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Brookhaven seeks new president

Alberto Gomez
From left: Monica Moody Moore and Madeline Burrillo-Hopkins.

Dallas College Brookhaven Campus is in search of a new campus president to take the permanent position led by Christa Slejko, who is currently serving as interim president for Brookhaven. Slejko is also the campus president at North Lake Campus.

Slejko said her interim presidency was planned to be a six-month term, but due to careful consideration for who would fill the position, she is coming up on month 14 at Brookhaven Campus. 

Slejko said, “I didn’t approach the role from the perspective of implementing changes, but more one of presence, care, support and advocacy.” She said there are many accomplishments she is proud of, but primarily in the work that has been put into Brookhaven Campus grounds, with many new construction projects in differing stages of completion. These include updating the Learning Commons Space and work on the fountains, replacing the ceilings and the newly finished V Building, which will serve as the Early College High School. 

Slejko said: “Brookhaven will want to find a president with a heart for the local community, and one that has experience working with chambers, cities, nonprofits and ISD leaders. Also important, is a commitment to being a voice and advocate for the campus.”

Slejko said whoever fills the position will be responsible for one or more industry sectors. There are nine sectors spanned across Dallas College, of which Slejko currently handles the business/finance sector. The sector that the new president will hold is not currently confirmed.

Slejko said two individuals at Brookhaven were key in balancing her positions at Brookhaven and North Lake – Raytosha Jones, Brookhaven’s senior director of campus administration, and Shauna Langley, executive assistant at Brookhaven president’s office.  

Slejko said she has had various memorable moments while balancing being interim president at Brookhaven and president at North Lake, but one of her favorite parts of her role is sharing Brookhaven’s accomplishments, programs and opportunities with those outside of the campus.

Slejko said: “Probably the best learning experience for me has been the opportunity to compare and contrast the campus, programs and personalities of the two campuses. And I mean that in the best way possible. When you’ve been at one place for a long time, you don’t always have the gift of multiple experiences and perspectives.”

Justin Lonon, chancellor of Dallas College, said the next president for Brookhaven should have a broad comprehension of the students and environment that is currently on campus. He also said: “As the face and voice of Brookhaven Campus, the president is expected to serve as the ultimate ambassador, champion and mentor – creating frequent touchpoint opportunities to engage with students and team members.”

There are two candidates for the position. On May 1, Brookhaven staff and faculty were able to hear Monica Moody Moore, managing director of higher education of Franklin Covey in Washington, D.C., and on May 2, Madeline Burrillo-Hopkins, vice chancellor for workforce of Houston Community College.

Both candidates shared their backgrounds and experience on how they would be an ideal candidate, as well as answer any questions from the audience. 

Moore said she learned most of her administration duties through being an academic adviser. “I learned how to make student success programs, that worked, we know, because we can follow the data,,” Moore said. “I learned how to understand policy and help influence policy in a way that makes the execution of the practice more possible. Policies that don’t connect to practice are misguided policies. I learned to understand the university in all of its dimensions.

Burrillo-Hopkins said: “Here’s my why – understanding and having experienced the opportunities for upper economic mobility that upper education provides, my why and north star has always been to create access, access to opportunity in a college environment that provides a sense of belonging and inclusion to all students, and staff, with a commitment to academic excellence. Where faculty and staff feel fulfilled by the work that we do daily, transforming lives, and generations through the power of education.”

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