Open Book Project to launch photo contest

By John R.G. Young

Staff Writer



Brookhaven College communications professor Nelda Contreras, chair of the Open Book Committee, wanted something different this semester. “Every year we do some type of all-campus contest, so this time we thought we would partner with photography professor Daniel Rodrigue, because we haven’t had a photography contest,” she said.

The Fall 2013 contest centers on the book “The Other Wes Moore,” by Wes Moore. The contest, co-sponsored by the Communications Division and the Photography Department, is open to any student who wants to enter. “You don’t have to have special permission to participate. We would like for everyone to incorporate it into their classes,” Contreras said.

Participants should turn in an 8-by-10 or 4-by-6-inch photograph inspired by the book. The photograph can be digital or 35mm film in color or black and white. The back of the photo must contain the student’s name, student ID number and phone number.

The participants must identify their inspiration using one of the themes in the book (reading, choices, responsibility or expectations).

A detailed explanation of the themes can be obtained from the instructors who are sponsoring the contest in their classrooms. Additionally, the entrant can choose a passage, excerpt, paragraph, page, chapter or scene from the book to base their photograph on.

Entries must be turned into the Communications Division Office in Room L367 by noon Nov. 26. Students may submit up to three entries. Prizes for the contest are gift cards to the Brookhaven Bookstore. First place is $75, second prize $50 and third prize $25.

Brookhaven student Paul Lauder said he did not have a clue as to what the book was about until he picked it up and read it. “It was an easy read,” he said. “Having read it, I have some really good ideas on how to photograph it, what pictures might tell the story.”

Rodrigue will judge the photographs on both composition and theme. “I would suggest that students read the book and be familiar with the themes of the book, because that will give them a leg up on all the photographers who don’t,” Rodrigue said.

Every year The Open Book Project, a common reading initiative, sponsors a campus-wide contest to bring the Brookhaven community together. During the fall of 2012, it was a poetry contest revolving around the book “In the Sea There are Crocodiles,” written by Fabio Geda.