their mission: they came to life to hunt, and they will not go away until they have made their kill.

Akwaeke Emezi’s story tells a dark, compelling, heart-wrenching narrative of what we are willing to do when our closest ones are hurt. The beauty of language and communication is explored through sign language as the characters switch between signing and speaking, emphasizing the emotions of the narrative throughout the story. 

The conventions between good and evil are challenged as the truth comes to light, leaving Jam and Redemption questioning everything they have ever known. 

Trigger warnings: child sexual abuse/child abuse and violence. – AM




Book cover.The Dead Romantics – Ashley Poston

Florence Day is a ghostwriter for a famous romance author and has found out she has a new editor who will no longer accept late work. 

Out of extensions and looking for a way to not lose her job, as she carries the notion that there are no longer any happy endings in her life, Florence abruptly finds herself back in her small hometown after the death of her father.

After 10 years away, she finds herself face to face with a handsome ghost at the funeral home that was once her home. Florence is extremely confused and with a mix of grief, heartbreak, difficult family dynamics and a career in peril, she must now navigate through life, questioning the circumstances that have led her to this point in life.

The book may be a romance at heart, but it touches on how grief unfolds and saying goodbye. “The Dead Romantics” is Ashley Poston’s debut adult novel.

Trigger warnings: death of a parent, mention of death of a child and emotionally abusive relationship. – TK



Book cover.The Midnight Library – Matt Haig 

Matt Haig’s “The Midnight Library” delves deeply into the “what if…” thoughts that hold onto our outlook on life. Presenting the idea of having the chance to live differently, this fictional story follows 35-year-old Nora Seed, who feels as though her strength in life has depleted and is overwhelmed with regret and remorse. 

Stuck in a loop of self-criticism, Nora finds it unbearable to accept the life she currently lives and feels as though she has failed time and time again throughout her life. Matters seem to change for Nora as she encounters the Midnight Library, which holds some not-so- ordinary books and presents Nora with a chance to fix things. As Nora takes on the limitless array of lives she could have lived, she finds herself facing the reality of her expectations and confronts unforeseeable challenges regarding her regrets. 

In this book, Haig launches readers into the concept of transmigration and invites them to reflect with Nora on life’s complexities. This evocative narrative speaks of the often overlooked matters in life and emphasizes the genuine joys of a full one. 

Trigger warnings: suicide, death, mental illness, substance abuse, and cruelty toward animals. – JS



Book cover.Legends & Lattes – Travis Baldree

“Legends and Lattes” is a sweet short slice of life novel, set in the Dungeons and Dragons universe about an Orc, Viv, who yearns for the simple life. Weary and tired of high stakes adventures, Viv uproots her life as a vagabond and relocates to a town to open its first coffee shop. Setting down permanent roots in a run-of-the-mill town, she creates formidable bonds with new friends, cultivates a community of coffee fanatics, and catches the ire of some shady individuals with her sudden success. 

Viv’s natural anxieties as a novice business owner aren’t the only worries she has stacked against her, with a mob boss’ lackey threatening her business and an ex-coworker envious of her newfound luck. Not wanting her life of peace disrupted and friends harmed in the crossfire, Viv does all she can to protect what she’s formed. With a miscellaneous cast of characters, a unique premise and a wholesome story  – this book is perfect for readers who enjoy slice of life books.

Trigger warnings: sexual harassment and stalking. – IV

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