PTK to award favorite teachers

By Brigitte Zumaya

Layout Editor 

Brookhaven College’s Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society chapter has organized a contest for the Outstanding Professor Recognition Award.

“Basically, we, Phi Theta Kappa, realized that we have had many professors at Brookhaven that have changed our lives in positive ways,” Angel Gonzalez, Brookhaven student and PTK member, said in an email. “Therefore, we are doing a project in which we want to recognize the out- standing professors.”

Each Brookhaven student can nominate up to two professors for the award.

To nominate, students can write a maximum 150-word paragraph for the contest. PTK will gather all the paragraphs electronically via a form they created.

Students can submit nominations between April 1 and the 11:59 p.m. deadline on April 11, Gonzales said. To submit, students can visit:

A committee will review the nominations. The trophies will read: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” a quote by Nelson Mandela.

The committee will look at the submitted paragraphs “describing how the professor has impacted the student’s life,” Gonzalez said in an email.

The committee members will be Brookhaven students only, Gonzalez said.

Entries will be disqualified if the professor’s name is included in the paragraph, Cheikhou Diallo, President of Brookhaven’s PTK chapter, said.

No one on the commit- tee can turn in a paragraph because they are the ones who are reviewing it and deciding which professors will win.

The committee will have only the paragraphs and will not be given the names of the students or their professors so there will be no unfairness, Gonzalez said.

In this contest, there will be three professors getting an award. “I think students should care because teachers play an important part of every student’s education, and they just don’t get anything from the students,” Gonzalez said. He also said, “If it’s successful, we’re thinking about doing it every year.”

Gonzalez’s job is to collect the three winning paragraphs from the committee and then match the anonymous para- graphs with the correct names.