Fashion that fits all year round

By Carmina Tiscareño

Staff Writer



Women used to buy scarves as part of their winter ward- robes, but the fashion scarf has transformed into a year-round piece. Fashionistas started wearing lightweight fabric scarves as an accessory during the summer months instead of waiting until early fall to wear them.

An online article on D Magazine blamed the fashion scarf trend on celebrity tabloids. Los Angeles starlets such as Jessica Alba made the fashion scarf a staple piece in 2008. Actresses wore the scarves draped over their jeans and T-shirts or in a double loop as an infinity scarf over maxi dresses with big bug-eye sunglasses. Los Angeles celebrities’ main purpose for the fashion scarf was to use it as a means of hiding from paparazzi. The D Magazine article also mentioned that fashion scarves are a great fit for Dallasites during the “mid fall and early spring.”

Fashion scarves turned into a popular must-have item because they fit every person, male or female, and they are an all-age accessory. There is no need to diet in order to fit into a fashion scarf, and they look great and flatter every body type.

There are many ways the fashion scarf can be worn. Most people wear the scarf in a twist, tie, loop or drape. High-end designers such as Alexander McQueen and Gucci sell scarves starting at $295, but stores such as Sam Moon sell cheaper scarves ranging between $3 and $7, making them affordable for everyone to own.

Brookhaven College student Yunah Noh wears a navy blue scarf made out of a lightweight fabric with white paisley-like patterns and faint hints of red dots scrunched under her neck. She wears fashion scarves often because she said they are an easy way for her to express herself. Noh also said: “Normal clothes are so blunt. We need more special, unique things [to wear].”

Scarves served a different fashion in ancient Rome. An online article on Next Avenue said the main purpose for scarves was not to keep one warm during the winter months, but to act as “sweat cloth” to wipe sweat from the face or neck in hot weather.

Brookhaven College students Marcela Dominguez and Kalye Johnson said fashion scarves make it easier to dress up an outfit. They prefer wearing a fashion scarf instead of a necklace during the colder months, because it is an easy way to stay warm and give an old outfit a new personality. Expect to see scarves hanging like fluffy necklaces from necks across on campus this winter and year-round.